Samsung Galaxy S3 - Since 1970

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“Expected Release Date 01/01/1970”


But seriously.

It appears from what I’ve found so far, that MobiCity have a pretty good deal on their 4G Galaxy S4. A little ambiguous as to when they are going to start shipping them. The i9500 (3G version) should start shipping today I think? But the i9505 might not move for an extra week or so? ( their site did say something only last night about the 6th of May, which they have removed today from the listing..)
EDIT: Okay so they have Expected Release Date for the i9500 on MobiCity for the 6th of May. No telling for the i9505 though.

So from the 3 online retailers I have been scoping out, heres the prices, but then the catches:

Kogan – $799 for the i9500 outright & unlocked. However there are no stated shipping prices yet. If he wants to hold his claims of being the cheapest, he will basically have to do free shipping, otherwise his shipping “could” be about $20, and then again, when will he ship? – $795 – By far ( well.. 4 bucks anyway..) the lowest base price.. The catch? $38.50 in shipping….. But Hey, at least you get to choose a colour with them! Black, or White? Hang on.. Are those even colours…? note that Kogan has no option for white phones as of yet (probably because they know… who gives a F**K about white???)

MobiCity – $799 + $19 postage for the i9500, and $829 + $19 postage for the i9505. You also get to choose your colour shade!!!
It just appears we will have to wait till at least the 6th of May for the i9500 to ship, and then still unsure as to when the i9505 will begin to move… If you can delay your instant gratification just a little while longer…. Hang on for a week, and save yourself a few bucks!!

So for an extra $30 with MobiCity, you get the i9505, which is the variant with the faster processor. It appears the 3G versions are the one with the slower processor.

So obviously MobiCity is my bias. I was going to go with Kogan in the first place, but their post sale customer service doesn’t get the best wrap from what I hear.. I will still contact MobiCity themselves and see if indeed they are contactable.

So, quickly:

Galaxy S4 3G

$799.00 with Kogan and an unknown shipping extra -i9500
$818.00 with MobiCity inc/ postage -i9500 EDIT: They say its INSTOCK on their website
$833.95 with inc/ postage -i9500

Galaxy S4 4G

$848.00 with MobiCity inc/ postage -i9505 EDIT: THey say this ones still on PREORDER

So really. At these high release prices, might as well fork out the extra $30 and go 4G with the “better” processor.
Keep in mind the availabilty of 4G in your area ( im about 5km out of range where I live), and how long you think you will be living with this phone, the extra $30 could be your first months worth of prepaid credit.. But hey, if your willing to throw away this much money on a phablet, whats $30?

Other things you could do with this amount of money:

*Buy a .22 pistol on the black market
*Spend 4 hours with a prostitute
*Returf Shads back and front yards
*Buy a paddybasher, run it into the ground, before putting a block on the accelerator, jumping out the door, and watching it plunge off of Echo Point.
*Investing in Gold Bullion
*Visiting New Zealand and hassling Micro & Somtin and drinking all of their Beer.
*Buy two Galaxy S3s
*Be a Pizza Delivery Guy. Punt $600 of it on the Hookers. Win it back, and blow $1200 on a nondescript murmur….. ( I still dunno what he blew the $1200 on…)
*Goto TAFE and get an Education for 6 months.
*Feed Curtis’ family for 80 days


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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Also, abit later in the year, they should be releasing a ruggedized version of the S4, called the S4 Active.

I suspect all it will be is an S4 coated with melted down old Nokias…

EDIT: From now on, any mention or insinuation of the concept of “ruggedized” and “mobile phone” should be replaced with the term “nokiaized” or some other synonym….

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Galaxy S4 @ MobiCity

Okay so I have just had a chat with MobiCity.

They have the S4 3G (i9500) in stock ready to ship.

They are waiting on the S4 4G (i9505) to arrive. They will receive them either later today, or early next week for shipping.

Still waiting for Kogan to pull his finger out…

EDIT: Hey ltmon, what was the phone you have again? One of the other Samsung phones was it? The Nexus?

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mmm… I need to grab a new phone soon not sure if I’ll go the s4 or htc one. Prefer the htc phones to samsung so will probably go that route.

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Google Nexus 4 - Wireless Charging

One feature that a few people were hoping the S4 would sport, but did not eventuate, was the wireless charging via a desk pad thingy…

I dunno how much the actual pads are, and they are of course non inclusive of the purchase of the Nexus 4. But its a cool feature nonetheless…

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“*Visiting New Zealand and hassling Micro & Somtin and drinking all of their Beer.”

Hahahaha you’re welcome any time.

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HTC One - Chipper?

This the one you considering Chipper?

