Howdy Y'all - Steam Link / Steam Controller

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Howdy Y’all. It’s the ever elusive Shad
Crazy levels of work, a Reno and bike building ever present… I’ll be glad to finish in the next few months.

You’ve probably notice me “online” in the very recent past/will in the near future.
Having had my console time, but now past it with a solid salute to the PC master race, I’m also punished for my many childhood sins bh having two young boys of my own.

I hate skylanders… somewhere equal to Vans and Naz

And I’m sick of the “we need a PS4…and a x box and Wii.. oh new console!”
I own two arcade machines ffs.
And console games cost a fortune and really are sub par now a days. Requiring net connections. Patches DLC… Jesus the benefits of console over PC are dead.
But there is my kids “I want this game, and it’s not on our console… you suck as a father”
But hang about. I’ve got a gazillion dollar PC which is going to waste in my study/bedroom/storage space/everything else room while a Reno is underway.
so I think, hey. As much as I don’t want the kids messing up this bedroom of mine anymore than it already is, I could try and get them gaming on the PC!!! Dumb idea. While the games are insanely cheap in comparison most are single player, and one ones which are multi player literally spawned a punch up over sharing the keyboard/chair in front of a screen – how we all grew up is totally unacceptable nowadays!!???!!
And “I’d prefer to use the control” thing just makes scream
The one good thing about consoles is there is still less naffing about setting up a game. It’s got a lot worse but PC still requires an intellect and reading ability… my kids, well… they could use help in that department.
So while naffing about the other day I saw… “Steam Link” had been released
So being time poor, with motorcycle money, a wife out of town and looking after 2 boys on my own…. fuck it to the store we go!
Later with 1xsteam link, 2 steam controllers, and a Logitech F710 (replacing my broken one, and because anything that’s not a PS controller is just fucking uncomfortable) for dad… we return home

So I’ll give a review soon after the long weekend – yes Canberra day!
But to be honest. A little disappointed. It does what it does very well. Just wish it did more
More optimization for big picture is required to make it seamless
The controls are poor. I wish I’d got more F710s. They are great for some functions, others just stupid.

I hope you’re all well!


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hmm looks intresting

Well we all know the Robag_Jr is a PC gaming
but i do like the look of the Steam Link

also the Nvida Sheild looks ok as well


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PC n0 1


Bro force
Any Lego game
And my no 1 family game Rayman…

PC is way better than any console

Great work Shad…


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the word makes me sick, every time i hear the word console i do a full body shudder.

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