New Honorary Member - DELTA2ALPHA

This bulletin is to inform you that Team IPX BoD have inducted DELTA2ALPHA into The Team IPX Honorary Membership ranks.

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DELTA2ALPHA is required to go through Induction. Please assist our new honorary in any way you can with this.

Forthwith the above mentioned player(s) are affiliated with Team IPX and are free to use any of the IPX trademarks, Symbols, Sayings or the – IPX “Jersey suffix” while gaming under the guidelines of rule 17.
Please make the new Honorary Member feel welcome.

The Current IPX Gaming roster is as follows:
Bloodstorm – IPX
Cheesy – IPX
Chipper – IPX
Crazy_As – IPX
Deadite – IPX
Fuzz – IPX
Harassment Panda – IPX
Hashy – IPX
Kerrien – IPX
Killer – IPX
Kippa – IPX
Limpet – IPX
Loganator – IPX
Ltmon – IPX
Mattatuide – IPX
Microman171 – IPX
Milzy – IPX
n0mad – IPX
Robag – IPX
Sc0ut – IPX
Sha8doW – IPX

WOPIT#2 Winner - Silentshadow

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D0n’t Cr0ss The Streams

The WOPIT#2 Final was 0ne by Silentshadow in a Five game Winning Streak with the first 4 eliminati0n r0unds played with 10 Lives then the last game agreed up0n between Ltmon & Silent t0 reduce the Lives d0wn t0 5 and played 0ut…..

The first r0und t0night saw Bloodstorm Bail0ut f0ll0wed by n0mad then Hashy. Kazashi had t0 leave and the Tournament was getting cl0se t0 the Finale….
Kippa f0ught t0 make it t0 the t0p 3 but was SPLASHED 0ut by Silent, this Left the final between LT & Silent and it had sum intense tactics were LT stuck with the tried and true SPLASHER meanwhile Silent mixed Weap0ns Up t0 be cr0wn the WOPIT#2 Champ….

0verall it was sum very cl0se Padman Games and every0ne had a chance t0 win the Limited Edition BLUE IPX Jumper playing a Map that many 0f us had never played 0r seen bef0re….

WOPIT#2 Final On Friday 13/05/2011

m0rnin All

Well what a few Friday nights 0f Padman it’s been, sum truly amazing Team Padman games enj0yed by all wh0 c0uld make it each night….
This leaves us with the Final next Friday and I h0pe all can make it….

We will be playing Last Pad Standing with the first player to DIE (IE l00se all 0f there 10 Lives) is 0ut and we keep playing until we have a winner……

Date & Time: Friday 13/05/2011 at 9:00pm
Game Type: Last Padman Standing

We l00k f0rward in seeing y0u all next Friday f0r the Final 0f WOPIT#2
Wh0 Will B there ?
Wh0 Will Die ?
Wh0 Will make it thru the r0unds ?
Wh0 Will B the WOPIT#2 Champ ?
Wh0 Will Win the IPX Jumper ?

Well it c0uld B Y0u, B there next Friday f0r y0ur Chance 2 be cr0wned the WOPIT#2 Champi0n and Receive y0ur IPX Jumper……….


WOPIT #2 Teams

World Of Padman IPX Tournament (WOPIT #2)

Team Earth Quake Team Tsunami
n0mad © Chipper ©
Bloodstorm Kazashi
Fuzz Kippa
Hashy Ltmon
Limpet Robag
Microman Silentshadow
Sha8doW ~
Team not playing Confirmed
Cheesy -
Crazy_As Nikki says she is out, soz
Deadite -
HarassmentPanda -
Kazozza -
Kerrien -
Killer -
Loganator NO
Mattatuide No
Milzy -
Sc0ut -
Spudinator -
StepUp -
Temperance -
WickFi5h -
Willow No

A best of 3 games will be played with both teams playing Capture the Lolly as teams..
The winning team of the 3 games will then face off with a game of Last Pad Standing…..

Drop the console (Shift & Tilde Key) and type in
then ~ type set password screwnorway
this will let you join a password protected server

Round 1 – Friday 22/04/2011 at 9:00pm – CTL Map westernCTL


g00d m0rning fell0w IPXers…….

WOPIT#2 is 0nly a few days away and the f0ll0wing Members have n0t signed up,
Cheesy, Deadite, HarassmentPanda, Kazozza, Kerrien, Killer, Milzy, Sc0ut, Spudinator & WickFi5h

All that we (The BoD) ask 0f y0u is t0 advise if you wish t0 play, Padman is a great game and the TEAM m0de we are playing is s0 much fun and you may be surprised how much fun Padman can be and it’s FREE

Als0 we plan 0n having a TEAMIPX ph0t0sh00t during the t0urnament s0 again we w0uld like t00 see y0u all there…..

So we ask y0u again, please advise if U can play s0 we can ch00se the teams…..

And d0n’t f0rget the winner will receive a great prize….


WOPIT #2 Signup now

We are about to pick teams for WOPIT#2 if you haven’t signed up please do s0 as we would like to arrange teams A.S.A.P.

Signup to WOPIT#2

Also we have mentioned that this is no ordinary Padman as we will be playing Capture the Lolly so as we all haven’t really played much Capture the Lolly it would be great seeing everyone there even if U don’t like Padman Capture the Lolly brings another TEAM element to it….

Also we are planning to have a TEAMIPX 2011 Photo taken sum time during the tournament……

So sign up if you haven’t already or n0mad will release CHEWY on ya…..



W0rld First Team IPX get there hands 0n a Beta 0f ETQW2

Hi Res0luti0n Versi0n

Free Games from Ubisoft!!

I dont know if this is an error or not but Ubisoft has on their website FREE GAMES!
One to note is the Bloody Good Time game that Nikki has wanted for a while.
You do get some errors, but I think thats from all the people trying to download games.
If you get to the checkout and it gives you some text just refresh the page.
Link —————>CLICK ME!!!!!!!

TEAM IPX Homefront game server now online!

The Team IPX Home front server in now up and running.

So jump on and have some fun.

Robag broke then fixed the Mumble

The main mumble server is currently having issues. Robag is looking into it and is hoping to have it sorted soon but until you hear otherwise please use the old mumble server -

all fixes now