ARK: Survival Evolved

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steam store:

few videos out of this already its what i hoped beasts of prey would be. linux and mac versions were meant to be out on the 25th then was delayed till the 30th now delayed again but this time just 1 more day.

might be the next Rust(which seems to be broken again on linux)


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looks good

early access always makes me a bit hmmmm. Rust is the same way they keep messing around with the balance. As well as the server wipes.
mind you it is a top seller on steam
may be worth a Run.

It is stable on Linux Slacker

nice find


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All In

I read one review that started out with “Please do not buy this game”.

Please do not buy this game.
In some games you can do griefing, or PvP. You can ruin someone’s afternoon.
This game lets you ruin their week. It is full of psychopathic children with a scorched earth mentality. Every pet I raised was four hours of collecting resources and training and failing and trying again. And every pet was killed by one man flying an eagle.
The eagle then destroyed the roof to my fort. And the walls. Then he clawed every person who was asleep, offline, inside. Then he destroyed every wall, every torch, every fire pit. He destroyed our bridge and our towers.

I’m not sure if I’m a little messed up or what, but I want to ruin someones week. I want to fly an eagle, have pet dinosaurs, play Dino Riders, claw people.

I think the reviewers just a whiner… If you’re losing, you just need to change your approach. Seriously though I’m sure they will be tweaking balance and stuff which is fine and expected in early access.

It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a game:

1. Be Rust
2. Add dinosaurs
3. Be able to ride said dinosaurs

So with that, I’m in! Lets play Dino Riders, and wreak havoc.

PS. There was a heap of other reviews reccomending the game fully.

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linux version is out

defaults to everything on highest setting totally tanked my FPS. after adjusting it down a little it is playable(still kinda low it does need optimising but its the first version for linux it should improve in later versions). crashed 1st time i ran it but 2nd time it ran ok havent played it alot yet just started a local game to get used to it

this is going to be such a good team game i can see it already just imagine all of team IPX tribe on T-Rex’s riding to invade norway/whoever we run into

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“this is going to be such a good team game i can see it already just imagine all of team IPX tribe on T-Rex’s riding to invade norway/whoever we run into”

I mean come on…. what more could anyone possibly want out of a game! That’s fantastic.

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looks good

Like rust I think we need to get critical mass for the game to be fun though… otherwise you just end up being the poor b@st@rd getting griefed :)

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Added Game page

Ark Game page Added

and i have now purchased the Game :D
as well as stated looking at setting up one of these Ark Linux Steam Server


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good to have you onboard :) had a few issues yesterday but patch today seem to have fixed it although it did freeze my pc 2 times but seems to be ok again

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Free weekend

its free weekend for ark time

i’ll be busy most of the weekend but will try to be on at night i recommend trying ark out its a little grindy but such an awesome game
our server is something like avagaming – 2x taming/exp

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Get it n0w 0r atleast try it

Well as m0st survival games are grindy this is grindy but actually I killed m0re 0f 0ur din0’s than anything else in the first minute.

As a team game this game w0rks well if we all are set 0n the same g0al.

So at first i went p V p nup not me and then by the 3rd h0ur yes Fuzz I felt like U distr0y distr0y I’m ready f0r p V p n0w I’m ready t0 raid I’m ready t0 kill humans.

Graphics need a mega frame rate fix but it l00ks amazing and it’s alpha.

Anyway rec0mmend a buy…

I’m starting t0 think base design and str0ng h0ld design and h0w we can build an underwater base and h0w we can set traps and h0w we can set pit traps with 0ur pet dyn0s inside, s0 many great things c0uld be achieved if we had m0re 0f us playing.


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