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Some changes

Some of the changes from 1 that n0mad and myself have been working on (with helpful reviews from Robag, Matt, MM and Ltmon) will slowly be rolled onto the live site.

So if you’re seeing duplicate copies of things like competition pages, game pages, edits to challenge pages that you can’t tell what’s been changed, ignore for now. We’ll explain how it all works when it’s done. For now, keep creating and updating challenges the same way as usual.


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Bathurst Legends

Now I’m by no means big on Bathurst. In fact I have to be forced to watch even parts of it when it’s on. But as it’s come out recently, most of us don’t mind a racing game. This one looks interesting, with it’s major drawcard being it’s free (at least I think.. if it’s not free, it’s not worth it)



It’s probably way too simulation compared to what we’d be interested in but could be fun for a Friday night game sometime. Join their servers, have n0mad take everyone out, Shad call them all numpty’s, and Spud own them all – [Edit – 60% of the time, MM 40% – that is when I don’t cannon into him]. Something a little different.

They even have comps.

Anyone up for giving it a try sometime?


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BC2 R7

Some interesting bug fixes in latest version of BC2 supposedly released today.


A few that particularly interest me:

MP – New Server browser

Will believe that one when I see it.

MP – Crash fixes relating to ALT+TAB at different times throughout the game

I gave up alt tabbing a long time ago. Would be really nice if this one worked.

MP – Added support for colour blind players

Not that I’m colour blind, but interesting.

MP – Added minimum number of players needed to start a round (you can play and take objectives but you will get no score until 4 or more players join the server)

That was needed badly….

MP – Added 15 second spawn timer for Conquest/Rush gamemodes at the start of round to prevent high end machines getting the upper hand before other machines load in.

Haven’t really got anything to add on this one…

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Play MW2 free this weekend


If anyones interested, I’ll be giving it a go.

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External Hard Drive Enclosures

I’m looking at getting some external hard drive enclosures – some to connect to a media center, some just for backup. Prefer standalone cases with bare drives added.

Anyone got any experience with these / recommendations?

Requirements: Take bare SATA2 drive. Connectivity – ESATA, USB2. 3.5 inch case only. Quiet. Price isn’t an issue, just looking for something that’s reliable. No need for RAID or multiple drives in one enclosure or a NAS box at this stage.

If it’s sold by IJK… even better.


Will be adding a 3.5” 1.5TB Seagate hard drive to each of the enclosures.

Thanks in advance.

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BF:BC2 Patch on Steam now

Patch coming down for me now. Anyone given it a go yet?

Experiences? Good? Bad….

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Free Games - Take 94

Continuing on a thread started elsewhere – if we can’t all agree on a paid game to play since QW is ‘dead’, perhaps focusing on some free ones is the way to go (something we’ve also done before, but rarely follow through). I was quite surprised to see what’s available these days, and I’d be surprised if any of us have tried some of them.

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Steam Sale - new IPX games?

I’ve been umming and erring over which games to get off Steams sale. I picked up one I really wanted (NBA 2K10) and damn I love it, but when it came to multiplayer team games there were a few. But generally they weren’t worth it unless several others were getting them too… so I thought it might be worth posting something to see if anyone else was interested in getting any cheap games. Here’s some of the deals available – all sales til the 3rd unless otherwise specified:

  • Frontlines Fuels of War : $7.49

    Blood did a great review of this a while ago and if it was a little cheaper then I’d have been in. I’m definitely up for this if a few people want it, but more importantly if people would still play it.
  • HAWX – $14.99 –
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Submissions are open for an R18+ games classification in Australia

Submissions are being sought on whether the Australian National Classification Scheme should include an R 18+ classification category for computer games. Submissions can be made by downloading and completing the submission template. Submissions may also be emailed, snail mailed or faxed. The discussion paper and submission template contain the contact details for making a submission.

Details here: http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=833662

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Site downtime - 5pm today

When: Requested hosting provider to attempt to do this this weekend while someone is here to update the settings and check it worked.
Duration: Hopefully only a few hours for DNS to update. Up to 24-48 hours.
Note: Check IRC subject line for updates once site is down.

UPDATE: Site back online – for most. If you still see “Site Offline” at the top of the page, it means your DNS hasn’t updated yet. Wait a little longer. However, for most this should be up to date now.


If you find any problems, please raise an issue .

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