Battlefield 3 Practice

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01/05/2012 20:00
01/05/2012 22:00
Challenge Details
Battlefield 3
Challenge Type: 
Which ever we are practicing for
Team IPX
Check in mumble
Not Applicable

Who: Team IPX BF3 Gaming Roster
What: Team IPX Practice Session
Date & Time: Tuesday Night 8pm
Captain: Everyone
Where: Mumble and the Interwebs
Stratagies: Can be added HERE
Attendance: MANDATORY

DETAILS: Practice sessions will follow a structured format. Practices will be rotated between private pracs working on skills and strats, and scrims against other teams on a week to week basis. We will always play on a PRIVATE booked server. We will attend with the attitude to play as a team, work of strategies listen and not muck around. This is non negotiable. eg THERE WILL BE NO SHOOTING DURING THE WARMUPS, Only discussion.

Attendance at the 8PM Tuesday night sessions will be MANDATORY. If you are going to be unavailable you must update the practice attendance table.
You will be assumed to be attending unless otherwise stated along with reason.

We will play with as many players on IPX vs whoever in order to gain knowledge and experiences of EVERY MEMBER

If you fail to attend a set number of training sessions (the amount has already been decided via BoD vote) you will be stood down from matches, demoted or worse.

The Tuesday 8pm Session/Time has been chosen as BEST COMPROMISE of all members of IPX.

Please fill the below overall roster out with a simple YES/NO Answer.

You will be assumed to be attending each Tuesday’s Prac unless otherwise stated along with reason.

If you wish to be Removed from the Team IPX Overall Practice Roster please do so NOW.

Team IPX Overall Pratice Roster

Name Prac Attended
Bloodstorm Y Y
Hawkins N N
Cheesy - N
CheeseyDawg - N
Chipper - N
Crazy_As Y Y
Deadite Y Y
Deadmaker N N
Don-Robbery Y Y
Fishey101 Y Y
Fuzz N N
HarassmentPanda - N
Kazozza - N
KillerSL Y N
Kippa - N lol prac
Legion - -
Limpet Y Y
Loganator N Indefinitely
Lovendie - N
Ltmon - N
Mattatuide Y Y
Microman Y N
n0mad No Enj0y
Robag Y Y
Sc0ut - N
Sha8doW Y Y
Silentshadow - N LOL Prac
Spudinator Y Y
StepUp Y Y
Stoneface - N
Temperance N N
WickFi5h - N
Willow - N


|adhoc scrim|8-9|21/4/12|
vs op, we attacked well, defense still average.

|adhoc scrim|9-10|21/4/12|
|harm|Blood was in mumble but was playing D3|-|
vs leg, good team these guys, some great defense on the 2nd objective by us.

|adhoc scrim|8-9|21/4/12|
vs d12.