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Linux rust will be no more

about a week ago garry newman posted plans to seperate the linux client from windows/mac. this has now been updated to discontinuing it and offering refunds to linux users no matter the hours

atleast its not a typical garry newman post there is some fud there(claims linux has about ~200 players last 30 days even though they havent sold for linux for a year and broken it multiple times in past 3 months and of those 200 its apparently a cheaters sanctuary and compiled scripting will solve cheating)

could be worse they are admitting treating linux users like crap and they are offering refunds now so im kinda mixed how i feel about this rust is a good game with really bad developers.

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Steam adds its own version of wine and DXVK into steam beta

previously running games on linux using wine would report whatever windows version wine has been configured to report. with this linux users should be able to run windows games on linux using steams new wine inside the linux client and have it be reported as a linux sale. big plus not having to setup wine and be counted as a WINDOWS SALE

i’ve opted into the beta and will have a play around with it my library has about 200 or so windows games from bundles/cancelled ports

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Steam Summer Sale

heres some good picks

Tower unite – minigolf/casino/minigames/etc 30pct off
RockerLeague – comeon everyone should have this now if not get it 40pct off
Rust – same as rocket leage get it :) 50pct off
Borderlands 2 – tiny tina is seriously the best character ever must buy 78pct off
HitMan – hit men(and sometimes woman) in many different ways. season 1 is finished and they opened the training levels for free well worth picking it up
Saints row series – over the top and funny game worth picking up
Metro 2033 and last light redux – great game with a good enough story.

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Killing floor free on humble bundle

killing floor is free on humble bundle for a day

good wave based fps game that runs awesome on linux except for 2 bugs. nvidia users get glitched out textures on some things it doesn’t affect the game in a negative way(actually we can see stuff that are meant to be invisible so lil cheaty :p) just an annoyance and if you download mods(like votemap/etc) you can not earn any xp to your level. this is fixable by clearing out the cache folder and installing those mods properly.

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a wild steam sale appears

Slacker uses wallet…… its super effective a few games i can recommend(hover over links for prices) theres plenty more but these are the ones i have had most fun with in the past.

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Fuzz will be happy

league of rockets is getting steam workshop support next month for win/mac/linux. i would expect come cool trick maps and stuff aswell as some interesting soccer arenas

seems like theres a reddit group for modding already:
Edit: this one looks nice pity it seems to replace a ingame map instead.

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Linux releases

been a while since i posted so… heres a few releases that has happened lately

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Payday 2 is out on linux

YAY now i get to see why robag is so obsessed with this game its going to be fun

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The NBN Event

since we haven’t had an event in so long i thought we could do a big one
3 whole nights of gaming goodness i was going to do medieval, western, modern but couldn’t decide on the last one so the last ones going to be Nominate/Vote

nominations for the last game starts from today and will end on the 17th July. just post your nominations and after the 17th the list will be trimmed and the voting starts(hopefully a poll if not through comments). try to nominate games that work on all 3 platforms and that most IPX own/is free those are more guidelines then rules but its best to not leave anyone out of the fun

Name Friday 24th July Saturday 25th July Sunday 26th July
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Fistful of Frags Left4Dead2
Start: 7:30pm Start: 7:30pm Start: 7:30pm
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ARK: Survival Evolved

steam store:

few videos out of this already its what i hoped beasts of prey would be. linux and mac versions were meant to be out on the 25th then was delayed till the 30th now delayed again but this time just 1 more day.

might be the next Rust(which seems to be broken again on linux)

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