Chivalry: Medievil Warfare - FREE TODAY

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In celebration of their latest game Mirage: Arcane Warfare ( going into closed beta, Torn Banner Studios has made Chivalry: Medieval Warfare( free for the next ~24 hours. Keep forever.

Anyone who doesn’t have this, I can’t recommend it enough. It was well worth it for $20. It’s a no brainer for free. Great IPX multiplayer game.

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Fear me!

I’m now rocking Intel HD 620 graphics, and i5-7200u processor (running Linux) — I’m not sure I’ll be all that competitive running at an expected ~15FPS ;)

But at least now I can try it out without wasting money, thanks for the tip!

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Will be good to catch up for a game Lt.

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Seemed playable medium settings at 1920 × 1080. With a few extra tweaks it should be ugly, but functional.

I’ll give it a proper go tonight.

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Highest Recommendation

This comes with the highest of recommendations from Shad!

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GG last night

Great to see you all online again.

You’re right, it’s a great chaotic game, and I surely do suck at it. But I could see how a well organised team could stomp the opposition with tactics rather than skill.

I had to turn all ragdolls off, as they were the main cause of slowdown on my decidely non-gaming ultrabook. So all the players just blinked out of existence when they died :)

It brought back memories though: kick votes, cheating accusations, 12 year olds with foul mouths — ah! online gaming I’ve missed you!

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good fun :)

Was great to see you too.

That game is just so much fun. Such a good stress reliever after a day of work.

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heavy all the way just smash

heavy all the way just smash every ones heads with the maul seemed to work last time

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it defiantly is

it defiantly is

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