A month and a half later!

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Hey Guys,

I never gave pictures of my set up, so here they are.



The sandwich is made using two slices of Ploughman’s Rye Bread with a layer of fresh Strawberry Jam.


Most important is the actual box, unflatteringly placed under my desk. This creates a bit of a baffle for the noise, and makes the computer dead silent. There is also a cover over the DVD player, which manages to halve the amount of noise (which is a lot!). Inside, I have the following:

Part Brand Name Detail Part Number
CPU AMD Phenom II X2 Black Edition Dual Core, 3.2GHz Phenom II X2 555
GPU Gigabyte nVidea GeForce GT220 1024MB, DDR3 GV-N220TC-1GI
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 2x PCIe-16, 8 SATA, Gigabit LAN, 2 USB3.0, 2 eSATA GA-870A-UD3
RAM A-RAM ECO Series ARTW4GB1333D3E 2× 2GB, DDR3, PC1333MHz ARTW4GB1333D3E
Hard Drive Western Digital 500GB Caviar Green 500GB, 7200RPM, 32MB Cache


Next, my dual monitor setup. I use a very nice 21” screen from AOC. It has DVI and VGA inputs, and supports a 1920×1080 (1080p) resolution. It also has a USB port which I never use, as I have a 7 port hub there on the desk. The other monitor is a very old LCD monitor from Hitachi. Sometimes it flickers, and it has gotten pretty dim over the years. However, it still goes, and is great for referring to things. iTunes, mumble, CPU usage, clock, digital post-it notes…


The biggest consumer of desktop real estate is my keyboard. It is a Saitek Cyborg, and features an adjustable backlight. I can control the colour and brightness of each ‘block’ of keys. The letters, the WSAD, the cursor keys, numpad, and the extra macro buttons on the side. I can choose between standard (monochrome) mode, and gaming mode. In gaming mode, the windows key is also disabled.


My mouse is nothing to get excited about. It is a no brand 1600DPI gaming mouse, which was very cheap, and came as a weird package deal with the keyboard. It is not affiliated with Saitek. There are two extra buttons on the side, and I have one of them as the middle mouse button.

The Rest

On my desk, I have a 7 port USB hub, which often gets full. I’d be keen to find a 12 port hub at some stage, but I would like all 12 ports to be on the front, in a 6×2 configuration. My speakers were for a wireless radio project I was working on, and became my PC speakers when the radio project died in the water.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.




wholemeal. very healthy.

wholemeal. very healthy.

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> If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

What’s the half-eaten sammich?

Looks like a nice rig for the budget you were constrained to, well done indeed!

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Shhh pinboards and peanutbutter aandwiches

Cool jersey

I like my jersey. Hi guys.

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