goes live!

After months of planning, late nights, lots of $ and a nasty Jamaican, Team IPX has finally moved from Wetpaint to its very own hosted website,

It was a team effort, but special mention must go to Fuzz for his diligence in getting a pack of lazy sobs into action.

The new site has lots more to offer ontop of the old site including:

  • Blogs, so you can hear and comment on all the rants that we offer.
  • Forums , so we can have great discussion.
  • RSS feeds to keep up with the latest content the easy way. Click below and subscribe to some of our feeds in your favorite newsreader / aggregator:
  • Earn Svalbards for contributing to the site
  • Constantly updating news from Svalbard.
  • Team IPX has its own IRC Channel on Gamesurge.
  • Traditional Hockey, Gaming, Treks and IPX related paraphernalia.
  • and, of course, the new site will continue with all the Svalbardian comedy that you have all grown to love!

The new site is running on Drupal, and over the coming weeks and months will be further refined, so if you have any ideas or comments let us know.

IPX News Edition 5 - Welcome New Honorary Member: Deviance

Greetings and welcome to the 5th Edition of IPX news.

Team IPX is proud to welcome Deviance to an Honorary Member trial. We have been nothing but impressed with both his form and conduct in ET. He is a top medic and has already shown his skills in game with the team.

Welcome Deviance.

Remember Team IPX are recruiting and are looking for more quality team players. If you are interested in becoming an honorary members see here.

IPX News Edition 4 - The Sha8doW family welcome baby boy Sha8dow!

Greetings and welcome to the 4th Edition of IPX news.

Team IPX is proud to congratulate Sha8doW and Mrs Sha8doW on the birth of their first child. “Sha9doW” (as his codename currently stands) was born on the 12th at 9:35PM after a 13 hour labour. He weighs 3685g and is 51cm tall. Baby mother and father are all doing well but need their rest.

p=. Sha8doWs baby representing IPX in true fashion by wearing the Trademark Team IPX colours

IPX News Edition 3 - Admins change custom server maps

Greetings and welcome to the 3rd Edition of IPX news.

Due to the recent “decisions” and “changes” made on the Custom Node ET server… IPX has called for a CALL TO ARMS for all those who want to make a peaceful protest.
8pm EST friday 1st June…. everyone who wants the OLD maps put back LOGON to node 1 and make your voice heard!


IPX News Edition 2 - Shads back.... Samurai Shad

Greetings and welcome to the 2nd Edition of IPX news.

After subject call from the referee Sha8doW was sent to the Penalty box with the “2 Weeks for Banging” penalty.
After an issue with the “LOCK” on the door Sha8doW was let back out onto the “ICE” a day late… another injustice at the hands of the referees!
Sha8doW released a statement before being cut off by his legal advisors “B!TCHES…Shads Back… Samurai Shad… And to you TRUCKIN morons, you know who im talking bout, get your grubby mits off the server… RISE UP PEOPLE make a stand and FIGHT the oppression!………” Said Sha8doW before being cut off by IPX legal advisors who made the following comment

IPX News Edition 1 - Team IPX Shock loss to team Other

Greetings and welcome to the 1st Edition of IPX news.


Team IPX (8) have gone down to Team Other (11)

Team IPX like always lost the 1st period, down 3 – 0

It seemed that Team Other had done some recruiting and turned up with a few mates who could skate reasonably well…. but they soon learnt to stay away from the corners after some IPX checked their small twiggy frames into the boards.

IPX as always came out fighting in the second, Hashi had a blinder of a game and it seemed to be the best performance from SirDraco to-date

However even with the IPX quick line change tactics, the younger ‘less lived’ bodies of Team Other seemed to keep on like a Duracell bunny!