Old school blast from the past! ET:WOLF!

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11/05/2013 19:00
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All maps in a campaign?
Team IPX
Not Applicable
Team IPX Attending Y/N Comment
Somtin Y Lets rock n roll
Fuzz Y Pass the puck!!
Akenn23 Y Blipity blapity?
n0mad Y Dust 0f my war spiked hat and im there
Shad N in international waters with no interwebs
Robag M The night before I fly out to the US :D
Dan Y Sure!
ltmon M That’s another M for Maybe
Dourger14 Y :3
ED209 Y Put me down for some of that action!
beavisbeaver M Baby. + a side of gravy
chipper y goomba!
TimboNZ Y Keen for a game
linuxslacker Y woo!

Wolfenstein enemy territory! Lets do this.
Everything you need is available here for free! http://teamipx.net/game/return-to-castle-wolfenstein-enemy-territory
The etpub downloads seem to be missing, but your client will automatically download those when you get ingame anyway.

If you haven’t played wolf:ET before and have played quake wars, it’s the same kind of deal, and if you’ve played neither game before… well, just give it a go. It really is a fantastic game.

We do need a server to play on… Robag? Are you able to hook us up with one?


Sha8doW's picture

Sorry... But holiday calls

I wont be in the counrty!
It will be day 2 of my cruise… I’ll be somewhere in open water on the pacific ocean, most likey near the equator! Yay
Fingers crossed I don’t come back! No seriously!


Oh my Strogg! I used to play W:ET like 4-5 hours a night for a long, long time. Used to play on Internode #4 I think. Sounds fun.

Fuzz's picture


I remember Ed! Many of us used to. The day the internode custom maps server was shut down was an outrage!

Which reminds me… we should try and get River2Redux, and Tram going for this night.

Time for some PASS THE PUCK action.

Sha8doW's picture


Just log in, is easier than the capture!

Let us know if you want us to put you down… You’re more then welcome!

HarassmentPanda's picture

Does this even work on Windows 7?

It’s been a while.

Somtin's picture


I can confirm that it does.

ED209's picture

Wolf Wolf

Put me down for some of that action.

Fuzz's picture



Robag's picture

@ server admin

Hi guys here is the link to start the Server
Fuzz has the password for the server
I will be in the US



Fuzz's picture

Good work Ro!

I’m on it.

Somtin's picture


sudo shouldn’t be needed to start a server and run screen?
Generally, running a server as root isn’t the greatest thing to do.

n0mad's picture


Its all ab0ut the mem0ry bandwith……

and a little thing called r00t privilages

actual ive l0st my r00t privilages sud0 Didnt help….


Somtin's picture

Ahh right, you need sudo for

Ahh right, you need sudo for 512MB memory allocation? I guess that makes sense.

beavisbeaver's picture

100% chance of a 76.3% chance of attendance

Put me down for a maybe. Baby. + a side of gravy.

Sha8doW's picture


Now I’m missing out on gravy now too!
This holiday better be good!

Welcome beavis

timboNZ's picture

Need to reinstall it on my

Need to reinstall it on my Linux machine but Ken on a game, used to play this heaps before ET:QW

Fuzz's picture


Somtin’s going for the most popular gaming event since ETQW Revival #1 (when Shad gets back there will be more).

Awesome to hear from you Timbo, added you to the list.

linuxslacker's picture

feel free to add me

need to install it again but definitely keen to play

Edit: installed had some issues with sound(ET uses OSS :( and wasnt playing well with aoss) but found et-sdl-sound so seems to be working

Fuzz's picture

Server is UP!!

