B0rderlands and My Credit Card

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T0day I decided to pull the 0ld credit card 0ut 0f the wallet and get b0rderlands. Free shipping next day delivery!

Steam is being gay t0 us Kiwis and Aussies, and have put the price 0f b0rderlands up t0 $79.99USD. The rest 0f the w0rld pays $49.99USD. T0tal bullshit.

There is a st0re in New Kiwiland where I like t0 buy my games fr0m. It is called Mighty Ape. They have b0rderlands on for $89.99NZD. It isn’t 0n sale or anything, full price… They give great c0mpetitive prices.

S0 yeah, sh0uld receive it by c0urier t0m0rr0w m0rning!

****Microman171 stops with the ‘0’. It is a terrible habit for coders… Imagine the syntax errors with ‘0’ instead of ‘o’!


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screw norway

and screw steam

b0rderlans b0rderlans b0rderlans b0rderlans


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n0thing w0ng w0f th0 zer0’s

n0thing w0ng w0f th0 zer0’s it just mak0 w0rst when y0u start substituting 0ther letter’s f0r the zer0’s
and every0 w0rd bec0m0 da zer0….

Can’t wait till U enj0y the madness that is BlandS,
Is this where I menti0n 3 ways r0bag hehehhehehe

Talking alternatives t0 Steam the f0ll0wing may need t0 be l00ked int0 if any0ne has the time;

Stard0ck’s digital distribution platf0rm f0r games

Been ar0und f0r Counter Strike and WOW for years

L00ks pr0mising and has a zer0 in it ;P

Djl is an open-source (GPL licensed) game manager written in Python 2.5 for the GNU/Linux Operating Systems.


All look pr0missing…


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The mighty 0

“n0thing w0ng w0f th0 zer0’s it just mak0 w0rst when y0u start substituting 0ther letter’s f0r the zer0’s
and every0 w0rd bec0m0 da zer0….”

Tell me that after writing a good 5oo – 1ooo lines of C…

I bloody hate the strong typing style :-P

You can "import" games through steam too

If you ever find a game for a different price in a different country on steam you can buy it from that county’s steam store by following this handy process:

1) In your browser of choice, go to the country’s steam store where you’ve found the bargain eg. For the UK store, go to http://store.steampowered.com/?cc=uk for the US store go to http://store.steampowered.com/?cc=us etc.

2) Find the game you want to buy and add it to your cart, just like normal. Ensure that the game shows up in your cart with the correct price. eg. if in the UK it should be in pounds.

3) Checkout just like normal. You can use your own steam account for this. Enter in all your details (Name, Address, CC) like normal, however in your address, change your country to the correct country for that steam store. eg. when using the UK store, change your country to ‘United Kingdom’

4) You’ve now bought the game you want, for the price you want

You can also use this process to buy games that havn’t even been released in your region, and to buy unscensored versions of games that have been censored in your country. eg. L4D2.

I’ve done this a few time with no problems. I got MW2 from the UK store like this for the equivalent of $60 AU, compared to $90 US in the Australian store.


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That is awesome! I saw the ‘cc=us’ thing last night. Robag and I figured it would default back to our country.

Hi iam bob imean silent

In the words of the great Robag

b0rderlans b0rderlans b0rderlans b0rderlans
did u forget the d’s

i still own every one on borderlands

u think iam random,,,,i do..wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooojgfradfhavgladhfvsdfbvgadfbvg beep


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On steam

Is there some kinda way to get our hands on a “unnerfed” version of L4D2?

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… looks the best outta all of em.


Either buy a boxed copy from the US like HP did, or use my in-steam “importing” method above, and you’ll get a real version of L4D2.

Another way is to get a Kiwi or some other foreigner to gift you a copy though steam.



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