Recruitment Drive

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I would like peoples opinions on an IPX Recruitment Drive?

Do we need to recruit?
How many should we recruit?
What are we looking for?


you know what i mean, and i want thoughts…. Ashi VALUE ADD!
no fence sitting in this one people ZEN IT UP and comment!

No matter what we do, of course we need to recruit people who we know and get along with, such as we did with Chipper/ltmon.

Also Chip/ltmon, I need your home addresses!
gotta send you something (don’t worry I’am not trying to sell Amway!)

also ashi, whats the status of Hashi?
can we get him more involved in IPX funktions?



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Think my minds changed a bit lately on recruitment.

To start off with I was all for it. Then we had some bad apples, which made me go anti recruitment. I really like how our team is now, I like all the members of every level and I reckon we’ve got two of the best honoraries we could have got.

In saying that several of us aren’t around much, so it’s not very often there’s more than 1 or 2 of us playing ET at the same time or even online. Our ability to commit to regular clashes with FKQ is dropping.

So I’m thinking yeah we need to recruit. I think the important thing is to do what FKQ do, have a trial period so we have an easy out if things aren’t working.

Not sure how many – no more than 10?

What are we looking for – we’re lacking a bit in our category Shad – the nutters who can get in an stir things up when needed. We got plenty of good cops, (Chips borderline, we know he’s got the nutter in him, he’s admitted it, just gotta get it out of him), plus maybe some more good players who play regularly.

Who else do we get along with that doesn’t already have a clan? I reckon we target some of those MOFO guys cos that aint a real clan. Fraggle’s good, used to be with L2K, probably doesn’t like us much cos we gave her sheet for something…

If someone like Ares could keep his temper sensible I don’t think I’d be against him coming back (just putting that out there).


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typing best i can holdin

typing best i can holdin jack

im fore ares commin back…. with rules!

he seems to be ok…. now!

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Oh while I remember, you had the best spelling of function I’ve ever seen in that other post. Great effort.

I’m tentatively for it too. Chip, ltmon, Kazashi?

I’ll check with with Oz tomorrow.

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I would love to see Ares

I would love to see Ares back… think he would like too and being involved in a community gives him a chance to express himself more positively. I was thinking of proposing that he start a blog/diary kind of thing for this purpose but wasn’t sure how u fellas would take it (or Ares for that matter).

Fuzz is on the money re recruitment… got to have a trial period and more of a in game presence to make it work. Not sure about this but most of the new fkq recruits seem to be younger chaps (15ish) and seem to be known to Thompson before applying. This is something Ares could probably help with if he comes back.

Would support Fraggle she is cool and have known her in game for a fair while though haven’t chatted much. as for the other Mofo guys… to be honest some of them sheet me!!

Having said that recruitment of extras will change ipx a lot. Can’t really say its a hockey team if most of the members are online gamers specific to et. Will it just be a social et pub clan with the occasional scrim or are us thinking of entering ladder comps? What happens when et:qw comes out, and as the et community continues to fade? Are u looking for extra hockey players and geocachers?

Managing an online community will be a full time hobby (fuzz imagine u are feeling this with the development of this site). Someone will have to lead this or it probably wont work; they pretty much have to have a constant and consistent presence. Everyone participates but someone would have to put their hand up to make sure stuff gets done.

anyway just putting that out there

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Hi Y'all

Sorry I haven’t been around much, especially on ET…. busy, busy, busy with an ultra-top-secret project in the works. Actually it’s been mainly work, house-renovation and wedding-preparation related.

I’ll give my address to whomever I see on MSN or whatever next.

RE recruitment: Simply the best way to play ET is in a proper match like those we had going with FKQ. I really think we should keep recruiting in order to keep those matches going – enough members to put up a team of 8 once a month would be about ideal. Of course having people on board that we don’t like, and don’t gel with the fairly casual attitude around here would be counter-productive — so this might be a slow process.

About the hockey/gaming dimorphism (is that a word? my spell checker says “yes”!) it’s really up to you founding guys whether that’s a problem. I think by keeping yourself with “honorary” and “real” members you still maintain your identity on the ice and have a viable gaming group at the same time.



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dimorphism - cool word

Inviting Ares back sounds like it may just work. I love the idea of him having his own blog on here if he comes back. All you guys do too and can blog anytime you like.

Chip as part of our clean up, can you re-post your Simon Chapman page in your blog? That would be a more sensible place for it now we’ve had our fun :)

I’m not too worried about the whole is IPX a hockey team or is it an online gaming clan or what. The numbers in each area don’t change much if you ask me. IPX is and always will be the sum of all its sections – Hockey, Gaming, Treks, and whatever else we end up adding along the way. So expanding Gaming will change the core of IPX as little as us getting more hockey players, or doing more geocaching / treks. As Shad always says, IPX is a family. Anyone who is involved in one part of IPX is welcome to join in the other parts (notice we always invite the gamers along to hockey, even though we know it might be a bit of a trek to get there, but you’re always welcome.) Ltmon, where’d you pull that word from?

Re managing the community: I don’t completely agree that one person needs to step up and be the sole leader. I think that responsibility can be shared between several members. Like if we said if something needs to be done, Fuzz, Shad, Kazashi, Chipper or Ltmon had to do it I’m sure one of us could manage to do it (add Kazozza into the mix when he gets back…) We’ll all go through busy periods so if the others are keeping things churning along it won’t cause any issues. As long as we’re not all expecting someone else to do something I don’t think it will be a problem. I’ve said a few times I don’t want to be a sole leader, and at the same time I wouldn’t wish that on anyone else either. It’s just an invitation for unrealistic expectations to be put on them. Am interested in hearing what everyone has to say on this one actually.

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I'm home... I think.

I’m fine with having Ares back as part of IPX, if he wants to.

Recruiting…. it would be nice to have more people to game, play hockey with, or trek with. But I would like those people to be quality people. What I would look for in a recruit ideally is someone we already know and get along with, online or offline, who would be interested in hanging out with a bunch of other people who happen to game and play hockey and trek together. I would suggest that we can pick up people solely for the purpose of playing ET, but we would also like it if our relationships weren’t limited to that, maybe even encourage them to do other things, be it play other games, or take part in a trek or hockey if they’re geographically convenient. We like the gaming side of IPX, but we can do more!

Hashi has been back home for a while now, I can try and get him more involved.

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all productive…. ill make

all productive….

ill make a larger comment shortly!
well done holding the fort in my absence!
(thank god you can do somthing without me (TIC)!)

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