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Wreckfest - Racing the Way it Sh0uld Be

Expect epic crashes, neck-to-neck fights over the finish line and brand-new ways for metal to bend – These are the once-in-a-lifetime moments that can only be achieved in Wreckfest, with its true-to-life physics simulation crafted by legendary developer Bugbear, who also brought you FlatOut 1 & 2!

If that hasn’t made you throw your credit card at the screen nothing will.
Friday Nights

Be there.

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Space Hulk Deathwing – Enchanced Edition 80% Off if you already own Vermintide 2

Today we are happy to share that all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on Steam will have the opportunity to purchase Space Hulk: Deathwing – Enchanced Edition with an 80% discount between April 10th and April 20th. All owners of Space Hulk: Deathwing also get 80% off Warhammer: Vermintide 2 between the same dates!

*You can find your coupon in your Steam inventory and the discount does not stack with other discounts.

So c0me j0in us marines….


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Shadow High End Gaming


The Future is here.


“Forget about hardware: Shadow is a full Windows computer you can access through a simple app. Enjoy your high-end remote computer on any platform you want.”


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Merry Xmas All IPX

Well it’s that time 0f the year were we g0rge 0urselves 0n f00d and especially grappa (Alc0h0l t0 u min0rs).

0n behalf 0f all 0f us here at Team IPX central BoD may we wish all 0f IPX an awsum Xmas and Happy New Year.

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Rrr ya scurvy dogs it's Pirate Talk Day

Drop the anchor it’s international talk like a Pirate Day me hearteees.

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Happy Birthday LT

Happy Birthday LT have a great day, groovy baby yer……


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Wireless Gaming Headset with Mic


I’m Still away fr0m the PC but i’ve been thinking 0f getting myself a wirless headset.
It’s been 0ver a year since a few IPX purchased the Logitech G930 and 0ur discussion here

l00k forward t0 sum rec0mmendati0ns as I’m finally in the market t0 g0 wireless.

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n0mad M.I.A.

m0rning all,

I’ll be M.I.A. f0r a few weeks, l00king f0rward t0 sum r0cket league matches when I return.

Cya’s s00n…and remember You can kill an IPX, but you’ll never outsmart one.


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Humble Store Sale

Humble Store

Yep an0ther awsum sale and sum cheap games t0 be had.


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Happy Birthday Ltmon

Happy Birthday Ltmon have a great day

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