New Honorary Member - RED

This bulletin is to inform you that Team IPX BoD have inducted RED into The Team IPX Honorary Membership ranks.

He is required to go through Induction. Please assist our new honorary member in any way you can with this.

Forthwith the above mentioned player(s) are affiliated with Team IPX and are free to use any of the IPX trademarks, Symbols, Sayings or the – IPX “Jersey suffix” while gaming under the guidelines of rule 17.
Please make the new Honorary Member feel welcome.

The Current IPX Team Roster is as follows

Board of Directors

Member Name Member For
Fuzz's picture
Fuzz 10 years 38 weeks
Sha8doW's picture
Sha8doW 10 years 38 weeks
n0mad's picture
n0mad 10 years 23 weeks
Robag's picture
Robag 9 years 45 weeks

Founding Members

Member Name Member For
Fuzz's picture
Fuzz 10 years 38 weeks
Sha8doW's picture
Sha8doW 10 years 38 weeks
Kazozza's picture
Kazozza 10 years 38 weeks
Kazashi's picture
Kazashi 10 years 38 weeks


Member Name Member For
ltmon's picture
ltmon 10 years 38 weeks
chipper's picture
chipper 10 years 38 weeks
n0mad's picture
n0mad 10 years 23 weeks
doodizm's picture
doodizm 10 years 18 weeks
HarassmentPanda's picture
HarassmentPanda 10 years 7 weeks
Robag's picture
Robag 9 years 45 weeks
Somtin's picture
Somtin 8 years 46 weeks
linuxslacker's picture
linuxslacker 5 years 17 weeks

Honorary Members

Member Name Member For
willow's picture
willow 9 years 2 weeks
Microman's picture
Microman 9 years 6 days
Tripsicle98's picture
Tripsicle98 7 years 8 weeks
PerfectSanga's picture
PerfectSanga 5 years 8 weeks
DinoRump's picture
DinoRump 4 years 41 weeks
eldemeer's picture
eldemeer 3 years 44 weeks
Robag_Jr's picture
Robag_Jr 3 years 33 weeks
yorapotato's picture
yorapotato 1 year 40 weeks
Atlantis's picture
Atlantis 1 year 22 weeks
Malonik's picture
Malonik 31 weeks 5 days
Star's picture
Star 29 weeks 6 days
Squirrel55's picture
Squirrel55 17 weeks 4 days
Madmoose's picture
Madmoose 13 weeks 1 day

the Team – IPX server would like to say a few words: hmmmm convert me

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Robag's picture

Welcome RED

Good to see you
hmmmm the league with the rocket………..
well someone had to help Fuzz rank up in Pro games lolz


Fuzz's picture


In the league of the rocket we’re normally more disastrously staggering from one mishap to the next. But lately we’ve hit a bit of a hot streak.

Glad to have you on board Red. Keep an eye out for the next IPX gaming night where we generally play some kind of casual FPS. Last couple have been Padman, Fist Full of Frags from memory. Many a drink is had, along with many laughs on Mumble.

Good fun :)

Thanks for the warm welcomes

Thank you very much for the warm welcomes! I am really looking forward to sharing some sweet moments in-game! I see the FPS nights… i am hugely into those so i will try my best!

another big thank you!



tf2 one night plz!! crosses fingers

n0mad's picture


Welc0me t0 the Team Red l00k f0rward t0 gaming with y0u.

Install Padman it makes tf2 l00k bad ;)


Somtin's picture

Welcome and Padman?

Welcome Red! No doubt I’ll see you around.

What happened to that Padman night? I was keeping an eye out for it but haven’t seen an event for it yet? Or did it just happen one night?

linuxslacker's picture

welcome red

welcome to the team Red

padman happened the week after the fistful of frags event(was meant to be weekly) but wasnt many players prob because there wasnt an event posted ended up being robag, robag Jr, fuzz and the always awesome slacker. we should do an event soon maybe since payday 2 is out once i get my mouse fixed ill post a payday 2 one nothing beats cooking some meth and robbing a bank

Somtin's picture

Ahh right

Well maybe I’ll schedule a padman night sometime. :)

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