Smok'in Guns (Again) :P

17/08/2012 20:30
17/08/2012 21:30
Challenge Details
Smokin Guns
Challenge Type: 
Competition / Ladder
Bob, lt and Chip
Not Applicable
Team IPX Availability (Yes/No) Friday 20:30 Comment
Fishey101 y y i didnt get to play that much of the last ne, and it was fun as , cant wait :P
Fuzz y y Damn this game is fun… I’ll be there closer to 9 than 8:30, but you won’t be able to keep me away from SHAguns #2
Ltmon y y More bank robbery mode (or TDM) needed this time!
Robag y y light the fuse on this one bob :p
immrbob y y I will see what i can do for you Ro
Mango y y I won most of the last matches, what’s stopping me now?
chipper y y wooot woot
Akenn23 y y Feel the wrath of my dual pistols!
n0mad Yes Yes pist0ls l0aded, sniper rifle purchased and running 0n the stati0n platf0rm :P
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese
Name y/n y/n comment + cheese


ltmon's picture

Bank robbery mode

So you all know, here’s the basic instructions for Bank Robbery:

“Bank Robbery (br_)

As the name says, the goal of this mission types is to rob a bank and bring the money back to a secure point. To do so each player of the attacking team is equipped with two sticks of dynamite in order to blow up the safe. Robbing the bank isn’t going to be easy because the whole second team is defending the bank and will try to prevent the other team from getting in. While a robbery might prove to be more difficult, it will also be much more profitable than just killing off the defending team. Once the attacking team wins a round the roles are reversed, meaning the team that defended the bank before will have to rob it.”

OK, to add to this:

  • There’s sometimes more than one safe to rob/defend. You have to know the map a little, but it doesn’t take long to figure it out.
  • Once you’ve gotten the money, an on-screen arrow points the way out. Run Forrest, run!
  • You can still buy guns and equipment in bank robbery mode: but only in the first 10 seconds or so. You earn money if your team wins rounds, and robbing the bank earns more money than just killing. You keep your equipment between rounds if you don’t get killed.
  • Some people didn’t seem to know how to use dynamite: right click to light, left click to throw. In that order. If you throw it without first lighting it, you can shoot it to blow it up instead. Don’t hold on too long once you’ve lit up (for the obvious reasons)

It’s a really fun game mode once you get your team working together. Maybe worth a separate Mumble chat room for each team to really get into the swing of it?

immrbob's picture

1 more point lt

Hope that you dont spawn inside fishey so neither of you can move or really do anything at all

Sha8doW's picture

I'm not playing...

Unless knives are banned!

Fuzz's picture


Non throwable knives are banned from Shaguns 2.

Sha8doW's picture


Its those “over the hill” guided missiles you chucking bucko

Fuzz's picture


You gotta pay the over the hill effort… Some of the others were cheap, but that one took a hefty amount of arse

immrbob's picture

sawn-off on the train

use that sawn-off on the train for all its worth again i think?

n0mad's picture

gatting gun

has been purchased f0r shanagins gal0re….


immrbob's picture


6600 revolutions per minute, i dont wanna be in the way of that

Sha8doW's picture

I can tell u some

stories about those CWIS Phalanx and Goalkeeper systems… and the 20mm Discarding Sabot rounds they fire!
Scarey stuff, and NO, you dont want to be in the way of them…
whats scarier is the fact you dont need to be, the rounds can miss you entirely and still cause you alot of damage, and they can punch through a whole heap of concrete!
good thing they are used to shred missiles in the sky and not people on the ground!

immrbob's picture


i dont think you would have to aim one of these to well to do some damage

chipper's picture

game on cowgirls

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum. :)

Robag's picture

I am liking the turn out

Uploaded with

Sha8doW's picture

Yeah we definately got

Oldskool there!
Quality people over quantity any day!

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