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Hey Guys,

No, it’s not a twitter “hash tag”, it’s an IRC server address.

For those of you who don’t know, Team IPX has an IRC server. Hashy, Kazashi, and myself can regularly be seen in there. We are usually around for a chat (although us sitting in chat AFK is not uncommon at all).

Why not drop by? I understand some of you don’t like IRC, and I’d really like to know why. It’s a good place for IPXers to chat without mumble or steam. If you don’t know how to connect: http://teamipx.net/chat. There are instructions for how to use your own client, or you can use the embedded client.




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IRC is calling U

I supp0rt this 100%


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IRC’s awesome. Have re-added it to my auto join list in trillian in the hope more people will use it.


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Good Post Micro

+1 for IRC
As much as I like Mumble, which is very good for when people are at their “home base” the IRC, especially the embedded IRC, is a very good way to click into comms with the team when away from your regular computer, even from your phone!

some tips
If you’ve got Firefox (not that shitty Oprah) you can use Chatzilla, which is just an addon for firefox!
HOST: irc.gamesurge.net

there is a number of scripts which you can apply to IRC so you join whatever server up front and auto login Most BOD and Micro could help you out with these
IRC is also great to have, most game servers have IRC (game arena & internode for example) and you can log in and speak to admin bout haxors etc

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IRC Mobile

als0, IRC 0n the m0bile is very widely available and easy these days, even my Symbian based (java/whatever) m0bile ph0ne can j0in the IRC channel while 0n the g0

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