Linux rust will be no more

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about a week ago garry newman posted plans to seperate the linux client from windows/mac. this has now been updated to discontinuing it and offering refunds to linux users no matter the hours

atleast its not a typical garry newman post there is some fud there(claims linux has about ~200 players last 30 days even though they havent sold for linux for a year and broken it multiple times in past 3 months and of those 200 its apparently a cheaters sanctuary and compiled scripting will solve cheating)

could be worse they are admitting treating linux users like crap and they are offering refunds now so im kinda mixed how i feel about this rust is a good game with really bad developers.

this came in the middle of ark not bothering to patch its game from 22nd june to 15th august and not saying a thing(dinos expire after 2 weeks and metal structures are like 24 days i think so everything from any linux user is gone – also was a summer event we missed out on – windows 10 client got an update a day after they went out of sync and consoles always got updates even though it doesnt matter if they get update same time since they run different servers from steam version)

so thats it no more rust on linux next patch(september 5th apparently)


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that sucks but at least they are honest about it and offering a refund. so many poorly supported and cancerous games…

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sadly rocket league has gone same way

kinda old news now but rocket league on mac/linux is going to be no more next month. they didnt give a reason at first but later after some backlash they finally said the reason was they are moving to DX12 instead of DX9 and dont want to update OpenGL or do a vulkan renderer for the new graphics pipeline. this could also possibly be the start of them working on getting rid of the steam version in favour of EGS.

they are offering refunds and although others had issues mine went through just fine. although the 25 bucks or w/ever it was doesnt compare to the monsterous amount ive spent on keys/cosmetic items/etc its still nice they did end up offering a refund

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well that was quicker then expected

called it!

“However, the Steam version will no longer be available to download for new players.”

rocket league will be EGS exclusive soon. for now just removing the sale but im sure the updates will end later on

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free to play RL so many new n00bs

oh well time for some more chat bans lolz


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Nice Slacker

Great work slacker but I feel RL will never be the same when this free model rolls out.

A free case of beer to slacker I say

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