ET:QW revival

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19/10/2012 19:30
23/10/2012 23:30
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All of them
Everyone for themselves!
TEAMIPX SURVER! - Its in ya Browser!
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ET:QW – revival

5 nights of non-stop ET:QW action!
I’ve tee’d up, and given notice to a few people at my work who are keen. Also I’ve made contact with the lovely people from The <3 Shack , D12 and TSU

Mumble will be running everyone is welcome to join in on the lols. If you dont have it DOWNLOAD it HERE

Follow: @TeamIPX on twitter for Reminders and Updates

If people could please comment below and express their interest, someone from IPX will add the names to the table!

IMPORTANT For people who register, and turn up, use mumble and play… There will be a competition with a PRIZE

Attendee 19th Oct 20th Oct 21st Oct 22nd Oct 23rd Oct Comment
Sha8doW Y Y Y Y Y GDF!
Fuzz Y Y Y Y Y Get back to the MCP!
n0mad Y N Y Maybe Maybe r0cket l0aded and h0gg targeted
Robag Y N Y Y Y Strogg Strogg Strogg :p
BevisBever Y Y Y Y Y Counted In!
chipper Y Y Y Y Y woot woot
Glennster Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Will be there
Ltmon Y Y Y Y Y Well… probably not every night, but I’ll make an effort
Slayer Y Y Y Y Y +1
DrFunkenstein Y Y Y Y Y Bringing the funk
Striketastic Y Y Y Y Y Wearing bells
Goto Y Y Y Y Y But no rosie
Linux/TimboNZ Y Y Y Y Y You need a medic?
LinuxSlacker Y Y Y Y Y Different to Linux/TimboNZ?
Mupper Y Y Y Y Y The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist
Wardog Y Y Y Y Y His Ping, is so large
ED209 Y Y Y Y Y Bringing the Stroyant!
Galahman Y N Y Y Y All bar Saturday
Trip Y N Y Y Y I enjoy camel rides
Name Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Comment
Name Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Comment

Lets all get on board (reinstall the game if necessary) and have some good old fashion fun! I look forward to hearing from everyone again real soon!
It will be FUN!



I see you’ve used my table setout :D i feel loved <3

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I made improvements

so its my table now ;)

Sorry, guys can’t run it on

Sorry, guys can’t run it on this computer, hopefully ill be getting an ultrabook later on after i get a job ,really wish i could though, Love the competitiveness of the WoPits, DoPits and SHAguns.

Sha8doW's picture

No worrys mango!

Bummer you can’t come tho!
Will be good!

ltmon's picture

Turns out...

I can’t find my original DVD of this. I probably lost it moving house.

Anyone want to send me a copy in the mail?

chipper's picture

been a while

will have to dig around and see if i can find mine…

Sha8doW's picture

Do you have your key lt?

I’m happy to send you the disk… but without the key, you’re rooted!


Cheers for the heads up Sha8dow. Im keen, just have to try and juggle it between work.
Will spread the word within the <3 shack. Should be able to get a few more onboard. Which server is it going to be on?

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Can we make an image of the disk, and you use your key? Or did QW have some copy protection on it… from memory it didn’t (apart from the license key)

ltmon's picture


No key, dang. I remember it was on a slip of paper in the front cover of the box… probably still there, whatever landfill it happens to be in.

There seems to be a few keygen programs around, not that I’d use something like that… Do these things work, or give you virus’?

Robag's picture

owww not a good idea

Jim, keygens can be full of malware :s


Fuzz's picture


Wonder if you could buy a new copy cheap on amazon or somewhere.

Sha8doW's picture

Dumb question

With the servers no longer tracked or supported, will 2 of the same keys matter?

Sha8doW's picture

@ Soddy

The server details are above, and It should show up in your in game server browser! But I’ll grab the IP just to be sure…
We may need more then one at this rate o.O !!!!
Epic to see you on board. Send peps through to this page so everyone is getting the most up to date information!

Robag's picture

@ Shad

i think you PBID is generated from your CD Key.


What is a guid?

In general, GUID is an acronym that stands for �globally unique identifier�. The guid inside PunkBuster is used to identify players with something more solid than their playing name or IP address. Your guid is loosely based on the cdkey that was used to install the game on your computer. When Server Admins kick or ban a player from their server(s), PunkBuster uses the player’s guid to enforce the kick/ban. Since it is based on the game installation, it is a better way to identify individual players than by looking at their IP address or playing name. For those concerned about privacy, PunkBuster uses a 128-bit one-way hash (a mathematical function) to generate the guid from the cdkey so that no one can figure out or compute your cdkey by knowing your guid.


