The NBN Event

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since we haven’t had an event in so long i thought we could do a big one
3 whole nights of gaming goodness i was going to do medieval, western, modern but couldn’t decide on the last one so the last ones going to be Nominate/Vote

nominations for the last game starts from today and will end on the 17th July. just post your nominations and after the 17th the list will be trimmed and the voting starts(hopefully a poll if not through comments). try to nominate games that work on all 3 platforms and that most IPX own/is free those are more guidelines then rules but its best to not leave anyone out of the fun

Name Friday 24th July Saturday 25th July Sunday 26th July
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Fistful of Frags Left4Dead2
Start: 7:30pm Start: 7:30pm Start: 7:30pm
Stop: When the king and his heirs Heads are on spikes Stop: when we are out of whiskey Stop: when we are out of players
Slacker For the Order(maybe) Pass the whiskey(maybe) maybe
Robag For the Order(Yes) Pass the whiskey(Yes) Yes
Fuzz I like sword. That’s a personal weapon(Yes) Throwing knives at 10 paces(Yes) Yes
chipper Yes Yes Yes
n0mad Maybe Get 0n the Train(Yes) Maybe
ltmon Nay Yeehah Maybe later in the evening


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a nomination to get us all started

Left for dead 2 – always a fun one

hopefully i have set everything correctly its been a while

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I am Down for

L4D2 i think i can get a server running


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Great idea

It’s been too long. Time for some fun games.

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Sounds fun

if anyone wants a fistful of frags warm up n0mad and Lt are trying to get games going most Saturday mornings.

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Yer my v0tes f0r L4D2 f0r the last game..never g0t t0 c0mplete more than 4 maps s0 its still new t0 me…


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I have Updated the TEAM - IPX FoF server

FoF Server


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I’ve been BURRIED with building my motorbike, and playing GTA V in the DARK!

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Apologies here too!

Most of my weekend time is gobbled up at the moment! :( Will try drop in where I can but will have to see

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Computer issues event still on

Computers been odd for a few days and has now started freezing

SSD has seemed to have failed(not mounting now and corrupt model name could be a side effect from other issues) and the sata3 controller has definitely failed same with the onboard Ethernet so I’d say the motherboard has failed with the SSD

Reinstalled onto a backup SSD but still freezing so not sure if I can make it to the event now I could try to play on the media center hmm wonder if chiv, fof, and l4d2 has good controller support if I don’t turn up feel free to start without me

I’ll also switch the last game to l4d2 since it has a few votes already and there’s no other suggestions

On nexus 10 tablet atm

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Hope you all have fun

Sucks my pc crappped itself won’t be fixed for a few more weeks(just when I get real internet too) and media center struggles with basic games with the Intel gfx so no go there

Was looking forward to the event too Hopefully you all still have fun without me love to hear how everything goes

EDIT: thought this was last week parts might be here tomorrow so should be able to make it unless if the new parts are doa or something(knowing my luck….) Couldn’t find a lga1155 motherboard(well noit one worth paying for) so had to upgrade to lga1150 haswell but only an i5 totally poor now though:( nothings cheap nomore

EDIT2: seems to be back up and running so ill be there :)

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good news slacker

any preference for which game server to run up on the new TEAMIPX VPS


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whatever is ready is fine

whatever is ready will be fine if there’s no IPX server we can always find a pub server somewhere and the l4d2 server matcher normally does a good job

hopefully everyone’s ready for some FUN

OT: how did you go with the ark server? would be keen on getting into that game now that im back up and running

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0ut f0r the c0unt

3 retries t0 get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare t0 run in a 800×600 wind0w lasted ab0ut 4 minutes each time
Yep time t0 retire this PC….

Have a great night, Cya’s t0mm0rr0w night f0r Fist Full 0f Frags


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comitted until better offer...

ill come boost numbers unless i get an offer of er, ‘something more fun’ from the missus…

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please check the server browser

for the TEAM IPX FoF server i have started it up
server has been updated with latest patch.
it is now listed in the steam server browser

if we need to password the server it will only take a quick restart


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Game Night 2 was r0cking

Great Night as always heaps 0f rand0ms aswell….

They kn0w where there partys at :p


linuxslacker's picture


very fun :)

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What a r00tin' t00tin' ye olde time

Thx guys for awesome games last night. Late night barfight in the ball room was hilarious! Never played FoF before.
Also excited for playing first match with my son who turned 6 last month. He had a ball.

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Please sir can I have

Please sir can I have m0ar!

Rust is lookin kinda juicy

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