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a wild steam sale appears

Slacker uses wallet…… its super effective a few games i can recommend(hover over links for prices) theres plenty more but these are the ones i have had most fun with in the past.

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Fuzz will be happy

league of rockets is getting steam workshop support next month for win/mac/linux. i would expect come cool trick maps and stuff aswell as some interesting soccer arenas

seems like theres a reddit group for modding already:
Edit: this one looks nice pity it seems to replace a ingame map instead.

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Linux releases

been a while since i posted so… heres a few releases that has happened lately

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Payday 2 is out on linux

YAY now i get to see why robag is so obsessed with this game its going to be fun

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The NBN Event

since we haven’t had an event in so long i thought we could do a big one
3 whole nights of gaming goodness i was going to do medieval, western, modern but couldn’t decide on the last one so the last ones going to be Nominate/Vote

nominations for the last game starts from today and will end on the 17th July. just post your nominations and after the 17th the list will be trimmed and the voting starts(hopefully a poll if not through comments). try to nominate games that work on all 3 platforms and that most IPX own/is free those are more guidelines then rules but its best to not leave anyone out of the fun

Name Friday 24th July Saturday 25th July Sunday 26th July
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Fistful of Frags Left4Dead2
Start: 7:30pm Start: 7:30pm Start: 7:30pm
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ARK: Survival Evolved

steam store:

few videos out of this already its what i hoped beasts of prey would be. linux and mac versions were meant to be out on the 25th then was delayed till the 30th now delayed again but this time just 1 more day.

might be the next Rust(which seems to be broken again on linux)

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NBN ready for service! so close to no more mobile broadband

already got the ball rolling hopefully the NBN install doesn’t take too long(with luck should be done and dusted this month just gotta wait for the NBN to schedule when they can install the antenna and stuff)

will be good to start using the internet again and coming on mumble. when its finally installed will definitely have to organize some gaming events

screw you 8GB 4G you will not be missed welcome home 200GB NBN fixed wireless

UPDATES: Connected heres the speedtest :)

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SteamOS sale hints at some great titles coming soon to linux

a few that caught my eye(most coming soon but seems a few have released)
* Payday 2 (says fall 2015)
* shadow of mordor
* torchlight 2
* withcer 3 *hopefully not eon crap if it is meh
* grid autosports (yay a racing game definitly a lack of that on linux)
* several new total war games(we already got 1)
* Batman arkham knight
* saints row 4(i loved #3 on the ps3 hopefully 4 is good too)
* company of heros 2
* magicka 2

cant wait for the sales way too many nice games

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chivalry beta for linux

saw this on reddit today wont be able to get it till close to end of the month but definitely looking forward to playing it

also this has been floating around for a while now
bioshock infinite for linux! there’s rumors this might not be a native port but another eon mess like witcher 2 was but theres no evidence either way just gotta wait for them to release

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CS:GO for linux beta available and left 4 dead is now uncut

CS:GO finally available as a beta

i figured out how to block steam from downloading it from any server but telstra so i could actually install it with my 8 GB of data :) it runs well didnt see any performance issues. mic’s dont work yet(was the same with L4D2 in its early beta) and i had the ui screw up a few times but not a bad beta release

also L4D2 is now uncut in Australia. if you got the low violence version theres a free dlc to switch…. so much better uncut!!!

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