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Hey Guys,

As many of you are aware, I went on a 12 day excursion to Fiji. This was a service trip run by my school where we went to the village of Vanuakula to; build a house, tile classroom floors, repair and paint the nun’s convent, and also do some small maintenance jobs around the village.

After spending 10 days in the village, we left for a Resort in Suva. After spending a few hours in Suva at the craft markets, fruit and vegetable markets, and the local Mac Donalds, we left for the “Uprising Resort”. Let me tell you this, if you have ever gone to Fiji, and been to a resort, most of the “Culture” is a total lie. While as the resort, I felt as though I was in a totally new country to the village I had just stayed in. The Fijian’s were totally westernised!

“Team IPX of Svalbard – MM” in the Fijian sand!

In Vanuakula, you could not walk past any Fijian without them saying “Ni Sa Bula”, “Bula”, “Yandra”, “Bula Vinaka” (All forms of greeting). Every day, people were happy to see us and happy to help out with work on the house. Be it drain digging, lifting heavy stuff or even wheeling a full load of concrete through an 8 minute walk up and down hills!

At night, they organised discos where they played their dance music (which is not at all traditional music like they would have you believe in the resort!), and got down to boogie. To be honest, about 70% did not move during the night, and instead drank Kava (they call it grog). The other 30% were dancing with us, and there are certainly memories I will talk about on Mumble!

In the village, every person there was a strong Christian in some form (Mostly Catholic, but some were Methodist). God was the center of their lives, and second was the Primary school for the area. This is a huge contrast to Suva, where not one person even mentioned God. I was unable to find any Fijian rosary beads, which would have been the perfect gift back home.

There is much more story to tell, but I shall save that for when in Mumble. A bunch of random stories, and then some deep conversation.

In closing: You don’t know what is important, until it is all you have left. We had electricity 3 hours a night (6 til 9), and we were all still very happy. The most western thing in the entire village would be the TV they use to watch Rugby on, which most of us didn’t even see. It’s amazing to think, that most of the western comfort we own really doesn’t add much to our life. Me personally, I want to have a loving wife, a big house, flash cars, and plenty of money. Going to this trip made me realise how unimportant our material possessions are. While I don’t plan to give up anything, it’s interesting to think about how dependant we have all become on stuff that doesn’t even matter. God, Love and Friendship is all that is important. What you need in life is simple, the rest is extra.

Also; Yes I am a Catholic. I understand that not all of you are interested in Religion, and that’s fine by me. It’s your life to live!




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Welc0me h0me

Welc0me h0me and back….


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Welcome Back

How was rehab

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Welcome back MM

Awesome shot on the beach. Sounds like you had a blast. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

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Dont do drugs

Wb mm!
Miss ya…
Can’t wait to hear the stories and gw on the international ipx advertising, although I hope you Werner charged, I hear those beachsand billboards are only good value till the next hightide!

P.S. You shoulda made those nuns tile their own bloody floor (equal rights for women much) unless they were them kinda sexy nuns which I see in those filums I watch… Alone… After latenight mumble (18+)

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They’re prepared f0r western culture, because they kn0w that with the rising sea levels they will have t0 m0ve t0 Australia s00ner 0r later

WB Micr0, h0pe y0u had an enj0yable visit =)

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