Sha8doW's picture

Ro & Lt

Ro, so how’s it generate a guid for free games like et:w?


Dunno how quick it’d ship, I’m trying to find a download/digital copy somewhere

Ps, I’ve never had a problem, being careful with key gens

n0mad's picture


Time t0 hit ebgames up f0r a 10 d0llar special in the back secti0n
My ebgames hasnt g0t it but they can l0cate an0ther branch that has……



Count Me In

I support this product and/or service.

Sha8doW's picture

Thanks Bevis!

See you there
(PS, where did you hear about it so I can pass on my thanks)

Hi GUYS, I am sorry I won’t

Hi GUYS, I am sorry I won’t be able to participate in this event myself but I will post a message on our <3 shack Facebook page and link this page to see if I can spread the word. There are some that don’t visit the shack site as frequently now since games stopped but lots that obviously still check facebook and will see it on their newsfeed. Hopefully that will generate even more interest.
<3 to all

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Bummer you cant play prosie!

ltmon's picture


Found cheap copy on eBay: doesn’t mention if it contains a key code :S

Might try the local eb games, and if it’s not there go for it.

Oh and: Mac version still selling for $68 on ebay. You’d be very disappointed if you bought this.

Fuzz's picture


There was a mac version???? Wow.

Robag's picture

I dare you

look in the QuakeWars server browser….

do it
do itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…………….


Sha8doW's picture

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ROBAG!



wish i cofld play guys :L

TheGlennster's picture

Will be there.

Will be there.

Sha8doW's picture

Good to see ya

Representing the d12/Ada team

Sha8doW's picture

For LT

Read from the bottom

LinuxSlacker: (www)[PCDVD_-_English]
LinuxSlacker: did a quick search on piratebay theres still an iso with some seeds
LinuxSlacker: i ended up using another pc to make an image. really need to get my blueray drive cleaned it has trouble reading cds
Sha8doW: Hey Linux, can you hit me up where you got the DL? I know some others who’ve lost their CDs/Keys!
LinuxSlacker: done! ETQW installed! Mumble installed! hopefully no steam for linux that week
LinuxSlacker: ill prob be there gotta download the cd to reinstall it :/

Hello everyone!

I posted this on the <3 Shack forums but I guess it wouldn’t hurt posting it here as well:

[quote]I haven’t forgotten about you and Montecarlo told me today that the <3 Shack was about to be resurrected from the grave to have some some good old fun with ET:QW.

We still have a couple of regulars from the Pacific region on our server (Montecarlo is just one of them) and I would love to help you out with this as much as I can. The easy thing to do for me is to start advertising this on our server and I’d be more then happy to do that. As far as I can tell from this link, things should be happening somewhere between October 19th and October 23th. and I’ll start spamming a link to that page on our server in the hope that it will alert people that something like this is going to happen.

As an aside: if people reinstall the game they might be in for a surprise because Evenbalance stopped supporting the game somewhere last year. The game comes with an outdated version of PB by default and you can’t get an automatic update anymore. People that are unaware of this will get kicked from almost every server that is still online and I think you should be aware of this.

There is a simple solution but it’s not an obvious one and some people may need some help with this.

All you need to do to get the required update, is open the console from within the game (press CTRL-ALT-~ at the same time to do that), type pb_security 0 and press ENTER. That will download the latest version of Punkbuster from the server you’re connected to do. It’s that simple.

It’s nice to see you’re doing something like this, and if I can help in one way or another, don’t hesitate to ask!

Dr. Funkenstein[/quote]

Dr.Funkenstein from the

Dr.Funkenstein from the BulletHell ETQW Clan overseas has been on our Shack forums and has a message for you Shad8ow. I told him I would let you know.

ltmon's picture

Thanks Shad!

And by proxy, LinuxSlacker. I didn’t find that torrent when I looked — must be blind — but it has enough seeders.

Any safe-to-run key generators out there?

I have created a new user

I have created a new user account called “ltmon.” with a working key i have. Since i loan this key, it could be likely to be inuse somewhere else at random. However tested & was working on ranked server this morning. Better than not playing i guess..? PM me for the password.

