IPX vs Puppies - ETQW GA Ladder - S01G08

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09/03/2008 20:00
09/03/2008 21:30
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
Competition / Ladder
ETQW GA Ladder
Score IPX: 
Score Other: 


Name Willing to be captain for days marked as available? Map Preference Friday@9pm Saturday@10pm Sunday@8pm
Fuzz Yes Valley No No Yes
Ltmon Yes Sewer (bored of Valley) Yes Yes No
n0mad No Valley/Any Yes No Yes
Kazozza No Canyon Yes Yes Yes
Luckless No Any Yes Yes Yes
Bloodstorm Yes Any No No Yes
Hashy No Sewer Yes Yes Yes
HarassmentPanda Yes Volcano Yes Yes Yes


Team IPX Confirmed Comment
Sha8doW Maybe Yes,Valley,Yes,Yes,Yes (if im not in Sydney, will keep updating)


Having trouble editing table

Having trouble editing table so…
Yes can play, not up to captain standard yet, any map, Fri and Sat are fine, Sun should also be ok but its a little harder for me.

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I’m in for the game, but I’ve removed my captaining status. I’ve done it twice now and found it to be most unenjoyable, especially when I am captaining and other people try to do bits of it for me, thinking they can ‘do better’, or they throw a wobbly when I’m unavailable and things don’t go their way. So sod it. Y’all can do better, then go ahead.

There are some who of us who haven’t captained yet (not from a lack of wanting to), so here is their opportunity to shine.

I’m an engineer, not a captain.

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I’ve popped the details in

I’ve popped the details in for ya Luckless… oh yay, 500 svalbards, where’s my cake?

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Think we were both editing

Think we were both editing the table at the same time Luckless.


ok ive stuck my name in, happy to capt on any map and only on sunday. but for some reason its not coming up.

Is that Sunday the 9th? or

Is that Sunday the 9th? or Monday the 10th? Bit confused. I’m not sure yet, will found out if I’m available by tomorrow hopefully

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im in.. sewer, friday..

im in.. sewer, friday..

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Sun 9th sorry. Updated the page now to reflect that.

Fuzz's picture

Blood – there was some

Blood – there was some whitespace at the end of the Luckless line in the table and it didn’t like that. Silly that it’s that particular, but anyway that’s what it was.

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Monday 10/03/08 is a Day off

As I don’t live by a calander and I aim never to, unless we put 1 on the site
(Note to Fuzz: Did we once mention a calander highlighting matches or did I read that in the Todo List ?)
Monday is a public Holiday (Labour Day) therefore I’ve changed my Sunday to Yes as a Birthday Dinner has been
changed to Monday night as I have just been told.

Hopefull I have explained myself for doing s0……

If this match is Saturday I will understand I will understand I willl understand………

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Cant fight...

being useless

and dont blame me for ya cop outs, I don’t appreciate it!!

Sha8doW's picture

we had one...

We had one… it got screwed up with the current Blue/Orange/White dealie theme

and just to correct you Nomad…. Monday is CANBERRA DAY!

Sha8doW's picture

Im up in the air weather ill

Im up in the air weather ill be in sydney or not… if im not, ill be availible for all the games, if i am… im out!
Ill put my input down tho

Fuzz's picture

calendar stuff

there’s a way around it (fix it) or use one of the alternatives like the event module – but we haven’t

Fuzz's picture

over there

both of you take your bitching and your fighting somewhere where it can be of use

Fuzz's picture

Deadline coming

Ok, I’m looking at numbers and I’m not going to accept the challenge if we don’t have 6. I know we can play with 5, but it’s a big risk that one will drop out and we forfeit, which means we risk being kicked out completely.

So I’m looking for at least 6 yes’s for one of the days. 2 have 5 (maybe’s, and anything other than unqualified yes’s count as no’s).

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Ok – let’s go

Ok – let’s go

Sha8doW's picture

hey i wasnt

hey i wasnt fighting… i was making a point.
the usless bit was a joke, i was just running with what he was saying!
nice like tho

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Sunday it is

If we can get one of the maybes as a yes then we have a sub as well.

give em hell lads!!! i

give em hell lads!!! i might…might…be able to sub..but looking at the table it looks like you should be right!

someone please get some good strats for sewer:)

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Stonemasons & Red Card

Actually Shad,

Don’t know if the Stonemason would approve of the Red Card….

8 Hour Labour
8 Hour Recreation
8 Hour Rest

Me think something got lost over the years….


Sha8doW's picture


8 hour work days…?

lol the 888’s have my full support… Ive done my time of 15 hour days.
I don’t think they were masons tho

Sha8doW's picture

I might be back late

I might be back late Sunday Night from sydney….
it doesnt look like im needed anyway. but ill do my best!
Good Luck to all those who are playing

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Fantastic victory guys, well

Fantastic victory guys, well played!

Thanks to Puppies for a great game!

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gg all

gg Pups. You fought hard all night and really pushed us to our limits.

To our guys – great win, great team work, great captaining by HP (you will always have the tag of the guy to lead us to our first win), great defence. Well done everyone – I’m very proud to have been a part of that.

It might have taken a long time to come for us, but that just makes it all the sweeter.

And in the immortal words of Duke Nukem, After a few days of R&R, I’ll be ready for some more action!

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Run down

For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ve posted a run down of the action here:

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Looks like we got some great

Looks like we got some great strats for sewer we’ll have to add them to the google doc =D

awesome guys!!!! top job on

awesome guys!!!! top job on the win!

ltmon's picture

Well done!

Well done all, sorry that I missed it!

chipper's picture

nice write up Panda

nice write up Panda, good job!

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