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This morning I was directed to a forum thread on the ETQW community site, you yourself can read it here:

Today the general public can see what a fool this guy is. I’m referring to Neg, a member of Clan Nesreca. He has previously shown his immaturity online, to IPX and other clans – simply put he is a racist little kid. In this thread he defends his racism by claiming that it’s ok because it’s on the Internet. There is some factual basis to that, studies have shown that due to the relative anonymity of the Internet people will adopt a more aggressive persona, and become more willing to insult other people than in real life. But….

Is that an excuse to act like a fool? No. They are still his thoughts, his hands typing away behind those words. He claims it’s a joke, that he was stressed out and it’s only one screenshot, calls everyone stupid because they can’t see it wasn’t serious, then accuses others of being ignorant and only having a grudge because they were smashed on the servers. Has anyone outside his clan ever seen him say anything like “j/k”?

Despite his claims, this isn’t the first instance of racism from him. It’s not one line, his whole persona is one of a racist bigot, and with no other outlet there’s no way for people to tell whether Alex, the kid behind the Neg persona, is serious or not. If he is joking then he obviously doesn’t understand the lack of non-grammatical punctuation on the Internet; there’s no way to see if he’s laughing, sticking out his tongue, raising his eyebrows, hand gestures etc. Why don’t people automatically believe he’s joking simply due to the content? Because there are too many people in this world who really are racist, Negs comments don’t stand out from these to distinguish it as a joke.

Now he’s been bitten and is trying to worm his way out by attacking everyone else around him. If he ever found this blog he’d probably post something about me being smashed in a game – apparently nobody in this world is anti-racist by his way of thinking, there’s always some other excuse for singling him out. If he can put together a cohesive argument that doesn’t involve insulting the person rather than the idea, or claiming it’s a joke nobody else gets, then I welcome his input.

Or, if he wants to put his money where his mouth is, I live in Sydney and would be happy to pay him a friendly visit. Or a hockey game, as apparently we’d get our arses kicked there. Again, money down my friend.


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Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

This gives me a chance to refer to one of my favourite comic strips of all time:

I wonder if Penny Arcade are going to get shitty with me for the hotlink? In any case, if you don’t go to at least every now and again, you’re missing out.

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They’ll get over it. I’m sure they’re above’ing us.

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Completely agree Kazashi. Great post.

I love how he defends himself to the bitter end (temp ban).

*does a happy dance.

Haha, nice find Kazashi. It’s high time that prick got a little back.

Why don’t you get your

Why don’t you get your ignorant moronic post off the internet, and go have a whinge. Better yet, if they’re such a huge bunch of kids, go ring their parents, or better yet, tell some people who actually give a shit.

It is the internet, and welcome to it.

I know where Neg lives, will

I know where Neg lives, will provide this information for a blowjob.


You see his name in game;

You see his name in game; ‘Fuhrer’. Some people see that and are like ‘NAZI ALERT OH MY GOD RACIST RACIST’. When in actual fact, if the bunch of idiots had any idea what is going on you would know that ‘Fuhrer’ is German for Leader (

When infact the people who instantly go ‘NAZI NAZI RACIST’ are typical stereotypical idiots, who are infact the racist. They see the word ‘Fuhrer’ and go, ‘You must support the nazi invasion of europe’.

You talk of bigotry, when this is the actual definition; A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities differing from his or her own. Now, from the look of your post, that pretty much sums up what you are, does it not?

So just get the fuck off the internet, and take your bullshit elsewhere.

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Thanks for helping to prove my point guys. Feel free to make more anonymous posts, but if you would like a meaningful discussion I’d appreciate some names to reply to.

I dont particuarly want to

I dont particuarly want to make a meangful contributuion to your pathetic site, so i dont see the point of signing up. However im sure your looking at the tables of who posted each reply. As you can see it’s came from me each time.

And yes, we have proven your point, but not in the case of your dislike of neg, but in everyones dislike of sore losers.

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sore losers?

How are we sore losers?

Nes are Racist… end of discussion

has nothing to do with anything else

besides… we won, lol

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What have I lost? Please inform me, as I seem to be in the dark.



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In the immortal words of Jules…
“English MotherFu<ker, DO YOU SPEAK IT?”

let me guess, your name is Brett…

My name isn't Brett.

I’m basically saying cry more.

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Nah im Cheering!

Im cheering cause Im not in the racist clan…

ohhhhh, i get it, your crying…
Well maybe if you fill out an application form, we might consider it and you wont have to resort to tears because of you shameful connections to clan NesRacistica… (I never can get that spelling right)

lol, if you got the balls to own up and say who you are!

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