Lost Account?

I can create another account for someone to use if needed. Maybe 2 ppl can share the account if they not available to play both at the same time.

another key.

just found another working key. Could be in use so available as last resort…

Robag's picture


Hi beavisbeaver i have created an account for you at Team IPX
please check your e-mail.


Sha8doW's picture

Someone give some

Svalbard love to bevis!

DrFunkenstine, welcome and more then happy to see you there!

Rosie! Thanks for passing it on you’re a GEM!

ltmon's picture

OK, sorted... false alarm

Beavis informed me that I only need a key to register a new account.

As I’ve still (probably) got the password for my old one, I’ll be sweet. If not, I’ll use the fake one that BB created for me.

I’ll see how to torrent goes overnight, and if it’s taking an age I’ll get the ebay version.

Sha8doW's picture

That's great news!

It also means potentially others who don’t have he game may be ale to worK something out with bevis maybe!?

PS great work bevis

With bells on

I should be able to make it most days, except for the 20th.

Sha8doW's picture

You're Most welcome


Tripsicle98's picture

Is there anyway to Get this game

Online ? i have searched and searched to no avail …

Sha8doW's picture

Can you not see

The above?
There is a torrent mentioned etc

Tripsicle98's picture

Hmm thats weird its just writing not a link


ltmon's picture

If you haven't played before...

It’s a little more complicated than just run-n-gun (OK, a lot more).

Read through this guide to at least be somewhat able to play the game:

(Heheh, I’m laughing at this as I read it remembering stupid things done with the vehicles. Bumblebee suicide runs. Hog murder sprees from Fuzz…)

beavisbeaver's picture

Where 2 Get?

Getting the game in order of difficulty:
1) Buy It Shops – JB HI-FI $12 (was in under $15 bin)

2) Buy from ebay for $6 + $8post –

3) Buy from classifieds $15 –

4) Torrent. Current best torrent is Enemy Territory Quake Wars [PCDVD – English][].torrent then add trackers from other reloaded releases to boost d/l speed.

5) For those who no torrent…DDL:

Options 4 & 5 come with no online key.

After D/L You can buy a new key for $8.54 USD from somewhere like: – if in stock. There are other keystores too.

Sha8doW's picture

Bevis & Lt

Bevis – Im starting to think you are MADE of gold!

Lt – I really disagree. ETQW IMO was one of the most uncomplicated,straight forward teambased objective based games EVER! what you are comparing it to is the simplistic BF3/Console “death match” games. But its like comparing rugby league to chess!

ltmon's picture


It’s funny when I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not :)

So, it’s easy compared to chess — but which FPS games since ET:QW have been anything like as complex to simply get in and play?

Sha8doW's picture

LoL it's why everyone hates me!

We are talking about the difference between simple and dumb!
QW required thinking! I was simple and explained. But to be good it required you to think!
BF3 is just a boring kdr focused deathmatch. It desnt require thinking just the need to “shoot” well… It’s dumb when it comes to objectives!
It’s console dumb!

I like my games simple and smart!

Sha8doW's picture


Slayer +1 is joinin the fun!


Had some games today, bit rusty not that I was any good anyway… But I’ll come along and revive, get it, a few in need…

Sha8dow and others, please

Sha8dow and others, please add me as a friend from within the game (drfunkenstein is my nick there.)

I look forward to playing on a server where I have a 300+ ping again.

“Sounds like it’s having a hallucinating effect. Not like a drug, which is harmful and wrong and just say no kids, but spacey nonetheless.”

That’s how it felt for when whenever I played on the <3 shack :) .

And what’s the Norwegian stuff all about and the f-ing catchpa’s, grrrr. I usually need more then just a couple of attempts to get passed that.

Dr. Funkenstein

Sha8doW's picture

We re happy to have you!

DrFunkenstein I’ve created you an account here at, details and password should have been emailed to you. If you don’t get it, hit me up!

1. Will add you ASAP tonight after work
2. It’s going to be great to have you!
3. Screw Norway? Everyone’s gotta have a nemesis… Why not Norway!? It’s original!
4. Captcha – we don’t believe in locking our site down so everyday random visitors can’t see anything, nor restrict their ability to comment and provide valuable input into the discussions! The captcha isn’t perfect but at the moment it’s the best tool/compromise we’ve go to eliminate spam (which is all but zero) and give freedom to new people to explore and comment on the site!

ltmon's picture

Up and running...

