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NBA2K17 to Include Dream Team

2K announces that NBA2K17 will feature the 2016 USA Basketball Men’s National Team as well as a celebration of the original influx of paid professionals into amateur athletic with the inclusion of the 1992 USA Basketball “Dream Team,” which sliced through the Olympics with an average margin of victory of 44 points. They also reveal this time around the game will also feature the misshapen face of Coach K, current coach of the U.S. team and an assistant on the Dream Team (explaining the nearly unexplainable inclusion of recent Duke grad Christian Laettner in the ’92 games). Here’s what’s happening:

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Happy Birthday Red

glhf and Happy birthday Red

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Happy Birthday PewPew

Well i hope you like your first official TEAM IPX Happy Birthday message


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Happy Birthday LT

Happy Birthday LT have a great day, groovy baby yer……


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Happy Birthday Sha8doW

To one of the original TEAMIPX Founders
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Update on the channel...

So… I have just edited the channel slightly, the channel IS now known as “TeamIPX”. I have decided to do this as we can produce videos to a broader audience. Now we can upload other TeamIPX member’s videos, instead of just mine or fuzz’s. Whatever game you enjoy playing, we would love to see it! Send me your own home-made videos (not too long, under 10 minutes please!) with your name anywhere in the video, whether it be a voice-over, thumbnail, or text. This is just to show the viewer who the video was made by and eventually understand what they like and enjoy.

In the following weeks, i am going to try and record some footage for some basic Rocket League montages, including the following

- PewPew – n0mad – Fuzz – Myself – (and anyone else if interested :) )

Thank you for the continuous support and i hope to see your awesome video on the channel!

My Email (just for your videos please!):

Well, Well, Well....

Near the end of last month, I had officially announced the TeamIPX _REd & Fuzz YouTube page… Today… the 6th of July, 2016… We have published our very first video! Although it may not be the best thing you have ever seen, this is personally a big achievement for me… I have always wanted to show others what me and my friends do and allow others to find their own new hobbies. From today we hope to upload (at least) once every week. We are going to have a new person recording every week (Fuzz, PewPew, and myself). We would still really like to see some of you in a game. And we hope to record the next IRLC! If possible, please leave a like and a comment!

Thanks very much!

Video Link:

Ta Ta!

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Happy Birthday Fuzz NSFW

well well look who is another year older

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Happy Birthday Willow

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The Great Svalbard War

There’s a war raging in Svalbard right now. The Norwegians are fighting the Russians. The Polar Bears are battling the Artic Fox Eagles. As with all wars it all started over something small.

This is what started the Great Svalbard War.

1000 Approved 27/06/2016 – 20:07 admin -> _Red – For creating a TeamIPX YouTube account note 1000 svalbards removed because fuzz was mentioned in the title of the YouTube channel n0mad

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