Check out the size of this thing!

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No, it’s not a penis. It’s the new AMD Radeon HD 6990.

I’m not here to talk about specs, so do your own research. Also, this is not a place to discus NVidea vs ATi. That is best left ot mumble or the forums, okay?

I mean really!? This will mean the end of M-ATX cases for sure!

Feel free to discuss the size of the damn thing, and what kind of case you could actually fit two of them in… Yes, that would mean a whopping 4 GPUs!




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That’s getting a bit insane. It’s twice as big as his head.

my question is

why only 1 fan ?

but not

nearly as thick as fuzz’s fingers.

its not

that big, u can hardly compare it to a penis, the only one i get to see dwarfs that.

when did you

see my penis limpy????

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Mats got a biggin


It will require new mobos, cases… It’s not just a new gpu to hit your wallet here!
So I reckon they won’t be getting upgrade sales! Only when peole buy new!


shhh , that was our secret.

I wondor if the next gen of games is really going to need that sort of horse power. It seems the software is either good enough graphic speaking or its been held back by console limits anyway. So untill we see the next gen of consoles I can’t see graphics emproving much more, personally don’t think we need better graphics than what we have . Just better game play.

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I got three words for ya

Crysis System Requirements



oh, look ATI ripping nvidia apart time and time again. sucks if your bought a Nvidia card, ud feel kinda silly. but dont be mad, u can still sell it and buy a new one. :D

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I could, but if I did I’d have to spend half my gaming time getting my drivers trying to make my system stable! ; p

serouly, ro I don’t get that table! What the colours for?

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ati vs nvidia

now now boys – mm said this isn’t the place for nvidia vs ati wars…..

BUT, if it were, Shad would be right.

not to mention

its put up against only 2 nvidia cards which are not top of the range

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AND If it was a debate

I’d bring in the “Linux Card”
and remind U that Nvidia is still the linux way…..

0hh and lets n0t f0rget ATI drivers have always SUX

Green Machine f0r me….

i thought

this was going to be gentleman discussion about penis size, but as a ati user (5850) coming from nvidia, ati does indead suck arse with their drivers.

you guys had to take down to this level.

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I apologise profusely Limpy. Let’s get back to the penis size discussion. So…

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MM – I think you’ve found another spam keyword with the title of this post… It’s fighting with the L4D Maps post for most spam bot attacked thread on our site. And WINNING

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It’s funny, because when they get here, this discussion is hardly what they are looking for!

or is it......

if we had flashing text we could be selling pills to make you harder for longer.

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is the spam bot looking for penis size, or for the new AMD Radeon HD 6990?

lol, and yes, we need more “blinky blinky”

to test this theory, i reckon we should make a new Forum post called “Increase Your Penis Size” and have something in the text about “screw Norway and your penis will grow”

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