With a solid 60 FPS — the laptop I originally played this on stuttered around 25 on lowest settings :)

Here’s my autoexec.cfg, with some recommended settings to get better performance:

com_allowconsole 1
com_unlockFPS 1
com_unlock_timingMethod 1
com_unlock_maxFPS 60
r_useThreadedRenderer 2

Explanations for these are here:


I got the email, thank you.

I understand the reason behind the Catchpa thingie, we had to do something like that as well on our forums because of all the spammers. It’s just so annoying…

Dr. Funkenstein

Sha8doW's picture

It's not as

Annoying as going to a site which is locked off from the public, and requires the visitor to make an account, wait ages while their account is made… And worse I’ve even heard a proposal for a requirement for teamspeak interviews before they get an account!
I’d rather have people move and comment freely and have spam controls rather then the crazy alternative!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing you for having a thing like that and do understand the need for it. It’s just me being frustrated because I seem to have a talent for screwing up the Catchpa thingy :) .

We had a similar thing for a while after we became the target of spam bots and unfortunately you can’t do without something like that unless you like to be inundated with posts about Viagra. Ah well.

Out of curiosity, what kind of software are you using on this site? It looks different from what I’m used to (we use phpBB) and there are a couple of things you have here that are definitely interesting and I’m not even sure it’s possible to have such things with the software we use.

Dr. Funkenstein

Sha8doW's picture


Fuzz isprobably best I chat with, You can private message now, so I’ve started a thread to discuss!

I will be there once baby

I will be there once baby duties are taken care of

Sha8doW's picture


Will add you to the list bro!
Yep I expect kid issues too, get there when you can!

linuxslacker's picture

dont forget to add me to the

dont forget to add me to the list i should be on nice and early :)

Fuzz's picture


Added Linuxslacker and mupper

Sha8doW's picture

Wasn't Linux already listed?

Isn’t that timbonz?

Fuzz's picture


yeah i couldnt tell.. is it the same guy?

linuxslacker's picture

im not timbo :)

lol just cause we both use linux doesnt mean we are the same people :)

anyway im way better then that timbo guy :)

Sha8doW's picture

You're all left handed too!

Sorry for the confusion!

I saw linux in the name and thought… My mistake!
It must be a Linux user quirk to put something in their name to show their gangster affiliation?
Linux, Linuxslacker, Ltmon, Kazashi… Shit, ok so my theory is flawed!

Fuzz's picture


Just to make it even more confusing, you should all make your avatar a penguin…. but just slightly change the colour of the penguins.

enemy in disguise

Im in (welcome to my ping )

ED209's picture

I need Stroyent! (tm)

Hey Hey! Sounds like Fun!

Almost missed it

I should be able to make it every day except Saturday.

n0mad's picture

Hey ED209

g00d 2 C U still breathing……

there’s n0 better r0cket launcher than the quake r0cket even etqw has the r0cket arc perfect

r0cket jumping
Ohhh what ever happened t0 etqw night maps :(

beavisbeaver's picture

LOL's @ night maps

Ahhh.. Shack 2.0 home of:

Night games = Standard maps are played with the sky turned off (night) or a sky used from a different map.
Crazy Physics = Changes to gravity, item weights & air resistance.
Suicide Trench Run = Just like in Star Wars. Can you fly or drive thru tight corridors of rows of AVT’s and survive?
Free-for-all = Instant spawn of all game deployables & vehicles available to use by anyone, anywhere.
Race Night = Group MCP races & Hog vs Dillo circuit races.
Vehicle Stack = vehicles indoors & stacking outdoors to the sky. (RJking usually crashes the server with 60+ MCP’s & 2FPS)

They were all on the The Shack 2.0 server. We only had a few night time games but the effect changes the whole map that your used to playing. The server died when they (Bethesda) pulled the plug on the master authentication server just as i got our custom maps campaign going too. :(

These would have been crazy-insane-crazy if we had more contestants for our games… Was still fun times.

I'm the real timboNZ

That LinuxSlacker guy should stop impersonating me, or is it because we run with a different crowd those windows users think were all weird…

Sha8doW's picture


I like the cut of EVErYONES jib in this thread!

ltmon's picture

Linux users versus the rest!

