Nesreca Morons

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for those who didnt believe it before…
believe it now…
they are openly bagging ALL of us!


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racism / nes

I believe they were racist. No arguing that.

I believe they’re immature enough to take their frustrations out on us by bagging us on the public forums.

However, I don’t feel the need to stoop to their level though and respond. They’re just kids – they’ll get bored soon enough.

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AriseAbove isnt Nes

AriseAbove has publicly challenged us…. We MUST respond and defend ourselves

Anyway he isnt NES, he is park of DKT or DGT or somthing stupid!

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Having said that, it’s not that you guys are wrong in what you say there. I can’t find a point that they’re right on and any of us are wrong on. You’re clearly trying.

But it’s not helping arguing with them. That’s what they want.

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Was replying to the Nes stuff, as this is the nes morons thread. I’ll play in the scrim against this random AriseAbove and his new mates. Will reply in that thread once its ready for the public (is there a reason it’s not on the front page yet? no-one will see it otherwise).

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dunno why its not promoted

i asked Kazashi to make it for me while i was responding…
so i dunno

and he needed the Svalbards… i hear youve been stealing them

im with fuzz on this one

Im with fuzz on this one they are wrong and racist but arguing with them publicly just makes us look as bad as them. just ignore it and let it go they will get bored and move on.

my 2 cents

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I like it.. Shows they’re

I like it.. Shows they’re afraid of us for some reason, hopefully because we stand for GOOD and JUSTICE which they hold to no value…

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Woofull NES

As mentioned;
“ It is one thing to support your team mates but it is another thing to condone gutter mouth “

There’s NO TIME and NO PLACE for comments made by “NES” and continued comments just go to show there immaturity.

Thats All I Have to say about this Woofull NES

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Wow, look at the hole they're digging.

It’s not on the front page because I didn’t want an empty and informationless post sitting up there. I figured that when the info is filled in we’d publicise it. Otherwise we just whack TBA into all the fields.

Nothing to get worked up about really. They’d like to insult us by saying that we post on a crap website which nobody else reads. They should take a second look at the GameArena forums before commenting on insular communities.

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Let them bag, they’re a

Let them bag, they’re a bunch of tools. Replying only continues the thread of stupid.

WTF you lying sod Sha8doW

WTF you lying sod Sha8doW would you like me to post all the 10+ abusive pm’s you have sent me!

You have not proved that NES are Racist all you have done and you started it to Sha8doW is flame them with made up cr*p!

I don’t know if the IPX clan are nice or not as your rep Sha8dow has single handed brought the IPX name to sh*t on the GA forums every one hates you and I mean every one.

Futher more I didn’t challenge you as you know you challenged me Sha8doW and its me your challenging to not what ever clans I’m in so stop sending more abusive pm’s round!

Note: This post has had swear words censored in accordence with rule 39.

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Register or at least have the guts to put a name on your anonymous posts.

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