Smokin' Guns


Introducing the new A Game found by Kazashi, proving once again IPX is ahead of the rest and setting the trends

Smokin’ Guns is a full conversion/mod of the Quake 3 engine sending it back into the Old West.
The game focuses heavily on being a tad more realistic then most would be used to and a heap of research has gone into the weapons getting them right. Now dont expect this game to be a flashy L4D. The fellas/teams who created this have done it purely for the love! No the graphics/modeling isn’t A1 and its a little buggy here and there but for all the minor defects, this game makes up for it with pure style… and its a fist full of style!
best of all… its FREE

Read the rest of the article for MORE Smokin’ Guns!

You can Download the game for Free HERE! Both linux and Windows files available in the same DL

Grab your guns, mount up and ride out to stop them Cattle Rustlers!

So what is it about this Smokin’ Guns?
Making the weapons/damage realistic really makes you hold up and think strategically about what you should be doing next. It makes you think more then twice about running lemming style across the open streets of the wild west and think about the effective use of cover! And dont think you’ll be knocking them down like some Strogg with a hyper blaster firing 200 rounds a minute. In this game you generally do it tough with your wits and you faithfull six shooter! The Game challenges you to make the hard decisions, Fight or Flight. And you go through the game with a conservative touch, cause with realistic weapons and loading times, 1 round at a time leaves you completely defenceless! There isn’t any “pass me a spare clip” in this game!
Now don’t be thinking, its OK, ill just medic my way out of this one! Oh No! This is the old west… would you trust a doctor? He is probably a drunk and you’ve got teeth the colour of the copper coming out of the local mine! That’s right… No health of power ups in this game. If you get shot, best hope its not somewhere fatal! But yes, you can always strap on the boiler plate as armour, but ask Ned Kelly, its not going to save your legs… or your head cause you want to show off that Cowboy hat! you will learn below Smokin’ Guns rewards the survivors!

Ok, so your being called out by the Clantons! and at the moment I don’t blame you for wanting to jump behind the bar, swig that shocking American whiskey before fleeing the town on the last stage! But never fear Akimbo is here! You can gunsling with the pros, shootin from the hip with the left, right and both at the same time! There is also a number of additional weapons, which i will go into below…. even for you sniper fans!

The game works of with a money system, money pickups are the only type in the game, and generally they are Spare. You’ve got 20bucks per life, Kill some one, you get more. Make it through a round alive you get more.
remember, there is NO way of getting your life back!
The good news is, the money you collect doesn’t leave you when you die. So you can bank a few kills over a few lives and comeback with enough wild west firepower to rock Wyatt Urp!

The game comes with 4 modes, Death Match, Team Death Match, Duel Mode and Bank Robbery!

Duel Mode: 1 on 1, out in the dusty streets which the town folk have cleared. Mono a Mono, only 1 makes it out alive! pray you dont need to reload!
The game starts with guns holstered and its a quick draw as your Aim (Gunsight & physics) returns!

Bank Robbery: Much like Counter Strike, 2 teams. One defending the bank, one attacking. If you successfully attack its your turn to defend! The “robbers” must work there way through the defending team with only 2 goals, Either kill all the defenders or Blow open the vault/safe in the bank and get the loot back to their hide out! Defenders, well its pretty simple. Hold of the bandits and save the towns money!
The objectives “banks” in this mode range from the town bank, stage coaches, train transports to the safe under the floorboards of the local saloon!

The other Maps in the other game modes range from basic towns, mines, wild west forts to steam boats & trains!

The Weapons!

Ok, so you all asking about the Weapons!
remember the team has tried hard to get these as historically accurate as possible!

If youve got more then one… throw it. Watchout they are sharp!

All pistols can be fired with alt fire which uses the slap method resulting in a higher rate of fire but less accuracy! for the true wild west gunslinger

The Remington 58
The starting gun, you get one. Under powered but effective, reloads quickly with preloaded cartridges
Can be wielded akimbo with another pistol of any type!

The Smith & Wesson Schofield
More power, cost more money and with a slightly slower reload.. a happy compromise!
Can be wielded akimbo with another pistol of any type!

The Colt Peacemaker
The only peace you’ll be making with this gun is your own! and it sure wont be keeping the place peaceful and quiet! The stopping power of a brick through a plate glass window and the sound to match!
It cost a few bucks, but this gun packs one hell of a punch. Remember, this is gun which won the west! Reloading is painfully slow at 1 round at a time.. but 1 round might be all that’s needed. If have two of these in your hands and they are empty, it might be worth pulling out the knife!
Can be wielded akimbo with another pistol of any type!


Winchester 1958
A light rifle, 12 rounds, with good range and power.

The colt Lightning
A light rifle, 12 rounds, with good range and power. Slightly faster rate of fire (3 rounds over the whole 12) over the Winchester

Sharps Rifle
1 Round only, before requiring a reload. but that round is devastating if it hits. Coupled with the optional scope… and youve got yourself a sniper rifle. Yes this one CAN shoot through Boiler Plates.


Double Barrel Shotgun
2 barrels of bang, fire one or unload both at the same time to make sure they don’t get up. actallu effective at a medium range. But the reload is slow

Sawed off Shotgun
2 barrels of bang, but the sawed off kinda bang. fire one or unload both at the same time and if you are close enough they will be tasting buckshot all the way to Boot Hill. Dont bother at distance

Winchester Pump action Shotgun
This thing was developed into the riot shotgun. 5 Pump action rounds which are nasty! Fast and effective!


When you’ve just gotta blow the bank and get outta dodge!
you can light and throw, or throw and shoot it (makes for effective ambushes)
Remember, dynamite is volatile and just might go off at anytime, so be carefull!
Tip… try and shoot the hands of someone holding a stick of dynamite for a real laugh!

Molotov Cocktails
The whiskey of the day was so nasty it could blow the injection system out of a DMC Delorean! so why not light it and throw it at them cattle rustlers! cause you sure don’t wanna drink it!

Gatling Gun
need I say more…?

As mentioned above, you can also purchase Boiler Plates for extra protection of your chest and back. You can also purchase extra Primary and secondary ammo. An ammo belt gives you ammo and also increases your ammo capacity


look the game isn’t perfect but as i said above, what it lacks it makes up for in style!
If i could lay some critical feed back: 1 the textures, skins and modeling needs work. 2 there are a few bugs, falling damage sucks. 3 Molotov’s don’t hold a candle to L4D’s. 4 the voip needed some extra attention. 5 lack servers, But hey… we have our own! ta panda

So Download the game for free from HERE and help us hold off the bandits and cattle rustlers today!


ltmon's picture

Buggy... but I still play it

Good fun game modes, suits a small team of players. The duel mode is also funny…. 10 paces and draw cowboy!

It’s got bugs everywhere (randomly exploding dynamite anyone? actually… maybe that’s realistic). Plus it’s very, very difficult and frustrating to play with high ping, so make sure you get on the IPX server with some of your buddies here.

n0mad's picture

great game

g00d find Kazashi…. Makes every bullet ya shoot count

Maybe limit ETQW to 3 clips per gun hehehehehhehe


Sha8doW's picture

fridaynight game

ggs to all ont he friday night smokin guns!
lots of lols!


Hashy's picture

I woke up

I woke up like, 10 minutes before i joined the game l0l..

Smokin Guns RULES!! =D

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