What kind of forum for the site?

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Drupals inbuilt forums (basically pages and comments, users get points for forum posts and replies, looks kinda amateur)
0% (0 votes)
UIE Forum (what we have now, integrated into the site properly, behaves like a normal forum, users dont get points for posts)
100% (6 votes)
External Forum (phpbb, link from our site to forum, not integrated at all, separate users etc)
0% (0 votes)
No forums
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6


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look im the NOT SO TECHNICALLY MINDED person.
also with my lack of sleep at the moment im kind more blunt then normal!

id be interested to hear the thoughts of ltmon, Chipper and of course Ashi before i pick one.
(WTF is this, i sound ZEN and am fence sitting?? i am sleep deprived)
basicly, i dont wanna vote cause i dont think i can value add!

i think somthing like FKQ’s is cool whatever that is…
but to me a fourm is a fourm!
what matters is how much its used!

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good comment

good comment and sums up my feelings on the matter as well.

forums require volume to be meaningful. maybe we just use fkq one? reasoning = lack of critical mass to warrant our own. Correct me if I’m wrong but u guys also irc, msn, email etc how much more comm strats do we need? have this comment thing for in house stuff to manage non-page based broadcasts and for non-ipx folks who want to leave messages.

hey shad re sleep deprivation… suck it up mannie!!!! over prolonged periods u need about 6hrs to make sure bones calcify enough and don’t get week but u can survive on 4hrs. heck it only lasts for what the next 5 years or so right. just though i should give u some encouragement :-)

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forums and stuff

I agree that it matters how much its used. We’re generating no traffic now (I’d expect no less when it’s just a few of us setting the site up) but in time the idea is to grow. If not in members, at the very least in visitors (most likely both – see Shad’s blog post on the topic.)

I’m not so sure about just using FKQ’s forum. I’d like to keep our comms on our site, nothing against posting on fkq’s forums, we all do and I“ll keep doing that, but as we grow we can’t expect to piggy back off FKQ’s forums. We (ok I) already caused a war on their forums with a former member that will remain nameless (cos he keeps changing his name :) ) , which is something that would have been better on our site so we could take the responsibility of moderating it. Then there’s the ability for us to make money through traffic to our site – sending visitors elsewhere for something as traffic intensive as forums significantly reduces our traffic. FKQ know this – they’re using adsense to make some money. We have to start that soon to at the least pay off hosting costs, and if we’re lucky earn some on top of that.

In saying all that, it’s possible given we each have a blog, that could be where we post things that would otherwise go in a forum. That only works for those with blogs tho (founders, members, and honoraries we trust). Everyone else would just have to find a random page and start posting comments on it like was happening on wetpaint. Maybe that’s ok, what do you guys think?

Shad, easy to add value on this one. Try out the current forum, post a topic, reply to it see how it looks and works, compare it to how it was before, and compare it to the idea of having a link off to a complete separate site where we have to register again. Come on Shad no fence sitting – we don’t have enough people right now to have half of them being zen!

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we need it irc is for

we need it
irc is for chat…. and you dont even use it
we have icq and msn cause we can. and all 3 are managed via the same program
these are just like comments like on the old site!!!

using fkq is not an option… i said somthing like!

but we will need more members and more visitors!
i know for a fact fkqs recruitment drive was for this purpose alone!

although they wont admit it

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true I don’t use irc much

true I don’t use irc much and will make more of an effort to leave it on. What are u using to manage irc, icq and msn?

Didn’t really catch that the point of the change is to generate external traffic…

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Shad and I use Trillian to manage msn, icq, and irc. Works quite well.

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Chip – think you’re confused over which ones which. The forum u used on the site is option 1 inbuilt forums. That was the one with messy comments and stuff.

On the weekend we changed over to the UAE or whatever it’s called one which is a proper integrated forum inside Drupal, replacing the first one. So you may have meant to vote for option1 and change to 2 or 3 if we generate some traffic not sure. Give the current set up a try, its better than how it was when you last posted here.

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cool will check out this

cool will check out this trillian thing you speak of!

no worries i’m often confused. also just pasted some content form the old site across and submitted it but couldn’t work out how to get it to appear under site topics…. bloody messy to generate pages … sessions timed out, loses data arrghhhh now i remember why i don’t’ do tech stuff :) where’s the help desk when u need it!!!

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hey, looks good. Looks like

hey, looks good. Looks like you managed to sort it out.

I’ll investigate some of the GUI page generators if you and Shad can’t pick this up (looks like you’re going ok though – impressed with your first effort at a table)

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i voted

i voted

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ok voted but on the proviso

ok voted but on the proviso that if there is a lot of use that it be changed to a proper forum as the comment thing will get messy.

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We don’t need to go so far

We don’t need to go so far as to have an external forum. If we ended up with dozens or hundreds of users then it might be something to think about, but as cool as phpBB might be I’m against that option for this purpose.

The inbuilt forums were nothing more than trails of comments, you might as well host topics like that in a blog or in the news.

What we have now is good for a small site, the traffic won’t be too thick and fast, and the layout helps keep track of where posts are. This becomes important when you have an important topic, like an upcoming ET/hockey match, and want people to have a greater chance of seeing it. And…. ummmm…. that’s all there is to say for now.

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UIE forum not quite ready for real use

After a week or two of UIE forum being in place I’ve had a chance to play around with it and read up a bit on it. It’s not quite ready for proper use – it’s still a dev release and there are a few issues with it.

I have re-enabled the inbuilt forums for now. We (founders, members and honoraries) may not use the forum a great deal as we can just post in our own blog and then comment trails come from that. We need some kind of forum to be there as it gives other visitors an obvious place to post (other than just comments on pages).

Also, Drupals inbuilt forums actually look decent when themed properly – http://drupal.org/forum

The threads and replies come out looking good and properly organised.

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