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Howdy Y'all - Steam Link / Steam Controller

Howdy Y’all. It’s the ever elusive Shad
Crazy levels of work, a Reno and bike building ever present… I’ll be glad to finish in the next few months.

You’ve probably notice me “online” in the very recent past/will in the near future.
Having had my console time, but now past it with a solid salute to the PC master race, I’m also punished for my many childhood sins bh having two young boys of my own.

I hate skylanders… somewhere equal to Vans and Naz

And I’m sick of the “we need a PS4…and a x box and Wii.. oh new console!”
I own two arcade machines ffs.
And console games cost a fortune and really are sub par now a days. Requiring net connections. Patches DLC… Jesus the benefits of console over PC are dead.
But there is my kids “I want this game, and it’s not on our console… you suck as a father”
But hang about. I’ve got a gazillion dollar PC which is going to waste in my study/bedroom/storage space/everything else room while a Reno is underway.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all IPX, Present Past and Future!
Wishing you all the best for 2017….
Forgive the 9:30am post… I went to bed early ;)

Much Love

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the best bunch of people in the universe…
Love you all


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2016 Ice Hockey

The ice hockey is back again this year.
June 25 2016
Sure the play sucks and it’s got worse over time, but its got Wayne Gretskys name on it this year!
And more importantly it’s a great reason to get together for dinner etc!

Details here

I’m on my phone at the moment. Need to make an event if anyone else is interested.

Indications are
Robag Yes
Shad Yes
Kazozza No
Kazaski TBA
Fuzz TBA

Name Attending Yes/No Comment
Sha8dow Yes -
Fuzz No Can’t make it on that date. Am definitely up for meeting up at another time
Kazozza No -
Kazaski TBA -
Robag Yes -
Yes -
Yes -
Yes -
Yes -

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Who wants to play this... it looks hilarious!

Who wants to play this… it looks hilarious!

Its called “secret hitler” its like a computer version of a table top game….

Matt/Blood/Crazy_As/Milzy…. If you’re trollin/lerking, I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOU GUYS

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Firewatch is out

Im not even going to try and sell you this game… the damn thing sells itself. Check out this “Game Play Video”

I’ve been waiting for this from Campo Santo for some time! its their 1st crack at their own game. $19.99 on steam, its worth supporting them.

Its got a great feel, and awesome story, and great voice acting.

Yep its single player… but seriously, watch the trailers and that video…


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Happy Easter IPX

Whatever your religion, belief system or inclination…

I wanna wish you all a wonderful break, and tell you how much you all mean to me!

Love you all IPX, and even you lurkers

Happy Easter

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check out RustDevBlog43

Airdrops, Radtowns, Loot Barrels, Blueprints are now IN the “new/experimental” version of RUST

I’ve been Playin on 1AUS FeSports Medium active admins, But its probably going to need a reset now with this update.

So if anyone else wants to get in with me, it would be AWESOME to get back into this

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Logitech G930 - Right or Left Balance / Audio Only & Distortion

So a number of us have Logitech G930s
And we all seem to have the same problem… when you install the Drivers, the sound goes crappy with mumble sounding unbalanced. And dont start me on the 7.1
I was looking for a solution because currently, even when i uninstall the driver, the damn thing reinstalls them on the next restart… anyway RANT over… I’ve found a solution which after a heap of googling, i have shamelessly stolen from another site ;P


1) Right-click the speaker in the sys-tray (Lower right, by the clock)
2) Click “Playback devices”
3) Highlight the G930
4) Click “Configure”
5) Click next (for me all I could pick was 7.1)
6) Uncheck “Side pair” & “Rear pair”
7) Click Next
8) Make sure that “Front left and right” is only checked
9) Click next, click finish
10) With the G930 still highlighted, click “Properties”
11) Go to the “Enhancements” tab
12) Make sure “Channel Phantoming” is checked.

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