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wow that sounds horrible but

wow that sounds horrible but hey kinda what i expected seeing the other reboots

it also seem all the rage to destroy all the great old stuff(robocop, planet of the apes, transformers, this, etc)

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we live in h0pe

That the turtles will c0me back as we always remembered them…..

The game l00ked pr0missing but I was t0ld it sucked even th0 I may buy it 0n special 0ne day…

And MASK when are they g0ing t0 bring th0se t0ys back f0r my little 0nes…..

living in h0pe

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oh god

they did it again
why for the love of god whhhyyyyyyyyyyy
here is the formula make crappy reboot make $$$$$ make a squeal to crappt reboot make more $$$$

+1 to n0mad bring back the mask toys

i had the “Rhino Truck”


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I don’t understand. I’ve only watched about a minute of the video so far. But I just don’t get how ANYTHING could be worse than Turtles 3, OR the Next Mutation….

My lord… this must be horrendous.

/me goes back to watching on.

PS. Yes this is my version of live tweeting the review.

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i had the truck 2

and the Fire Cracker
nice link Here http://www.agentsofmask.com/2012/03/mask-series-one-toys.html


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And unfortunately...


“Paramount CEO Brad Grey praised the franchised, saying: ‘We are thrilled with this weekend’s result, the enduring power of this franchise, and the opportunity to make another one.’”

“Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company will once again produce the film for Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon, with the same screenwriters slated to return as well”

It did so well, they’re making a new one, with the same screenwriters and producers! I hope you guys are excited.

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meh let em

i got all the old ones on the media center :) while everyones trying to like this steaming pile ill be marathon watching the old stuff(or something else im so spoiled with choice)

i think “the enduring power of this franchise” means hell we tried to make the crappiest thing ever and destroy it but we made a buttload of cash and the old stuff is so good its still living on. time to try again! one day well destroy all the things

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