Duke 3d - Hmm. Don't have time to play with myself

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15/02/2014 19:30
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Not Applicable

We will start with some classic Deathmatch Dukematch maybe do some coop levels later in the night

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Slacker Yes Hail to the king baby!
n0mad Yes Cum get sum
Robag not Sure At the coast Sailing
Fuzz Yes Probably from 8/8:30 on. This could be a 17 year reunion if all founders play!
chipper Yes should be ok for this one
Kazozza Yes Should be available
Willow Nein still stranded on an island in the south pacific
- - -


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I should be available.

I should be available.

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added you to the list!

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Thanks for that. Thanks to

Thanks for that.
Thanks to Fuzz as well for fixing up the permissions.

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remember DUKE3D is this saturday

the duke event is this weekend so get ready to have some oldschool fun guys

if im not there carry on without me and blame telstra it was down for about 5 hours yesterday and 8 hours today :/ and the earliest they are getting out to look at it is the 20th :/ there’s a good chance it will be working though since most of the time it just goes down randomly for 15 mins

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Game Time s00n


Well after sum D3D testing, all went well, Fuzz g0t fr0zen, Slacker g0t distingrated and n0mad was running ar0und in air ducts, aim t0 cya all LATE t0night f0r sum fun……


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good games had by all

worked out well only 1 game had some issues rest of the matches was absolutely perfect

all you had to do was create lobby and invite everyone. we played on the burger map, stadium and Hollywood holocaust on dukematch(30 kills 60 timelimit) and we also did 1 of the episodes in coop i had most fun in the burger one and the stadium and those will definitely make an appearance next time

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I ain't afraid of no COW!

I gotta say, damn fun time last night. Thanks to all involved.

Just got to find a way to get the MP5 patch working and we’re set for the ‘Stadium 100’.

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Stadium for sure is the best equipped map for a duke how down!
Was good fun
Shadow Warrior needs the same treatment!


PS – fuck holo duke!

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My favorite was pretending to be holoduke. Right down to the spinning around in circles.
Second favorite was sitting behind the poster on hollywood holocaust.

New idea for next time…. put a holo duke behind the poster!

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Had a chance to check if we got raided overnight?

Considering installing steam at work so I can check… but I’ll never get any work done if I have rust here.

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you can raid in duke3d? nig was boasting about raiding us but the tower was intact

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