Microman's picture

Downloading Dirt 2 off steam again. Must be about time we jammed some novigrad I think :)


Fuzz's picture



It’s been too long! NOVIGRAD!


We need to do Novigrad backwards again, that was fun.

Sha8doW's picture

Let's lay down some rubber

Im up and the pedal is down!
Dirt 2 FTW! Dirt 3 sucks scholong


Or we could do the map that the time-trial was on :3 you know, the one i came 7th in out of 38000 participants?

Sha8doW's picture


We could be as respectful to your request as you are of others!?

Sha8doW's picture

Max laps!

Max laps with a mandatory stop/go penalty!


What do you mean by that shad?

Sha8doW's picture

it means

you stop…. count 3 seconds, then go again!


I meant the “Or we could be as respectful to your request as you are of others!?”

PerfectSanga's picture

That moment when

you know you now need a hurry your ass up and get one of those pretty PayPal accounts :)

Somtin's picture

Some practice may be needed

Haha I’m so shit at this game, keen spinning out.
Keen for some matches. :D

n0mad's picture

An0ther game U may just beat

An0ther game U may just beat me at Somtin….

Yes bring 0n DOPITMAN……….


Somtin's picture

Haha nah I’m terrible at this

Haha nah I’m terrible at this one, lost almost every game hehe :)

Me and you somtin!

We had more fun at the back smashing into each other and rolling than we would have had winning, so it was all good.

Hashy's picture

no context..

Reading that with n0 c0ntext… Very disturbing…. ;p

Fuzz's picture

Don't worry

Half the fun of Dirt 2 is the epic crashes… putting tyres in front of people when you’re screwed and out of it.

And you’ll pick up the driving… especially given how many times we do novigrad.

That was the most fun I’ve had playng a game other than NBA in a long time.

We’ll do it again, at a prearranged time when everyone can get there.

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