Dirt2 Colin McRae - Corrupt Autosave file savegame fix

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I turn on the game today to find my “Autosave file corrupt”
Boy was I pissed having almost completed the game…

Did a little Google work… found a solution

1. Copy the “savegame” folder (documents/my games/Dirt2/savegame) to a safe place.
2. Start the game and create a new profile (yay for unskippable cut scenes and setups) complete the first race (win or lose doesn’t matter)
4. Quit the game.
5. Open the new “savegame” folder, paste your old “PB” folders in this new folder.
6. Open the new “autosafe” folder and paste your old “PGRRLTKJNZI” file in this new folder.

Problem fixed, as far as i can see NO loss of information

(that will learn me for hitting the X button to shut the game down from now on aye)


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Crap. I’ve been doing that too…

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Backup Dirt2

s0 if 0ne was t0 back up 0nes saves 0f Dirt2
what direct0ry’s w0uld y0u rec0mmend Shad ?

Just this 0ne ?
(documents/my games/Dirt2/savegame)


had this

when i upgraded to win7.
just got my old install and pasted it over the new folder.
worked first time.

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thats the one… but you should be able to restore it back at any point
its an autosave file issue.
my research indicated that its quite common

i tryed this , your personal

i tryed this , your personal details are not retored , cash ect….



Like it

Like it