Specs look good, even has a greater pixel density then the S4, although the screen is slightly smaller, but almost inconsequential at these sizes..

Also, it uses a Lithium Polymer battery. Interesting choice. Why do you think they’ve gone with that over Lithium Ion? Recharges quicker or something?

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Wireless Charging

I have a Nexus 4 with this feature, however the official charging ‘pad’ is more of a pod that the phone sits of at roughly $40. I just plug it into a wall charger, and there’s no problem. The reason for this charger, in my opinion, was so that they could push their ‘fully wireless’ motto surrounding this.

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That’s it. Not sure what there reason for the battery was. Maybe it was better suited to long life as it can’t be replaced.

The one and s4 are pretty equivalent in reviews. I think the s4 has better specs and more features but nothing that makes it a clear winner. Will be interesting to see what user feedback is like.

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I think the HTC One would be a fantastic choice. It definitely LOOKS better visually than the horrible S3 / S4 design. Agreed specs wise S4 probably wins by the tiniest bit but it really isn’t much.

As an S3 user of about 9 months, who is currently using his 2.5 year old HTC Desire HD due to the S3 being in for repair (Sudden Death Syndrome symptoms, constant freezing – google it) I’m VERY seriously considering getting the One. I love how HTC makes their phones. I’m not a fan of the HTC Sense software, but it’s no worse than Samsungs touchwiz.

Really unhappy with Samsungs support so far too. I put my phone in 3 weeks ago for repair for this SDS freezing issue. It effects every 16GB S3 with a certain hardware revision (of which there are MANY – 100,000’s, potentially millions). The solutoin is replacing this bit of effected hardware and it’s very common knowledge on the internet. Really this should have been a recall, but instead we have to deal with bringing these things in for warranty repair and proving it’s a problem. Mine went in with clear symptoms of this, a very well written report showing what I had done to ensure it wasn’t just a software problem (reset the phone to factory, upgrade to the latest version etc). What did Samsung do in the 2 weeks they had it? Reset it to factory, upgraded it to the latest. I mentioned it in store when I was picking it up if that’s all they did it’s very unlikely it would have fixed it. I didn’t even get out of the mall I picked it from without it freezing again. I literally got to the top of the escalator, it freezed on the way up, I turned around and went back down again and returned it… still waiting for it to be returned a second time.

So that’s my experience with Samsung’s latest mainstream smartphone (up until a few weeks ago with the S4 coming out). Apparently the Note 2 was effected by this also (released after S3) so I’m not quite at the stage of trusting them that they’ve fixed it yet.

So yeah… you could do a lot worse than the HTC One.

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Wow that sux Fuzz what a pain in the ass. I hope they sorted that stuff out for the s4.

I have a HTC Desire HD as well and can’t really fault its performance given its age. Would be more than happy to go HTC again and the one sounds a good set-up. I also like the idea of not having to learn a new phones system :)

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MobiCity backlog

it appears that MobiCity have a bit of a backlog with their orders ;)

Basically, they have less units coming in then the pre orders they have taken, so some people could be waiting, and I quote them, “months” for certain variants.

Fuzz, did you by any chance run something you were not supposed too on your phone, something that sounds like Hydrogen but starts with the name of a colour instead? ;)

Not tooo say that would be the cause, as somebody else in this teams Mrs has an S2 ( yes an S2) which has some freezing issues of its own, and I do not believe that handset has had cyan“hydrogen” running on it. I only know of two instances of it freezing, but if its frozen once in the rare occasions I have been around there, then its probably been more then twice in total, so maybe this signals a problem for Samsung in general?

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Two words hashy - iPhone!


heads up, you’ll need a whole lot more money if you wanna come down and turf! ;) (yes im speaking from shocked, aghast experiance when they told me the price)

and 4 hours with a hooker… longer and cheaper then some girlfriends I’ve had!

Id go for the holiday! a great adventure in another country!

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Nah, not rooted, nothing custom, it was exactly as it was when I got it from Vodafone. It’s a pretty common issue for 16GB S3 owners. They put out an update to save some of the handsets from actually dying, but all that did was cause it to freeze more.

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Two words shad -

Blow me….

Not a fucking chance in hell.

You will catch me with an iPhone on the same day you catch me playing World of Warcraft.

ROFL made my night Shad!!!! xD I don’t even know what this girlfriend concept you speak of is, what planet are you from again???

and yes.. Turf is expensive, and I am 8 years old of date on prices too!!! Back in my day… Queensland Blue Couch was “new”….
I know.. Nobody wants a cheap sod!!!

Jesus.. I’m only 25 and already saying “Back in my day” to the kids here in the team… I thought I wasn’t supposed to start this sh!t until I was 30..???!!

