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Hi all
W0W check it out


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Limited time?

N0mad and I gave this a shot yesterday and found it a bit to buggy to be really playable at the moment (that and I kept pushing G to get out of the car and try and shoot him, which doesn’t work seeing though it’s meant to be a racing game) as such we will run it for a couple more days and then look at other Mods to run up. If I do get some feedback from the Wheels of War team on how to setup a ranked server then we could run it up latter but I would suggest we swap the server over to something else at least until the next release.

So any other suggestions for ETQW Mods, or should we start running some custom maps. If you find a link your interested in, post it up and I’ll have a crack at getting it working.

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WoW W00000fullll

What a shame :(

Lag even with HP with a ping of 1
car physics felt a bit strange
Truck can’t get up sum hills :(
did i mention the jittering…….

Hopefully we can all get a play this week and maybe with more than 2 people it may be more fun but so far I’m n0t impressed….

Fuzz mentioned a few maps HP, maybe we should start rotating a few new maps and maybe Hashy can finally design his Night Maps for us all to play….

Would luv to make sum Padman Skins and run around myself in ET:QW :)

Bl00dy Truck go up the incline

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I haven’t tried it against any humans, but I’ve taken some cars around the available maps.

That’s the first issue, maps. Currently they’re all stock ETQW maps with some checkpoints added, and while you can find some decent tracks, it leaves a lot of places where cars can’t get to. Plus it would simply be fun to drive around in something designed more for vehicles.

The cars weren’t too bad, but sometimes felt underpowered, especially when it came to hills. Even the most sporty cars would slide down some hills without a really good run-up. Maybe this can be used in the game’s favour, with extra HP, armour etc. being awarded based on XP/credits (if it’s not already).

I don’t know what online play is like yet. As it is an alpha there is still lots of work to be done, so hopefully in future it will improve.

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Hope So

Would like to see what the other types of play are, if they create a fox and hound like mode. The issue which was really the last straw for me was the one that some times when you died you ended up re spawning beneath the map. We could drive around under the map but not on the map. Which really sucked because if you died once it was effectively game over. Then when we restarted the map we would both respawn under the map ad the same spot. That was the bit which made it unplayable for me, the rest in comparison was a minor annoyance.

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turning…. that’s

turning…. that’s something I didn’t like about WOW…. Last night’s 11 laps of fun was hampered by the lack of turning ability of the car I had chosen… but hey, 10 points for a car mod for a FPS! They’ve done pretty well considering the task they’ve got.

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