Connect by going console (~), then typing:

/connect server.teamipx.net

More details here: http://teamipx.net/gaming/servers/vps-servers/wet-server

I’ll probably be a little late but everything should be good to go for now.

timboNZ's picture

You’re using the wrong OS, on

You’re using the wrong OS, on openSUSE it just works… although I think I broke mumble, can’t remember password and now can’t attempt login…

n0mad's picture

If U can't c0nnect t0 the SERVER

Server/Game Version: 2.60B
Punkbuster: OFF

Connect by going console (~), then typing:
/connect server.teamipx.net

N0te Wind0ws Users:
Wind0ws Firewall
The main cause behind al0t 0f players n0t being able t0 c0nnect t0 the server is wind0ws firewall BLOCKING YOU, I w0uld rec0mmend if y0u find y0u cann0t c0nnect ingame t0 disable windows firewall then try again if y0u d0 c0nnect then y0u kn0w y0u will need t0 add a rule in wind0ws firewall t0 all0w ETWOLF Net Access….

Als0 many antivirus s0ftware can bl0ck y0u aswell, disable it and try t0 c0nnect, if y0u n0w d0 then again y0u n0w kn0w why….

bl0cking is n0t g00d in any circumstance even in the bedr00m….

Linux f0r the win….
Yes I sh0uld be 0n my linux system t0night but my Mageia System is still n0t setup h0w I like it…
Server Running Fine, ar0und 45-50 ping sh0uld be the average t0night
C U There…

timboNZ's picture

Panic stations, I can connect

Panic stations, I can connect to the server and spectate but get “unknown error 126” when I select a team… other servers are OK…

linuxslacker's picture

running ET:Legacy timbo?

just tried ET:legacy 32bit and got same error timbo

since punkbuster is off i thought id try a few of the opensource clients. compiled et:legacy for 64bit but guns shot really slow for some reason(ET:L prebuilts gave me same error as timbo). compiled raedwolfet but got main menu music while ingame….(seems most opensource clients need inproving :( )

back to official binaries with the sdl sound hack

Fuzz's picture


If we can’t get the server working properly we can just crash a unused public server don’t worry.

Hoping to be there for the beginning but will probably need to disappear at 730to 930. Hope you guys are still around for a round afterwards.

linuxslacker's picture

servers fine

mines working fine i was just testing the new clients that have come out since the source release.

my guess is timbo’s packagemanager includes ET:Legacy client instead of the official one

this is the “SDL sound hack” i used if you need it timbo: http://nullkey.kapsi.fi/et-sdl-sound/archive/et-sdl-sound-r29.tar.gz
and the instructions are here: http://nullkey.kapsi.fi/et-sdl-sound/

timboNZ's picture

Yea, poo bum, the

Yea, poo bum, the enemy-territory package connects and plays fine but no sound… grrr

Tried the et-sdl-sound script but it’s 32bit…. more work

n0mad's picture

Linux arrrrgh the fun we have f0r the simplest things

If you are running 64-bit install the 32-bit libraries sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

g0tta luv Ubuntu f0rums f0r asking every questi0n under the sun,
This link may help;


P.S. the water in ET Quake Wars l00ks better in Linux….

timboNZ's picture

how nice, kicked and banned,

how nice, kicked and banned, quick send the hounds

timboNZ's picture



That was great!

Somtin carried whichever team he was on, and fuzz got killed alot.

Somtin's picture

Awesome event!

Yeah, that was wicked as! I forgot how much I loved this game hehe :)

Thank you everyone for coming! Maybe we’ll have another one some time in the near future.

n0mad's picture

s0mtin hurrah

Well the server held up and there was n0 pr0bs as n0rmal ;>

Great game GG’s all r0und…

Cya’s next week f0r Padman Mania….


linuxslacker's picture

Great Games

heaps of fun as always lots of mucking around and just having fun

looking forward to the next one

beavisbeaver's picture

Good Times

Thanks for another round of fun games IPX crew.
Had a blast! (literally in the fase several times from s0mtin)

Fuzz's picture

gg's all

Great fun as always. Thanks Somtin for organizing :)

Same time next week it’s more of the same, but with Padman!! Sign up if you’re interested in more fun games: http://teamipx.net/challenges/2898/paaaddmmaaaan


I liked the part when people turned into tiny pieces.

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