Minecraft m0ds- Industrial Craft v1.337 - Not for 1.0.0

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EDIT: v1.337b has already replaced 1.337, see bel0w


Th0se here wh0 play Minecraft may be interested t0 kn0w that there is a new release f0r Industrialcraft, versi0n 1.337 It d0es n0t appear t0 be f0r versi0n 1.0.0, I just cant see anywhere it saying what versi0n it is f0r. s0 it appears f0r n0w, we will have t0 wait a little while l0nger f0r 0ur Minecraft machinery g00dness.


v1.337 changelog – http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Updates#v1.337.C2.A0.28... ( see bel0w f0r c0py 0f changel0g)

b0th 0f the required m0d l0aders have been updated f0r 1.0.0 at least. y0u sh0uld get these n0w and if y0u feel like it, install them and have them ready. MCForge l00ks updated t00..

Risugamis’ http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v100-risugamis-mods-everything...
Flans http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-181-100smp-flans-mods-planes-...
MCForge http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/514000-api-minecraft-forge/

If y0u have tr0uble installing stuff again, try digging ar0und f0r s0me installati0n instructi0ns. They’re all kinda in pieces ar0und the vari0us related sites.. If s0meb0dy here can create a g00d accurate guide f0r installing these m0ds pr0perly, that w0uld be awes0me. I’ll try and d0 it when I d0 g0 thr0ugh the pr0cesses again, I’m just really in n0 hurry t0, until the rest 0f the m0ds are updated.

EDIT: Nah it is f0r 1.8.1.. Was staring me in the face the wh0le time. Wait an0ther week 0r tw0 fellas.. Buildcraft has g0tta catchup t00.


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v1.337 Changel0g..

v1.337 (IC²)

