Angry at Ubuntu / Canonical

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Hey Guys,

tl;dr I need a new linux that doesn’t use pulseaudio in anyway to replace my stock distribution of Ubuntu

I’m getting frustrated with Ubuntu not doing what I want it to do. More specifically the extent of pulseaudio’s integration meaning that good ol’ ALSA support is very lacking. The problem is, by removing pulseaudio I am unable to use my microphone. By using pulseaudio, I have to put up with the 1S speech delay on my microphone.

I’m not really sure if pulseaudio is a GNOME decision, or an Ubuntu decision. Something needs to be done. I can’t stay with Ubuntu because it’s just not working. I also think unity sucks, and it’s where Ubuntu is headed.

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask those in IPX running linux systems for suggestions to a new linux distro. I have tried Debian in the past, and really hated it so that’s out.

I have very few needs, as compatibility between different linux distros seems to be divided by GNOME/KDE rather than say Fedora/Ubuntu. I want my microphone to work (like it did with ALSA on Ubuntu 10.10), and preferably GNOME, although KDE could be considered. I also want to be able to use the latest packages. I know Debian recompiled Firefox to make Iceweasel, and it was an older version of firefox. I’d rather the operating system allowed me to use non-free stuff like flash, media codecs, and nvidia drivers.




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I cannot provide any advise at this juncture… Because I have NFI WTF you’re talkin about

Unbuntbooooo lol. Just

Unbuntbooooo lol. Just wondering, any reason you are running linux any way? Im all for try to avoid Windows, but W7 does kind of rock.

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Don't get me started

The only thing I use windows for is 3D modelling and gaming. Otherwise I like to stay away from it.


  • I am unable to cross compile for ARM using GCC
  • I get pissed off at how slow W7 is to boot (on my hardware at least)
  • I dislike not having multiple workspaces (I think there is a workaround for this)
  • I hate being one of the millions that contribute to their monopoly
  • I hate their way of writing software (more programmers does not mean increased output!)
  • I dislike creating networks with Microsoft products


  • I like how easy it is to install drivers

I’m sure most of the stuff above is fixable, but I don’t care. I like Linux, and that is that :-). Try as you might to get me to windows, most of your argument can be made to argue the opposite side, it all depends on personal opinion.



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It’s getting harder to find a distro that doesn’t use PulseAudio, but pretty much everyone else outside of Ubuntu has been able to integrate it properly.

LinuxMint is a distro based off Ubuntu, but is cleaned up a bit better. It comes with things like proprietary drivers (e.g. nVidia blob) and non-DCMA software (DVD playback), doesn’t force Unity onto you, and generally seems to run better than its parent.

Mandriva should be another good distro. It has a decent control centre, uses RPMs, comes with KDE by default but also includes Gnome 2. n0mad will probably tell you more about this one.

OpenSUSE seems to be popular in Europe. It is sponsored by Novell, which has its good and bad points given their relationship with Microsoft.

Haven’t tried Fedora, Arch or Slackware. Slackware tends to be more for advanced users – design-wise it is simple and barebones. Gentoo also starts out like that, though there is a vast amount of configurability if you’re willing to invest some time.

DELTA2ALPHA: you may be surprised at how many of us use Linux, hence why things like WoP, Smokin’ Guns, W:ET and ETQW get/got good runs. You won’t see too many of us in games these days as there is more focus on new games and players who play those games, but a lot of earlier members still run non-Windows systems.

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Yeah, while i dont ise it, Lack of Linux support is gay!
It shows “unfair” practices are truly alive and prolific in this industry!
Developer: “we won’t be supporting linux in our new up comming game, which was previously announced as Linux compatible!”
Random: “why”
Developer: /developer looks at flashy Microsoft briefcase which has USD bills sticking out of all the cracks, ready to explode. “we feel that this is the beat decision for microsof..oh err market! No one uses it… Oh my bugatti veyron just arrived, got to go!

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Time 2 try Mandriva 2011 it’s 0ut s00n MM…..

Seri0usly MM try the KDE Versi0n 0n Mandriva 2010 it’s awsum if n0t 2011 will B 0ut s00n….

Linux is s0 sm00th 0nce U install it U d0n’t l00k back and the 3D cube and multiple Deskt0ps is awsum 4 sum0ne like me running s0 many apps at 1 time…..

0hh and 64 Bit Vista/Wind0ws 7 VS 32Bit Linux guess what Linux is s0 much quicker and b00t time yep Linux wins there 2…..

Wine is amazing f0r game supp0rt I am still playing 0blivi0n in Linux via WINE…..

Padman was built f0r Linux…Padman Padman……

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BLAHH!! Pulse audi0.. Yeah thats 0ne 0f the many things ive ran int0 in linux that ive had tr0ubles with. d0nt get me wr0ng, linux is just fine, if y0u happen t0 be at that level 0f user ability. I just keep having r0tten luck with Linux and tend t0 steer clear 0f it. Every s0 many m0nths I make a new install, enj0y having a nice clean linux 0S, then I end up never using it again. Depends what y0u need it f0r I supp0se. There still is n0 linux t0 rule them all, but y0u can c0me cl0se.
Wine 0r a better versi0n 0f w0uld be great f0r enc0uraging me further int0 linux; if i c0uld ever get the darn thing t0 w0rk.. whines =(

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