That would be myself, Kazashi, Timbo, LinuxSlacker and maybe n0mad if he’s not being lazy.

We can take ‘em!

PSA for Linux users: if you are using Ubuntu Unity you will get terrible game performance. PM me for workaround for this problem.

the last of the shack<3

The game isnt Dead. games on every night.mean as ever <3

n0mad's picture

water is better

The water is s0 much better in linux
Ya right LT I am lazy haven’t fired up my linux gaming machine f0r awhile
Since Steam Games are s0 lazy t0 install and keep up t0 date

DRM sux but s0metimes ya just r0ll withit

S0 let me B the first t0 say Game 0n – may the games B dirty but nice



yea it will be fun if i ever get the password ?

ED209's picture



Tripsicle98's picture

Thanks For the Awesome Night

Not here tommorow. But looking forward to it on sunday . Cheers

n0mad's picture




chipper's picture


lots of good games had by all thanks for the laughs

Sha8doW's picture


A big thanks to everyone who cam tonight!

we’ll be here all week… for those who want to, tomorrow night is ETQW drinking game night!
loose a map, drink a drink!
;) all in fun!

thank care and a VERY big thanks to everyone. Thanks for yor support, i hope you enjoyed yourselves!

ED209's picture

Fun time was had by all

That was great! Let’s do it again!

Sha8doW's picture

Password Change

make sure you hit up an IPX to get the new Password for tonight

Sha8doW's picture


Thanks to all for another great night!

Fuzz's picture


Good fun was had by all. Looking forward to the gg’s continuing.

Tripsicle98's picture


Is going to be the best

greedygraham's picture

ETQW tonight

I’m a bit slow but am a D12 member. Can I get added to the list for tonight’s game. Thanks

Sha8doW's picture

You sure can

we’ll be starting after 7:30

TheGlennster's picture

Being Slow

So D12 people are slow GG.

What does that make BB?

Tripsicle98's picture

Sorry shad what time code is that ?


Fuzz's picture



Tripsicle98's picture


See you tonight

Tripsicle98's picture

Thanks for another night

Of Good games

Fuzz's picture

gg's again...

Thanks all who turned up again, had lots of fun… tonight was my steal everyones pants night. It took me 3 rounds to get my first backstab :)

ED209's picture

More GG’s

More GG’s

linuxslacker's picture

good games all week sofar and

good games all week sofar and that was my back you plunged that blade into fuzz :)

Sha8doW's picture

Keep spreading the word!

Thanks to all the supporters!


Sorry didn’t make it last night, was watching Prometheus… will be on tonight though

Fuzz's picture


Hi Timbo, created you an account on the site so you don’t need to pass captcha to post. Details should be in the email address you used to post the anon comment. Looking forward to catching up with you all tonight if I’m out of work on time.

timboNZ's picture

Ahhhhh much better, thanks

Ahhhhh much better, thanks Fuzz..

Fuzz's picture


Love the avatar :)

ltmon's picture

Mumble rage

It was quite amusing to snipe someone last night, only to hear them swear profusely in mumble ;)

And then do it again.

(p.s. I’m looking at you GreedyGraham, although you probably gave better than you got in the end.)

Why password it?

Why password it?

n0mad's picture


Great t0rny thanX t0 Shad f0r 0rganising and Robag f0r the server as always….

We sh0uld d0 this m0re 0ften……

ETQW still h0lds up well

2 servers left in Australian
3FL admins U are missed….

linuxslacker's picture

Had fun cant wait for the next one

small games last few games but every night was fun

cant wait for the next one! thanks IPX

Sha8doW's picture

The last night

the last night was a quiet, but intimate night… and it was fun

I’d really like to thank everyone who supported the event, it was epic to see you all again and have the lols
this event was all about bring back the fun, and showing the world that fun is that its all about.

we will do it again, and we’ll organise some other games/events

Thanks to everyone, and dont be strangers, drop by the site and mumble… dont be shy and say “HI”!

