Retro Gaming Night - Fistful Of Frags

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26/02/2016 19:00
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
all comers
Not Applicable
Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Robag Yes ballz LT has a sniper Rifle :x
Fuzz Yes Fool me once shame on you. But teach a man to fool me and I will be fooled for the rest of my life
BeavisBeaver Yes Staby
BeverJr Yes StabyJr
Sha8doW Yes has anyone else noticed how STUPID ShadoW looks without the 8?
n0mad Yes What ever happened t0 the str0gg did they just fly h0me ?
Slacker Yes Pass the whiskey
Somtin Maybe Pasta whiskey – I’ll be there if my timezone calculation is right
Robag_Jr Yes Added by Robag :p

ThanX t0 R0bag f0r Organizing & h0sting the server – Pass the Whiskey!


Fuzz's picture

Woo hoo!

Game night! Looking forward to catching up with everyone.

beavisbeaver's picture

Beavisbeaver & Beaver Jr. too for you woo hoo kalamazoo!

Hands out for knife fight in the ballroom on the boat!!
Ooooh… so staby!

Sha8doW's picture


I’ll be in for as long as possible until my inlaws kick me outta my study…

Unless it runs on an iMac?

PS… added Baevis and BeaverJr

n0mad's picture

Da train Da train

l00k f0rward t0 l0ls

0hh and map choice we sh0uld include the train …


chipper's picture


Sorry guys don’t think I can make this one. Can someone please stab Fuzz a bit for me? :)

Robag's picture

@chipper stabby stabby

owwww so stabby, well my knife work is s#$t i will try to soot Fuzz in the head….


Somtin's picture

Timezone for us kiwis

19:00 which timezone? I’m guessing GMT+10 which is great because I’m busy tomorrow evening, but likely home by then.. :)

Robag's picture

@somtin NZ Time 4 you

In Australian Capital Territory, Australia,
when it is
7:00 PM
Friday, February 26, 2016
observing Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

in New Zealand
it will be
9:00 PM
Friday, February 26, 2016
observing New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT)

n0mad's picture


It was a blast in the face, an axe t0 the skull 0r in sum cases a d0uble barrel sh0tgun in the back.

GG…s all r0und…

Slacker was the MAN 0f the match really had us running f0r c0ver…


Sha8doW's picture


My inlaws arrived earlier than exepcted friday… and as they sleep in the study, and go to bed at 4pm, abd I am BANNED from using the PC while they are over I couldnt make it

I spent the time in the garrage rather than listening my Mother In Law


Robag's picture

@shad Np good buddy

you can have at it with some Padman……………..


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