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Polar bears face extinction by 2057

Polar bears face extinction by 2057 –

Don’t kid yourself news.com.au – this has nothing to do with climate change – the sole contributor is Team IPX!

And we have a blunt message for Norwegians…. YOU’RE NEXT

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Invite your friends

Now that the site has gone live it’s time to grow the community. There is an option in your user menu – “Invite your friends”. Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested in being part of the IPX community*. Skullz member pdart has already shown his support by joining and participating in the forums. I’m also hoping to see similar support from our main allies FKQ.

If you can’t find the “Invite your friends” option, or are just lazy like me – click here

Accepted invitations earn the inviter 30 Svalbards.

* Please send invitations responsibly. Team IPX has a zero tolerance for spam – See Rule 27 .

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Look who's in Sydney Harbour...

So I’m on my lunchtime walk and as I turn the corner to the best part of the walk I am floored by what I see…

What the hell, they’re invading Australia now! I’ve lived through this once in Svalbard (that will be rectified soon), I will not let it happen again.

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum.

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Double pounder - Oh no...


Oh No! no no no no….

Shad I know what you’re thinking and NO! We will die if we eat this burger. A pounder was enough…

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Are we still alive?

We have migrated from ServersAustralia to xHost… are we still alive? Too early to tell.

Edit: Looks like we are!

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Contest: What should we name the IPX blog?

Some sites have cool names for their blogs. Ours is just called “blog” right now and accessed via /blog.

So do we just keep it as Blog, or do we want to come up with something sounds cool and promotes IPX?

There’s something to be said for keeping it at /blog. Simple, effective… There’s also a case for catchy names too…

An example:

Company: lullabot
Blog name: lullablog

The only thing I can think of is perhaps ipxblog… kinda sucks though.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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Back in Business

And we’re back. After a short outage after we exceeded our bandwidth limit, we’re back online. The plan is to stay on the free hosting plan until we’re ready to go live so towards the end of each month its likely we’ll be over our limit. The limit is 250MB, and by moving to the first paying plan we’ll get 2GB of bandwidth, and hopefully that will be plenty for go live. If it isn’t there are other hosting options we can consider.

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