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08/06/2013 19:00
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Map Rotation - all standard maps
Team IPX
Server: (Robag?)
Not Applicable

Sorry guys, cancelled due to lack of interest

I’m on a roll with these quake 3 total conversion challenges, so I thought I’d keep going.. ;)


First, the table, so you can sign up (for gameplay reasons, really need a minimum of about 10 people to be able to play, really stale game with less than that);

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Somtin Yes OM NOM NOM
Slacker Yes Trem vet incoming …
Akenn23 Yes Yay! Challenges
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -

Alright, so for people who don’t know what tremulous is, here’s a quick rundown:
Tremulous is a first person shooter and real time strategy blend between two unique teams. Sounds interesting? Read on.
The two unique teams are humans and aliens, each with their own play styles.
Here’s a scenario:
You spawn into the game with a rifle and no armour. Your reactor is sitting there pumping away providing your one turret with electricity. Three dretches come flying over and seconds start taking out the lone turret then jumping round the place and flying off the roof, taking out your comrades. As you’re standing there, trying your best to hold them off, you scream “SOMEONE SPAWN WITH A CONSTRUCTION KIT!”

Do you build a base where you spawned? Or do you deconstruct your base and move it to a more defendable location? You decide. Once you have got some resources, visit the armoury, buy some nice weapons and perhaps a grenade, and give the alien base a visit, assuming they haven’t moved (in which case you’ll have to find their base) and try take it out.

Each team has spawn points, aliens in the form of eggs and humans in the form of telenodes. Your mission is to wipe out all of the enemies spawn points (these can be built by the construction alien/construction kit) and also all the enemies, effectively eradicating them from the map.

This sounds fantastic you say? You want in?
There is one file you need:

Looking forward to seeing you all there. :)


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ahh tremulous

my lifewaster of choice quite a few years ago

feel free to add me to this one

the default 1.1 version is quite old with alot of known crashbugs and stuff might be a good idea to have a password on this one


some newer clients(for 1.1)

Merceneries guild client – minimal changes from upstream – (would be a good place to get a newer tremded)
FSM-Trem – my work from way back in 2009 –

i would have listed TJW client and tremfusion but they have seemed to have vanished

some QVM’s
latiku7QVM – what most people base their QVM off very minimal changes and plenty of security fixes(one of the tremulous devs) –
SlackersQVM – my work from back in 2010 theres a few older QVMs i was involved in too –
RezynQVM – less features but probably better then mine would be a good choice for QVM’s too(he is also one of the main tremulous devs now) –

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Ah yes, I used to use the TJW

Ah yes, I used to use the TJW client I believe.
For anyone who wants to go through the effort of patching their install, they can use one of the above links that Slacker has posted.

Yeah I was going to put a password on it anyway. I’ll probably grab one of these QVM’s to use on the server. I was thinking of using a mod just to help with overall quality of the server with minimal/no gameplay changes. I’m not sure yet, haven’t had a time to look through it.

Having a quick look through them now, I think I will use your qvm on the server. Will have a proper look through tomorrow.

Strat change.

Fuzz deleted the strat you were using, because it was deemed as “Useless”, so I changed it to something so it was not nothing.

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It had one sentence in it. Hardly worth the 30 Svalbards it earned when you created it Akenn.

We’ve discussed this in length on the Svalbard review issue. Useful content guys. Strats should be well thought out strategys of how to play a specific game. They’re a special field that’s visible only to IPX members, where usually secret strategys can be kept, and disucssed. If it’s a sentence, it doesn’t exactly qualify. And there’s no problem with a challenge having no strat associated with it. 99% of them don’t.


Was just a warning to somtin that his challenge no longer had a strat.


Why does no one want to play tremulous! This game is really fun.

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Sorry but

I dont really know anything about the game…

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You’ll pick it up quickly I’m

You’ll pick it up quickly I’m sure ;)

No time at all!

It really doesn’t take any time to pick up what to do, after that it is all fun.

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