* Reactors shouldn’t redirect BC-Pipe input into invalid slots (causing stuff to be ejected right away) anymore
* Same for Mass Fabricator
* Performance fixes for ElectricBlocks
* NPW crash fix for Reactor
* Overhaul of Scrapbox procentages, gl trying to farm diamonds
* Recyclers can recycle any material again
* Suddenly… HOES!
* Increased stability of the Enet.
* Tools now no longer use up remaining points of energy if the energy is to low to actually perform an action (mainly applyable for mining laser)
* Chainsaws and miners can harvest String from web.
* Breaking the Tip of a miner’s mining pipe will now drop mining pipe and not the invalid tip-block.
* Fixed wrenches causing obscure drops upon apllying to cables.
* Increased SMP-network efficiency
* Fixed bugs causing nearby Quantumsuits to influence each other in SMP
* ElectricBlocks display now doesn’t exceed the exspected values (since they actually CAN store slightly more energy then maximum displayed)
* Added fix for equipped pumpkin crashes
* Nuclear Reactors don’t access diagonally adjavent chambers anymore (damn bugs)
* Teleporting costs are now slightly less influenced by range.
* PersonalSages will now give out text messages if you cannot access them, as well as being unwrenchable if there is still content within (to prevent accidental losses)
* Fixed rare “Unlimitd Battery” bug
* Theoretical support of lang-files for translations
* Optimized teleportation code in regard of server loading chunks
* Trade-O-Mat is now easier to use
* Solar Panels are now far less CPU-costly while determining sun visibility
* Solar Panels are now aware of weather influences
* Solar Panel recipe was changed to use Circuits insteadof Cables again
* Nuclear Reactors now provide 2x the energy
* Water Buckets are much less powerful cooling ingridents for reactors now
* HDs won’t sit on their last point of damage forever anymore (making them craftable after cooling down, again)
* You don’t take falldamage anymore if you have RubberBoots equipped and fall into a ladder
* Running Macerators give off smoke particles
* Compressors can now be combined with Pumps to create snow from infinite water sources.
* Watermill recipe now gives 2 Watermills (as it was actually intended in first place)
* Generators and GeoGenerators now consume fuel(and produce energy) x2 as fast
* Fuel was recalculated and should be actually a valid way of increasing energy gain
* Using saplings for crafting plantclumps gives 2 of them (to compensate for the amount of energy saplings can produce by burning
* You only need 1 plantclump for a fuel cell anymore
* Fixed Quantum Helmet recipe
* Added config toggle for CTRL or WW Quantum Speed
* Fixed Electrolyzer GUI
* Backpacks shouldn’t be accounted as armor by minecrafts engine anymore (Do not absorb/take damage)
* Mining Laser got slightly rebalanced (will probably get a more intensive redo in future). Most modes use less energy now.
* CF Sprayers can now be used to “fill up” Scaffolds by rightclicking them. The foam will EXCLUSIVELY fill the scaffoldblocks (will drop scaffold). Easier to use for
* building stuff.
* You can now use Sand (rightclick) to instantly those pesky foam blocks who continously deny to harden.
* Painters now have 32 uses total (with no increase in dye costs).
* UUM Recipes for black/borwn dye and resin added.
* QunatumSuit Speedboost is now capped (still extremely fast, but cannot become faster then the speed at which the engine loads chunks)
* Mining Pipes don’t suffocate anymore
* New config options to modify all generator outputs (either with direct numbers (EUt) or %)
* Miner causing a crash upon hittin cables should be fixed now
* Fixed a bug causing Solars not to produce energy properly
* Fixed a bug with Painter going blank after 16 uses
* Fixed Batterys flickering when holding rightclick while pointing at blocks
* Improved CF-Spraying algorythm to work better with Scaffolds
* Fixed rubber boots refilling themselves on occasion
* Added a fix for Electric Blocks to never display an EU amount higher then their maximum
* Fixed a bug causing QuantumHelmet to refill itself
* Reduced the energy cost for QuantumHelmet food regeneration
* Vastly increased the effectiveness of NanoSabre
* Scaffolds were recoded with recursion to make them more CPU-efficient. This will most likely cause all currently existing scaffolds-constructs to break down, though.
* Iridium Plating is now even more expensive, consisting of Iridium Ore and Alloy (I Ore can be obtained via UUM)
* Added Lappack, an advanced Batpack
* Mining Laser, Scanners and NanoSabre draw energy from Lappacks
* CFPack recipe added, does now store up to 128 pellets.
* Holding shift will prevent any sort of GUI from opening (means you can easier place stuff on machines)
* Added dictionary support for Bronze and Refined Iron
* Added Luminators
* Reworked Windmill mechanics
* Added Detector and Splitter cable
* Increased Tin-Cable capacity to 5 EUt
* Updated GeothermalGenerator GUI
* Spraying upon Scaffolds drops them again
* Lappack recipe made slightly more expensive
* Lappacks now properly work with high-energy gadgets
* QHelemt takes 2x more energy to refill hungre
* Miners cannot mine each others mining pipes anymore

Source: http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Updates#v1.337.C2.A0.28...

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Overhaul of Scrapbox procentages, gl trying to farm diamonds – n00000000!

Solar Panels are now aware of weather influences – super intelligent self aware s0lar panels.. Rule the Earth during the day, easily smashable at night..

Nuclear Reactors now provide 2x the energy – d0es that mean “when” it bl0ws its g0ing t0 crash the server twice as hard?

Running Macerators give off smoke particles – Just take the battery 0ut 0f the sm0ke alarm in the kitchen..

Added Luminators – Added Luminat0rs…. Added Luminat0rs…. ELECTRIC LIGHTS!!! AWWWW YEAHH!!!! These m0ds just keep giving me everything I ask f0r xD

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Nice I can confirm it dont work


well being a new modloader

you might actually need the new modloader for the new Induscraft to work

just a thought

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versi0n 1.337b

Already a new smaller update up0n 1.337, 1.337b!


v1.337b (IC²)

* Fixed Lappack Recipe
* Corrupted Enet entries will now not crash the engine, but report in console. They will still cause issues from time to time, though.
* Fixed Solar Panel
* Fixed Cable Detector getting stuck “on” rarely
* Fixed Generator recipe
* Disabled wrench being usable on TNT-materials (for the sake of them being punchable either ways)
* Fixed Windmill GUI and increased Windmill gain slightly
* Fixed QuantumHelmetRecipe
* Fixed Compressor stacking snowballs indefinitely
* Hopefully fixed Backpack/RubberBoots being damaged armor-wise while taking damage


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