Paaaddmmaaaan :)

Somtin's picture
18/05/2013 19:30
Challenge Details
World of Padman
Challenge Type: 
Not Applicable


Team IPX Attending Yes/No Comment
Somtin Yes You guys are going down, no lube.
Fuzz Yes y u no like padman?
Sha8doW No out in the great blue yonder
Sanga No Just found out I’m at my dads house… . ARGH was looking forward to it so much! Have Fun Guys (:
Akenn23 Yes Stuff
Microman Yeah Will give somtin a good run :)
n0mad Yes Padddy Padman Bring it
ltmon Yes I cancelled my wedding anniversary dinner for the original date, you bastards
Robag No In the US
Dourger14 Y Salamander!!
Skittles No Things came up
linuxslacker y
- - -

Don’t have padman? It’s free!
It’s only a few clicks away.

Look out for them brutal blue noses, they’re out to get ya. (:


Somtin's picture

Rule 45

coughrule45cough MM

Hahaha maybe.

And I expect you to be up there n0mad. :P

n0mad's picture

Me Padman Me Smash

Um maybe

0f c0urse ill B there……..


I bet you All like woman

Do I have to be a member to play? Still not an official member :/

Somtin's picture

More the merrier

Feel free to join us!

Feel free also to send in an application. ;)

Part of the crew, part of the ship

I sent the app in the first night I met the team. Still waiting on that last BoD vote :(

Sha8doW's picture

You're special WitchLife

LoL, forgive us WitchLife, the whole androgynous name thing has us stuck on how we start any correspondence with you…

Dear Sir Ma’am Witch (cant call you that, its a title like Doctor/Judge) dealie person (cant use that, sounds like we’re calling your a dildo) and “Hey You…” isn’t really professional!

Im sure its going to be worth the wait ;)

Somtin's picture

Handicap doesn't work like that sanga

You can only make yourself weaker with handicap, not stronger. So unless everyone puts handicap on (doubt it xD) you’ll just have to try your luck. :)

If you get the game before then, I can jump on the IPX padman server with ya and show ya the ropes.

Fuzz's picture


We’re all terrible at it compared to n0mad and Somtin. That’s the fun of it, how epic-ly bad we are

N0mad and somtin!

We can all gang up on somtin and n0mad , then after it we can all walk off into the sunset holding hands.

chipper's picture


hopefully hashy will show up to give n0mad and somtin some competition and keep em honest!

Somtin's picture


Something has come up, MM and myself will not be able to make it. S:

You guys have fun, I’ll make another one in a couple of weeks and kick all your asses then. ;)

Sha8doW's picture

Minus Svalbards?

Minus Svalbard for ditching your own event? LoL

Somtin you’re gunna have to see if you can get a stand-in organiser to ensure they capture scores/who wins

Otherwise you’re gunna be left with an empty results warning!

n0mad's picture

Somtin move it

May I Suggest Somtin you move the event to a new time and clear the table…….


Somtin's picture

I wasn’t going to record

I wasn’t going to record scores anyway – it’s a casual event, scores do not matter. Hence the Not Applicable.

Unless you have a problem with that Shad..?

If there is a problem with that, could a BoD please delete the challenge as I was never intending on recording scores and I do not want to receive an empty results warning. I simply viewed the challenge as a way of making a time and place for playing some padman so that everyone can meet up and play at the same time without having to organize it on the fly and play with whoever seems to be online at the time.
If it’s not for that, then to IPX, especially Shad, I apologize.

Sha8doW's picture

LoL don't say sorry

No need to apologies…

No scores? I just wanna track this padman rivalry/grudge match!

It’s for bragging rights!

Nomad wants to reschedule!!!! I think he is calling you chicken!!!

n0mad's picture

chicken D

S0 unless Somtin reschedules It’s

n0mad 1 & Somtin zer0

It is a shame Somtin chickened 0ut maybe th0se macD’s ads are getting to him
Hehehehe Somtin don’t run away….


Sha8doW's picture


Thems fighting words!

I demand you defend your honor!

(chippy and I will help by playing some chivalry!)

Fuzz's picture


It’s on!

Fuzz's picture


We calling you out!!!

We all challenge you!!! Any time… any place

(i’l regret this…. )

Somtin's picture

WHOA! If that’s how it is,


If that’s how it is, reschedule it is. grin

Bring it, Fuzz, Shad, n0mad.

Sha8doW's picture

Haha it's on

Like donkey kong now!

Well will show you some zen moooooves!

Fuzz's picture


wait.. wrong game.

n0mad's picture


Spalsher all right lets d0- this…..


linuxslacker's picture

feel free to add me

havent played padman before but should be fun so… if you guys need more numbers feel free to add me(1st june now right?)

Somtin's picture

No, it’s on the 18th of May.

No, it’s on the 18th of May. The original date was 2 weeks before that, the 4th.
I removed that line to avoid more confusion.

n0mad's picture

Late arrival

I can’t get 0ut 0f a functi0n s0 I’ll be 0n but very late h0pefully y0u’ll still be 0n…….


Somtin's picture

Better late then never

No problem. If everyone has had enough and you wanna have a game, I’ll play a few rounds with ya n0mad.

Somtin's picture

Tomorrow Night!

I hope you guys are ready for some games.

The padman server isn’t up yet. Could you get that sorted please Fuzz?

Somtin's picture


Good game guys, had some real fun games!

Special mention to Slacker, had me on my toes all night.

Night everyone, looking forward to the next one.

linuxslacker's picture

Very fun

really great games. Somethin owned us plenty

n0mad's picture

Best Screen Sh0t 0f the night

Firstly a big THUMBS UP t0 Somtin f0r 0rganising the night and special menti0n t0 Slacker f0r h0sting the PLAN B server as the main IPX server’s h0st had a melt d0wn leaving us all in limb0 but again Slacker helped 0ut…

Well w0t a night, Every0ne br0ught there A Game t0 what was 0ne 0f the best Padman nights had in ages, Slacker g0t better and better each r0und f0ll0wed by Akenn, Fuzz went missing (I mean he walked away t0 change a t0wel we think) and Chipper went AFK meanwhile we all and I mean we all g0t sk00led by Somtin in s0me really great Padman matches…..

The last r0und really sh0wed Slacker and Akenn had stepped it up skill level wise as n0mad and Somtin were left spectating while Slacker and Akenn duke’ it 0ut even th0 Akenn called mercy f0ll0wed by a strange request to “LET ME WIN” it was Slacker wh0 stepped up the m0st 0n the night….

S0 this brings an0ther successful Padman night t0 a cl0se…..
If U want t0 j0in us in an0ther Padman night, install Padman it’s free and if U want t0 0rganise a Padman Night please d0 s0 as Padman sh0ws time and time again h0w much fun this free game is…..


Was great fun.

Especially when i won. Jesus christ did somtin school us, all he did was win round after round, then fuzz went AFK and came second in like, 3 – 4 rounds.

Somtin's picture


I especially liked it when you ganged up on me and I still won… ;)
Was a bit harder on instagib though!

Oh instagib.

I really liked the instagib, i could even say i preferred it to regular game play.

Somtin's picture

The best way to learn

Instagib is all I played when I first learnt how to play first person shooters. I believe it is hands down the best way to practice and the best way to improve your aim. For a few years, instagib was all I played. :)

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