Besides, ive got to announce the winners of the ETQW revival prize(s)

Sha8doW's picture


So haters, ragers, trouble makers, anon posters and wankers in general couldn’t disrupt the fun that everyone was having…
it wouldnt have been fair on the visitors…
it wouldnt have been fair on the IPX players…
it wouldnt have been fair on the legacy of ETQW

it sucks, because it would have been great to top the 22 we had at one point… but if you cant trust people, why risk it!?
I think it was proven that 6 good friends can have more fun then 32 ragers!

maybe next time those who wanted to play and didnt have the password, could come have a chat to us, say what you need to say, and then get the password…
we suggested it over 10 days ago. You can lead a horse to water…

Sha8doW's picture

thanks to Robag

A big thanks to Robag for his tireless, thankless, unrecognised support!

without Ro, there would not have been a server, or mumble… or a whole heap of LOL!

Ups to you bro! hugs & much love… I’ll always be your friend and never leave your side!


That was great. Thanks for organising it guys and thanks for all the great games.

ltmon's picture

Regular ETQW night?

Every second Friday or something?

Maybe I and others dont want

Maybe I and others dont want to have to download a whole new voice program etc just to play. By passwording it and making it a requirment to have mumble etc you are just turning people off.

That being said i did enjoy the limited game last night and am definitley keen to get some more happening. I could possibly get Hitman, Griff and a few others invlolved also. Every second weekend – Fri – Sat sounds great. Is there any reason we didnt just use the internode server? Some definite moments of lag experienced. Anyhoo let me know if more is happening. With more lead up time and making it a regular thing we could probably get alot more coming.

Sha8doW's picture


The password was for the above reasons, categories which you don’t fall into!
Mumble was not a requirement, a desirable and enjoyable oppitunity to meet with a much wider community then may be on your team speak. It was a requirement to be eledgibile for the competition/prize! If you were wondering about the password, there were multiple other avenues to seek that information!
A key reason why we said “keep uptodate with the IPX site, so you get 1st hand accurate information!

As you are aware, I was actively chasing and advertising the event. I spoke to griffo who was also very excited. I contacted him in steam on a daily basis to remind him. I actively advertised the event on IPX, <3 shack, D12, your site, internode, GA. I also utilized social media and work contacts to spread the word… We had great attendance from the public calls on GA and node

I am stoked to hear you enjoyed the game… I apologize for ye lag last night. The people who attended each night can attest that last night was NOT normal. We spoke to the providers and they had issues here in Canberra which directly affected us! It was a bummer but it got better a the end of the night!
We didn’t use a public server, nor a server with bots for Punkbuster authentication reasons. Not everyone, even with the work around solution could play on either server! It was something we could control on our server! Also on a public server we did not have the ability to control game functions etc! Even tho vanilla was the flavor of choice, the option was there!
Add the above I the logic of not wanting disruptions, you have your answer… Hopefully it’s not clear!

It takes a lot of effort to organise, and a 5 night event catered for the availability of everyone!
It was a positive response, but there is a lot of apathy in the community! People who were die hard didn’t show for one reason or another, but conversely we had the pleasure of less die hard but extremely colorful characters which all added to the lols
bit it’s a lot of effort, if, and we most likely will organise another, we will advertise in a similar way!

Don’t be a stranger and say hi to your team!!

ltmon's picture


The last few nights were more of a blast-from-the-past format, where old players and friends would be online.

Maybe future games could be more a “pub friendly” setup? As long as everyone behaves! The game was half destroyed by hackers and noone here is going to maintain a ban list or put up with constant f***ing votes.

beavisbeaver's picture

GG's +1

I was proud to fully endorse this product and/or service!
Beavisbeaver will be happy to provide future support for these events/activities in the future.

T’was nice to mumble on Mumble.

Sha8doW's picture

For sure lt

Everyone behaving themselves!
We might be able to give it a go… But I’d still suggest having our own sever to atleast control the game formats if necessary!
The way we ran it resulted in a great environment, and we didn’t even have to do any votes/rcon. That tells me that the system we used worked! I suppose I’m a little confused why people would chose to not play, rather then ask for a password? Especially with so many mechanisms and people to contact for it?

linuxslacker's picture

just wondering

who ended up winning the prizes?


Everybody who played this great game was a Winnar! Bonus points for lulz moments.

Sha8doW's picture


Im trying to sort out new kinda prizes… the inability to access/use the prize by one or more of the winners kinda screwed up my planz!

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  • Insert Flickr images: [flickr-photo:id=230452326,size=s] or [flickr-photoset:id=72157594262419167,size=m].
  • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
  • You may use [view:name=display=args] tags to display views.
  • Avast! This website be taken over by pirates on September 19th. Yarr!

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