Goes back home and rethinks my life..

Searches Turf prices instead.. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SH!T???!!!! ITS ALL LIKE, 3x THE PRICE IT USED TOO BE… GTFO OF MY SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!

$10 a sq/m for Sir Walter…. 10 BUCKSGTFO!!!!!!

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HTC One 4G

Interesting point to mull over…

“Camera Ultrapixel”

So a big WTF hit my brain…

Kinda helps understand the concept..

One of the selling points for the S4 for me, was the 13MP camera in it.. I’ve been carrying my Sony DSC-T77 10.1MP around for the past 5 years now ( crap its been that long since I won the thing hahaha..).. I didn’t want to settle for anything of a lower resolution then that, so the 13MP of the S4 would have sufficed for me just fine, don’t need anymore then that easily, 10MP is just fine too, many professionals know you don’t need anymore, and they don’t waste the money on more either…

That brings me back too the Nokia PureView, which they went on about the other year.. It had a larger sensor again, bringing an equivalent image size of about 38MegaPixels… I don’t know what became of that handset.. I will look it up another time and see whats happened with it.. But I really.. Really.. Ain’t gonna consider Nokia anymore.. Teaming up with Windows mobile didn’t seem to be the smartest move.. I had abit of a go of the Lumia 920 with its Windows 8 Mobile interface.. Not very impressed with it at all compared to iOS or Android…

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Nokia 808 Pureview with "41MP" Sensor..

Have to really get into the details of it too figure it out… Next time!!

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S3 SDS/Freezing for 16GB only?

Have there been any or many reports of the 32GB models having this issue?

Seriously if you guys havn’t, watch this series. The Checkout. Episode 3 has the pertaining information.

Try and get your money back or a replacement if you can Fuzz. It’s still probably within your rights. I doubt less then a year is over an unreasonable amount of time, especially if the product is defective….

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I don’t think so. I think the effected hardware was only in the 16GB models.

It’s on a 12 month contract, that’s up in a few months. I’ll likely sell it after this. It should be in working condition again after coming back from Samsung this time, so should work for me for the remaining months of the contract.

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Shad, iPhone is one word.

Hashy love the line “You will catch me with an iPhone on the same day you catch me playing World of Warcraft.” Couldn’t agree more.

I think the camera on the s4 will be much better than that of the HTC One. There are a few reviews comparing the two. Check the whirlpool forum.. long threads on both to scroll through. I’m not that fussed about phone camera so it won’t be a deciding feature for me.

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Galaxy S4 i9500 for $758 Delivered from Kogan

Better jump quick if you are interested.

$758 including Delivery. Choice of black or white… That’s pretty much the best deal you’re gonna get this early on.

Myself, I will probably wait until Christmas to get one, if at all. They will be about $600 by then, and the bugs will be known by then, especially if they still have the 16GB version memory problems as with the S3 16GB ( and possibly the S2 aswell)…

Just knowing I “COULD” beat Kazashi & Doodizm at this war, is enough for me…. ;p

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Galaxy S4 i9505 for $788 Delivered from Kogan

Yes they also have the 4G version available, it seems to be the seller right now too.

My point of confusion now is over the i9500 that they have. They say that it has a 1.9Ghz processor, when it is the Exynos chipset…. Too confused!! Isn’t it supposed to come with a 1.6Ghz chip? Or does Australia get a different version of the i9500 then the US “and” International market get?

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4g v 3g

I think 4G and 3G have different chipsets. think I’ll just get the HTC one its 32gb which is enough for me and has the same chipset as the s4 gg.

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Is a useless feature in Australia!

Hashy's picture

4G is like Guns & Condoms

Rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.. ;p

Why am I telling Shad about condoms….?

Sha8doW's picture

I can

Recommend and very bad vasectomy Doctor!
From experience!

4g in AUS isn’t 4g in the USA… You know that right?

Hashy's picture

What country are we in again?

Me visiting the USA is like a Jew visiting Germany during the reign of the Third Reich.

If you have a point to make Shad, why don’t you make it in post #1 eluding to something, instead of waiting until posts 3 or 4?

Sha8doW's picture


4g networks in AUS v USA are different… (and linked to 1 provider)
The crap network won’t give you the stats which it advertises, because of the network!

Go with 3G! 4G is really useless in Australia!

Hashy's picture

never as advertised

Shad, you can just turn the 4G “off”. At these release prices, SPEND THE EXTRA $30 ON IT SO YOU GET THE BETTER CPU.


Sha8doW's picture

Hang on..

I’m the bad guy now?
You asked for our thoughts…
You asked me to be specific…
You raged about being a Jew in Germany
I explained….. Tried to help.

I know not to bother next time aye

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