Happy Birthday To Robag

I Just Remembered it was Robag’s Bithday

he is so old he forgets things lol :p


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A certain little Blooddrop is gonna be a big brother.

Crazy_as is on our roads!

Just a heads up to all IPXers in QLD.Crazy_as is now able to drive on the roads so look out.
But she did get her licence today so congratz to her and the “long road” it has taken her.

Competive BF3 news

Hey Guys

lust a MSG to let you guys know that after talking to the team on mumble tonight, we have decided to pull the 8V8 team form the Battlefield 3 ANZ Battlegrounds Summer Season and also the 10V10 ladder on cybergamer .

However this will now allow us to enter the “4V4”: and 8V8 ladder on cybergamer.

Team IPX Monthly Newsletter 33

Greetings and Welcome to the IPX NewZ for the month of January 2012
This edition is dedicated to Shad’s Man Crush on Robag
Each edition will be a wrap up of the previous month “just in case you missed something”

IPX Outstanding Issues

The following Issues need your attention, show your IPX colours and help get them done

IPX Funny of the Month

The IPX funny of the month goes to Delta2Alpha Monday gaming laugh or life Vol 1

Now onto the IPX NewZ

Resignation - Hashy


The following person(s) has resigned and is no longer affiliated with Team IPX:


Jersey number 57 will be retired for Hashy.


TEAM - IPX Mumble Server Upgrade

Hi All

The TEAMIPX Mumble Server has ben upgraded to Version 1.2.3

You will need to upgrade you Mumble Client. Mumble Client 1.2.2 i think will still work. but there will be launching errors
I Have created an Issue on the Site incase of problems
Upgrade TEAM -IPX Mumble Server

Links you will need
Mumble Support Page
Mumble 1.2.3 Client Windows
What is New In Mumble 1.2.3

Please Remember that due to the recoreding feature of the new mumble server and client, all IPX Members are bound by the Team IPX Code of Conduct



Attention Gaming Team - Manditory Practice Sessions

Morning all

This news is to advise, that after discussion and agreement with those organising and administering the IPX Gaming Team, IPX Traning Sessions are now on again!

It is expected that Training will be attended by all those nominated for the IPX Gaming Team, and also those enrolled in the current Alienware comp
Practice sessions are currently planned for 1 night a week (Tuesday nights), however we will create a POLL to determine what night is the most preferred by the majority.

Standard Prac session rules (no shooting till live etc) apply. Attempts to organise scrims for this night are welcomed

BOD/Team Admin will revive the Gaming/Prac Roster with the expectation it will be updated weekly

Further information and a Poll to come


Please also confirm your desire to be part of the Gaming Roster, and anything else on the new Practice/Roster Page HERE

BoD, and Team IPX Gaming Admin

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kazashi!

Today Team IPX celebrates the wedding of Kazashi to his beautiful bride!

The ceremony was gorgeous, and so were the bridesmaids!
Fuzz and Hashy scrubbed up well too as best man and groomsmen!
The remaining TeamIPX founders Axeman, Kazozza and Sha8doW bore witness to the union and are stoked for the blessed couple!

Please join the BoD in congratulating and celebrating this special day!

Photos to follow… (once shad figures out how to put iPhone pics onto Flickr!