Limited Bandwidth - BF3 doesn't give a shit

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Just got back from a week away to find that origin had downloaded a massive 9GB when I turned my computer on. We get 40GB a month with nothing unmetered. Basically, we get 40GB, and that’s that.

So when origin decides to update BF3 without giving any indication, it uses almost 25% of the usage in one hit. We have a usage meter which tells us how much we can use each day so we don’t get capped. We are currently 5GB (12.5%) over the limit for today, and get 1GB/day left.

For this reason, I have to be really frugal with the internet until the 26th hoping not to get capped.

This is really unacceptable, and I’d really appreciate it if somebody could suggest a way of preventing BF3 from installing these updates without permission. I’d rather just not play until the internet resets than not be able to play, use youtube, mumble, or any other internet hog until this time.

I have looked through the epically shit origin, and from first glance I can’t find a way of disabling the automatic updates.


dont let Origin

start on start up.
that way you at least get to chose when you DL a patch.
and the only reason this one was so big , is the back to karkand map pack.

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Yup and till they make more speed and more “unlimited” download plans, this is going to continue to be a problem for us all!!

Also, if they don’t do the above it’s going to hurt the industry!
With Games being produced unfinished with day 1 patches, waiting for DLC fixes or with DLC/micro sales being the business, and just the increasing trend to continue to extend the life of a game with DLC – the size of downloads to supporting game basics are getting heaps bigger!

So if something isnt done re this I recokon the industry will suffer a backlash – especially towards console!

A:Wait for the gov to NBN & providers make more unlimited plans and then wait for the uptake of the general public to solve the issue
(sorry the is a gaming industry problem which needs to be solved by industry)
B:make finished games
C:make patches and DLC free unmetered content with main ISPs

But I don’t think b & c will occur.
Industry wouldn’t care if we move to console! Which is short sighted ( and I think console has the same problem just on a more limited scale)

But if industry wants to support PC I see the above as te best way to support

Is there...

An option for auto-update you could turn off?

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Not that I can see...

I can’t find such an option. Even after googling the issue…

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