Game 3

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11/03/2007 09:00

Team IPX V Team Other
Score 6(IPX)-5(OTHR)
Date: 11/3/2007
Tenders: Kazashi(IPX) – Ryan, Joel, Hashi (OTHR)
3 Stars: Kazashi(3) Sha8doW(2) Fuzz(1)

Team IPX

Skater stats

Player No# Goals Assists Points Shots Shot % Hits PIM Injuries (minutes missed)
AxeMan 35 1 1 2 ? ? ? ? ?
Fuzz 6 2 1 3 ? ? ? 10 Sprained ankle (0)
Kazozza 3 0 1 1 ? ? ? ? One hell of a blister!(0)
Sha8doW 8 3 2 5 ? ? ? ? Back, hamstring(0)

Goal Tender Stats

Player No# Goals Against Shots Against Saves Save %
Kazashi 13 5 Heaps LOTS MASSIVE

Play by Play

A Sunny Autumn Sunday – a great day for hockey (if the heat stays away). The Game between IPX and OTHR started later then its schedule due to late players.

IPX won the 1st Face off and the 1st 5 minutes was a frenzy of play with both teams playing some intense hockey. IPX had some good scoring opportunities however Ryan (Team OTHR’s 1st Goal tender) was able to keep them out. Kazashi was putting on a great show, pulling out some fantastic saves in the 1st period.

A confused call came from the officials when Team OTHR stole a goal after Kazashi had covered the puck for a face off. The play was reviewed and the goal was disallowed. After being rocked by the early scare, IPX raised their intesity. Sha8doW connected with a one timer from the slot after a brilliant pass from Fuzz. Team OTHR quickly answered with a Nasty goal by Brett.

With the Period set to end in a tie IPX was rocked by a horrible mistake in their defensive zone. AxeMan, in an attempt to clear the puck from behind the IPX net, caught a defection off of Kazashi’s stick which ricocheted the puck into the goal. Things went from bad to worse as Joel snuck another Goal past Kazashi just seconds before the siren.

The 1st period had ended on a low note for IPX who once again have lived up to their trademark of trailing at the end of the 1st period.

The start of the 2nd period was a blinder for IPX with Sha8doW scoring a quick unassisted goal to rocket the momentum back to IPX! The 2nd period was all IPX who dominated the defence through superior team work and passing. Team OTHR was being trounced, as shot after shot was fired by IPX forwards. It was only a matter of time before a goal was scored. Fuzz broke the tension off some great passes from Kazozza and Sha8doW, with a slap shot equaliser from deep in the slot.

After being demoralised in their own defensive zone Team OTHR was lifted by a goal mid way through the period by team captain Ryan (who had now been pulled from the Team OTHR goals). After some tough defence from Team IPX, AxeMan broke out up the left wing with some smooth skating and put another goal on the scoreboard.

Solid defence work from Kazozza forced team other to attempt dump in tactics to get into an attacking position. Axeman picked up a Team OTHR dump in from behind the net and sent a lightning pass which cut through the skaters like a hot knife through butter, Sha8doW received the pass in the neutral zone and put on an offensive skating display by dumping the puck between his legs for Fuzz Slap shot home.

A great period from IPX put them back in front with momentum firmly seated on their bench. With the score 5 – 4 at the start of the 3rd period, IPX knew all they had to do was maintain the momentum and the game was theirs.

IPX did not take into account that the 3rd round of this battle was to be decided by the Goal tenders.

It was a family affair with 1st choice Team IPX Tender Kazashi facing off against his younger brother Hashi who put on an impressive display in the Team OTHR net. Sha8doW went on two breakaways, both shots being stoned by astonishing Hashi pad saves. The period was set to remain scoreless until a mistake from the Team OTHR’s defence resulted Sha8doW getting his hat trick goal.

Being 2 goals up and fatigue starting to settle in, in the last half of the 3rd period, the Team IPX skaters did the worst possible thing and rested on their heals and began to coast around the rink. Luckily one man stood up and carried Team IPX home. Kazashi, who had put on a blinding effort throughout the game, stood strong against Team OTHR’s second wind which had started to blow at gale force, displaying his tendering prowess with an awesome combination of Butterfly and Stand up styles. As his Skaters left him out to dry, Kazashi was stopping everything the forwards could muster. Kazashi really pulled out all the stops and nailed “Dominik Hasek” Scramble Style move to keep one “humdinger” out.

Unfortunately the fatigue that had struck the IPX players had wedged its way into the side of the IPX tender. Joel scored a lucky last minute goal which put the napping IPX skaters to shame.

The Game ended with the score 6 – 5 with another victory going to Team IPX.

Kazashi was named 1st Star with second and third stars going to Sha8doW and Fuzz respectively.


Fuzz about to nail Ryan into the boards with Sha8doW covering.

(left to right) Fuzz and Sha8doW turning as the puck is cleared out.

(left to right) Kazashi in goals, Kazozza following up and Fuzz about to Deke his way past Sir Draco (Grey) out of the defensive zone.

(left to right) Kazozza getting up, Fuzz muscling his way past Sir Draco (Grey) and another defender.

(left to right) Fuzz Skating over to the bench after a great goal, Sha8doW getting up again…

Left to Right) Kazzozza and Kazashi listening to Sir Draco (grey) Bitch about being placed on the other team. Sha8doW pumping out some Bass (air) Gituar on his hockey stick while AxeMan does the Playboy pose (The DOG can actually be seen on the floor between Kazashi and Sir Draco… he’s Growlling at somthing)

Sha8doW on the ground again…. (actually adjusting his socks after scoring the game winning goal)


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