Shaguns - 4! Come have some fun

09/03/2013 20:00
09/03/2013 20:00
Challenge Details
Smokin Guns
Challenge Type: 
Not Applicable
Team IPX Attending Yes/No 9th March Comment
Mango Y Y Good luck and have fun! (NO KNIVES FUZZ!)
Akenn23 Y Y No dynamite mango
Fuzz Y Y KNIVES YAY!!!!!
Microman Y Y I will hit Fuzz again. From the window.
Sha8doW Y Y I have 2 guns, one for the both of you!
chipper y y yehhhaaaawwwwwwwww!
n0mad Y Y I like knives but never in the back
Ltmon Y Y Where are you Bro!? Right here I’M NOT DEAD YET!
Robag Y Y Server is up
linuxslacker Y Y OMG we’re gonna have more Linux users than Windows – Fuzz
Beavisbeaver Y Y it’s Friday and shad’s jamin
Brods aka Robag Jr Y Y SG First Timer Edit Robag


Microman's picture


That’s a leet strat right there :)

Sha8doW's picture

Intellectual property rights!

And the monopoly in good ideas…

They’ve got em fo sure

Psh! I'll do what I want.

If i can use dynamite, i will use dynamite! Screw you Akenn!

Cheers Micro!

Why Thank you Micro, good to have you back man, it’ll be nice to have my 3rd Shaguns with previous members of IPX that I never got the chance to play with beforehand, Can’t wait!

Robag's picture

The TEAM - IPX SG server

is now up and running,
it is in the server browser as well


ltmon's picture

When is this?

9/5/2013 or 9/3/2013?

The event says one thing, the title says another.

Fuzz's picture


No need for the event date in the title. It just introduces the chance for a mistake. Well spotted lt.

Sha8doW's picture


I might not make it…
Is bullshit that my wife “told me weeks ago” that her parents were coming down!

linuxslacker's picture

sounds fun

fuzz pm’d me seeing if i was interested and looks like a good game ill join you guys if i can get it all working today

i think my mumble issue was because windows builds link to an older version of celt i have fixed that now so hopefully it’ll work properly

Sha8doW's picture


slacker is da smokin house!

beavisbeaver's picture

Reach for the sky!

Just installed & tested it. Looks like some LOL’s to be had. Should be able to make it.

Fuzz's picture

Be there a little late

See you guys soon. Maybe 9:30

Sha8doW's picture

Sorry I'm missing it

Im Gunna have to buy/ build a new house! I hate my guest bedroom being my study!

linuxslacker's picture

Had fun

had a great game always fun playing with you guys cant wait for the next event

Sha8doW's picture

Congrats to all!

Mango, don’t forget to enter a result! You might get a bonus;)

And congrats on organising the event! Good work!

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