Who's keen for a go at this?

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Hey Guys,

Just wondering who, in the minecraft community of IPX, is keen for a go at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcsN3d7eKgY

I’ll host a server, and restrict it to 2 – 3 people. First in first served, as my server has a player limit :-P. I will experiment with using another computer as a server, but it has fewer resources than I do..




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mm talk to Ltmon

he can upload it to the IPX mindcraft server


me kippa

are already doing this

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Lol mirco

This video (and it’s bizillion parts actually significantly sparked my interest in this game and specifically the game type! (memories of IPX old school days of co-op hilarity came flooding back)

And I would LOVE to conduct this and revitalize those old school days (fuzz and kazashi know what I’m talking about!)

BUT…. I found out yesterday that they charge REAL money for this program!
Based on those graphics etc, I can’t see 10bucks…. Unless Fuzz and a few
Others are willing to jump on board too!
It’s the funny situations which arrise in this game which make this ane worthwhile!
So as single player, NO way

But if some others want to also bring the fun! I’m down!

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yeah i was interested… looks fun, but yeah.. real money? come on…..

Fuzz, I thought

you were off in svalbard fighting Norwegians?

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i am

check out my ip addresss

you know

I can dig holes in my back yard for free. some times i dont even need to do it myself the dogs do it for me why would i pay to do it with bad gfx?

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The worst part...

It’s not $10 Shad, it actually cost me $30NZD! When it is finally released, it will cost more again!

With the amount of fun I have had though, I’d say it was well worth the money…

There is the option of playing a hacked version, but I don’t think you can play that multiplayer.

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ill pay the tenner

if i can do funny shit with Fuzz like the old days!

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