Games Night TTT

Hey guys…

As Fuzz has wanted to shoot us up in garrys mod, ive finally got a TTT server to work! :)

If anyone wanted to join in at 8pm (SA Time) this saturday, just leave a command so i can change some server settings.

All who own Garrys Mod are welcome to shoot up terrorists and kill innocents :)


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Happy Birthday Tripsicle98

oww look at you party like it is 1995 :p


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Howdy Y'all - Steam Link / Steam Controller

Howdy Y’all. It’s the ever elusive Shad
Crazy levels of work, a Reno and bike building ever present… I’ll be glad to finish in the next few months.

You’ve probably notice me “online” in the very recent past/will in the near future.
Having had my console time, but now past it with a solid salute to the PC master race, I’m also punished for my many childhood sins bh having two young boys of my own.

I hate skylanders… somewhere equal to Vans and Naz

And I’m sick of the “we need a PS4…and a x box and Wii.. oh new console!”
I own two arcade machines ffs.
And console games cost a fortune and really are sub par now a days. Requiring net connections. Patches DLC… Jesus the benefits of console over PC are dead.
But there is my kids “I want this game, and it’s not on our console… you suck as a father”
But hang about. I’ve got a gazillion dollar PC which is going to waste in my study/bedroom/storage space/everything else room while a Reno is underway.

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Happy Bithday Kazashi

Happy 25th lolz Bday Kazashi

here have the chicken YouTube Video again.


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Dam it Steam

this is ballz

Steam Adding 10% GST in AU

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Borderlands' Handsome Jack Figure

I do not know why but I think I want one…

please make a Roxxy please make a Roxxy……

Full story


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It seems we have a birthday

It’s R0BAG’s so happy birthday so have lots of fun

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So just wondering if anyone might know a place where we could get some jerseys made for IPX ????

Because as you can guess the younger members are getting very obsessed with the team(RED), not that it’s a bad thing, but yeah so if anyone knows

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Splash Damage Self-Publishing Dirty Bomb

good news everyone
I just started playing again on the weekend.

Splash Damage will be self-publishing Dirty Bomb after acquiring the publishing rights to their free-to-play first-person shooter from Nexon. This video update has the news, though the link to still resolves to Nexon’s home for the game while they work on transitioning the game to Warchest, their own publishing division. Gamasutra transcribes the important details:
“Splash Damage is taking over Dirty Bomb. The ink is drying on a deal with Nexon that’ll give us full publishing control of the game. And this means everything. Marketing, servers, anti-cheat: the lot,” explained Splash Damage’s community manager.

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looking good price wise it is just under $300.

Full Review


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