Borderlands 2 release date september 18th 2012

Still not sure if I will get this.
The first one was good but i didn’t really like the movement or the way it fired.
I’m sure that there will be some in the team that cant wait for this(n0mad,MM)


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what is the point of this game!

we already know what’s in the vault! It failed!
so why play and go to all the effort only to open it and have the same dealie happen again!

Or are they going to say “no no, we are going to insert a giant continuity error and CHANGE what’s in the vault! errr destroy the storyline much!?

I’d also like to SUE these people, I want to see the CODE for the BAZILLION Weapons… i dont believe the 1st lot existed, let alone “ANOTHER Bazillion!”


Claptrap is funny

I might...

Maybe… Well… No fuck it, to many other things to play that are coming out.



i want to play zero :) he has a sword


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It's the same game!?!!?!

Sorry I don’t get it!

Whatelse is due out delta? Matt and I were discussing last night the next games! We found we could name vERY little new titles due for release!

Could be a whole new discussion on the topic!


there was 3,166,880 guns in the first one, and now with the second game coming out they have double the types of guns so i expect double of 3,166,880

There is actually a lot of titles...

Some you may not have even heard of that are shaping up to be awesome games. Guess I will do a write up when I get home will some videos for you guys to have a browse through.

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sports game?

Any… I don’t care which. Nothing more team based than sports ( but noI don’t have a viable suggestion dammit.)

bit of a list here

don’t see much that gets me. lots of sequels. no etqw 2 or et 2.
new counter strike might be fun.

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etqw2 night levels mmmmm

But yer bl2 sh0uld be fun.. 4 in 1 vehicle ;<>

Syndicate l00ks awsum and the multiplayer is amazing
Legend of Grimrock is my must f0r this year actually I think ill fall AFK f0r a m0nth c0mpleting it……


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Certainly looking forward to this one!

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oww well

we all know what happens when there are four pack for sale on steam


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