Duke3D: Megaton Edition

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16/11/2013 19:00
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Sync Issues and LAG

SteamLink: http://store.steampowered.com/app/225140/
Hail to the king, baby! we all know what duke is and some of us have good memories of its multiplayer(when it isnt going out of sync) so lets try 8 player DM Games on the new steam version if its any good we might do more of these

Note: you might need to opt into public-beta for the multiplayer(if it isnt released by the 16th). duke3d isnt binary compatible with its saves so you should make sure to back those up before opting into the beta

Note: autoaim should be off(make sure you check!)

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Slacker Yes Get ready for gaming 90’s style :)
n0mad Yes Happy t0 Play test It as I hear limited deadicated servers
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linuxslacker's picture

both duke and shadow warrior classic redux on sale


both duke and shadow warrior classic redux available for under 4 bucks

Sha8doW's picture

I'll grab that

For 9.99 if we can get a few players

linuxslacker's picture

i think you just missed the sale by a day

it was 4 bucks for both :( oh well still worth 9 buck imho

linuxslacker's picture

better luck next time

no games this time nomad must have been busy/forgot. maybe next time

n0mad's picture


Send me a pm and we will test multiplayer……

And yes I did f0rget but ill make It up
by n0tifying all IPX t0 Get there 2….. Next time…..

chipper's picture


i missed it to got caught up. lets try again

linuxslacker's picture

it happens

i have almost forgotten a few events its easy to do dont worry about it

if you guys are up for it we can have a few games this weekend maybe saturday after dinner? as for an event its nearly december and everyone will probably be busy/away so next one will probably be next year

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