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03/08/2012 20:29
03/08/2012 23:32
Challenge Details
Smokin Guns
Challenge Type: 
Sha8dow v TeamIPX
Not Applicable

It is shootin tootin time!!! Make sure you have the new and improved extra shiny v1.1 locked’n‘loaded….

It is free so go dl now if you haven’t already
Sign up Table

Team IPX Availability (Yes/No) Friday 20:30 Comment
Robag y y Bring it on yall
Shad y y like donkey kong + Swiss
n0mad n0 n0 last minute n0 I blame the missus
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese

Hope you can join us for a few social games. For those that don’t know about it…

Smokin’ Guns is a full conversion/mod of the Quake 3 engine sending it back into the Old West.
The game focuses heavily on being a tad more realistic than most would be used to and a heap of research has gone into the weapons getting them right. Now don’t expect this game to be a flashy L4D. The fellas/teams who created this have done it purely for the love! No the graphics/modeling isn’t A1 and its a little buggy here and there but for all the minor defects, this game makes up for it with pure style… and its a fist full of style! best of all… its FREE

Full Details Here


Smokin Guns
The home of Smokin Guns All the downloads and information you need for this excellent game.

Smokin Guns Free Files (Windows or Linux)
Smokin Guns V1.1 and Related Files


Fuzz's picture


I’m in

I'm keen

Sounds good :)

Robag's picture

oh it is

on it is on like donkey Kong……………………….


Sha8doW's picture


Its on like a winkywonkydonkey too!

n0mad's picture

c0unt me in



Hashy's picture


Saddle up boys! Dem rustlers wont know what hit em!

That’s what smokin gunz needs… HORSES!!! ;p

Sha8doW's picture

Red dead Revolver

Ported to PC is what’s needed!
Hope fuzz and I can solve our mouse issues!

ltmon's picture

Should be there

Finally! 1.1 — so many bugs fixed.

I think it will be more enjoyable with this version. The better lag compensation alone will make it a different game.

immrbob's picture

if my internet recharges...

out of internet, we will see if i can download it and be there in time :)

Hashy's picture

Bob, Disc?

Bob, do you want me to try and send you a disc with the installer on it?

Should get to you by the game night if I send it off tomorrow. I’ll send you a PM

Sha8doW's picture


Does my mouse work yet? Or am I gunna have to go old school?

immrbob's picture


does crouching make it harder to be hit? cause playing online and it is hard to get a hit when enemies crouching, or is that mabye cause i had 500ping/lagging

Robag's picture

if you listen carefully

you may be able to here Robag building a new SG server.
the dead give away is the amount of swearing he is, doing right now at his PC :x


chipper's picture


thanks Robag your a champion. Let me know if you want to borrow a hammer to bash the SG server into shape.

Robag's picture

well it is a a SG Server

i will have to pistol whip it into shape



Sha8doW's picture


Mouse problems resolved!
It’s going tO be on like donkeykong tonight!

chipper's picture


Stock at work function

Kazozza's picture

So where was Chip?

Good game

chipper's picture

sorry guys got caught up at a

sorry guys got caught up at a work function and didn’t get back till after it was all over. hope you had fun!

Hashy's picture

sorry fellas

sorry i missed it fellas. had a bad experience with my medication which I am still recovering from. Didnt sleep the night before either, by the time i remembered i was already semi comatose… sorry sorry sorry

next time.

ltmon's picture

Good times

I still like that game better than most — despite the dodgy graphics, the bugs, the hitbox issues…

Another go around soon, this time with much more Bank Robbery or Team Death Match would be awesome. We can’t let all Robag’s server building be only for a single game!

ltmon's picture

Oh and....

I was being very quiet because my wife had fallen asleep on the couch next to me. I couldn’t scream like a little girl at every encounter (like Robag does) but I would have if I could.

And why was everyone picking on me for being deadly? I was only highest kills in the train, and only then because I was whoring the sawn-off for everything it was worth….

Sha8doW's picture

vomiting kids

Was enjoying my ass off till my oldest started ralfing!

chipper's picture

sounds like good times

Will post another challenge after DOPIT.

sawn-off in the train = kicking ass

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