I just drank 2 cans of redbull before checking the label an realizing there is a 1.4 can max daily... Am I going to die??

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Yep, you're fucked
80% (8 votes)
Nup, but you might have trouble sleeping tonight!
10% (1 vote)
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10


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Red Cordial...

Drink that sh!t straight man, will send y0u f**ken l00py..

But seri0usly, y0u will be fine, the rec0mmendati0n is f0r y0ur average “city slicker” metr0sexual wh0 cant handle m0re then half a c0r0na extra.d0n’t w0rry ab0ut it.

it's been

nice knowing you shad.

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Sorry Shad, you’re fucked…

It’s going to be like dying of sleep deprivation in a short amount of time. The caffeine will wear off, and you will feel massively tired. When you finally do fall asleep, your brain will continue to crash unil you die.

Nice knowing you, bud. It’s a shame we never got to meet in person.

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Ehh you might have a slight problem

but if u hasd been careful and drank the .4 of the second can you would be alright nice knowing you

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Ya wee will change c0l0r and w0uld U belive U just l0st 2 braincells….


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n0mads right

it will go green like that scene in Role Models… then you’ll flip out and your car will try to mate with a horse.
then you die.

oh well

It was ok to know you i guess.
The upside is since shad is gonna die we are going to need a new BOD member. Send applications to i.can.be.a.better.BOD.than.shad.cos.i.dont.drink.to.much.redbull@teamipx.com

Only 2 cans?

Working late nights in the kitchen I used to knock back about 4-5 cans a day of that stuff… depends on your tolerance to caffeine though I suppose.

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Speaking from beyond the grave....

Micro was pretty spot on!

I do drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day but I try not to get on those things too often! (unless there is jagermeister involved) but for a very long drive ahead, and then a massive day the following day I used a tin o four!

I must say… Peaking… Crashing…

Getting up this morning, and not hitting another can, I am defiantly on the low!
I did find the effects took a lot longer then I would have liked! I suggest drinking atleast 2-3 hours before the hit is required! Regular coffee works faster, but with less impact!

So anyway, yeah Im not dead


Dont all sound so happy!

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screw norway

and screw red bull


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Red Bull

Had a can of V for the first time in ages, and found I didn’t like it so much. Will try Red Bull next I reckon

harden up

I consume 4 cans of redbull rectally just to find the energy to get out of bed! Then I sniff two kilos of powdered rhino horn so that I can maintain an erection for the majority of the day. So yeah, I think you will be OK sweetheart.

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You maintain

An erection all day?
What on earth for!? Doesn’t it hurt?

you never know

when you will need a erection.

That is a recommened amount.

That is a recommened amount. No way near enough to kill. My friend who is 14 he got addicted to redbull and was having 6 cans a day. I don’t drink energy drinks too much. But when i do, i just down 4 cans straight. Do not worry did you know that a man had 40 redbulls and still was okay but was very shaky and sick

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Well it took 3 years, but we finally have an expert opinion.

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better late than never!

Shad i think you should go the 40 redbull challenge…

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