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Shadow High End Gaming

The Future is here.

“Forget about hardware: Shadow is a full Windows computer you can access through a simple app. Enjoy your high-end remote computer on any platform you want.”


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Get you some Christmas Tech Bits @ Mwave

It is that time of year again

Christmas Gift guide Mwave

get your shopping on Lads and Ladies of IPX


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Detective Pikachu + Ryan Reynolds = WTF

I am not sure what is happening on the internet today

check this out


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Whip the Llama's A$$

Winamp 5.8 Media Player Released in All Its Nostalgic Glory

it’s back baby

Back in the days before we got our music from the cloud using Spotify and Pandora, we would use MP3 players to play our music. When it came to players, there was (is?) no player more popular than Winamp.

Whether you like the vintage skins, the visualizers, or just a media player with a ton of options, Winamp had it all. Guess what? The world’s most famous media player – Winamp – is back with changes that make it compatible with today’s more modern operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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owww shinny new Razer Wi-Fi Router

I was looking on the internet and i found this

Gaming is a huge business these days, and no, I am not just talking about PC and consoles. Believe it or not, many people are playing legit games — such as Fortnite — on mobile devices too. Regardless of platform, there is one common theme — online gaming. Yes, these days, gaming online is probably more popular than playing with one’s self offline. And so, having a quality Wi-Fi router is a must.

Today, popular company Razer announces its own router (designed with Design Labs, maker of the “Portal Mesh Wi-Fi Router”) and it is sexy as hell. Called “Sila,” it leverages an impressive nine internal antennas. The design is basic — a rectangle, more or less — but there is beauty and elegance in its simplicity. It will look great in a teen’s bedroom next to an Xbox, for instance, but also, it will fit perfectly in a family living room.

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2018

Wednesday, 19 September
the Fuzz plug in is in effect lolz

get on it ye scurvy dogs


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Happy Birthday N0mad

To a fellow B0D member and all around grouse Guys

Happy bday n0mad
eat some cake


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Rust Legacy Map

I had many a great experience playing on the legacy map with long time IPX members like Shad, Robag, Somtin, LinuxSlacker, Jr, chipper etc.

I still remember my first day in Rust, after most of these guys had been playing for a few weeks. Questions like: – where are you guys? – how do i find you?

Were answered by – Navigate by the sun – Go to the road. Then run the entire circuit of the map on the road, we’ll do the same and eventually we will find each other.

Good times. You didn’t need a map. You just figured it out. And if you went out farming, and had a poor sense of direction (like myself)… you’d forget where your base was. Well honestly that still happens for me years later with a map in my inventory.

Unfortunately with Rust being completely rewritten, its been impossible to play the legacy map with new Rust.

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Steam adds its own version of wine and DXVK into steam beta

previously running games on linux using wine would report whatever windows version wine has been configured to report. with this linux users should be able to run windows games on linux using steams new wine inside the linux client and have it be reported as a linux sale. big plus not having to setup wine and be counted as a WINDOWS SALE

i’ve opted into the beta and will have a play around with it my library has about 200 or so windows games from bundles/cancelled ports

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Doom Eternal's gameplay reveal looks seriously good

So, this little QuakeCon thing has been happening and the internet is a little bloodier as a result.

yes thank you

the reset of the Story


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